8 Botanical Garden Christmas Lights to Consider for Decorating

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It’s no secret that botanical gardens have some of the most amazing Christmas lights displays that you can find during the holiday season. Even if most of them are done at a much larger scale than we could do at home, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t gather some inspiration from their exquisite ideas. Since the holidays are almost upon us, and it’s time to decorate our homes and gardens, we thought we would look at 8 botanical garden Christmas lights today, in hopes that they will inspire you to decorate your backyard in a unique way.

8 Botanical Garden Christmas Lights You Should Keep in Mind

1. Rotary Botanical Gardens’ Holiday Light Show

The Rotary Botanical Gardens located in Janesville truly come to life in winter when they start off their holiday light show. They use more than a quarter-million lights, 2.500 luminaries, 500 icicle lights, and so on. While there are many types of decorations that can inspire you, we thought we would draw your attention to this lovely meadow represented in the picture below.

lawn and staircase covered in christmas lights

Decorating your backyard with tiny fairy lights will give your home a fairytale appearance. There’s a reason why they call them fairy light, and that’s because they look truly magical. From a distance, you could swear that fireflies have invaded your backyard. Especially if you’re going for a more natural look, we recommend lights that have a warm white tone, instead of multicolored ones. Not only that, but if you have an outside staircase, you can also decorate the railing with rows and rows of Christmas lights. You can find fairy lights on Amazon, such as these 33ft LED String Lights that only cost $12.99.

2. Idaho Botanical Garden’s Winter Garden aGlow

Another great selection of botanical garden Christmas lights comes from the Idaho Botanical Garden, which is well known for its aGlow Winter Garden displays. While decorating trees with Christmas lights has become something most of us do, not many of us choose to create a rose in a tree using Christmas lights. As you can see in the picture below, this is precisely what the Idaho Botanical Garden thought about for their lights display.

rose made of christmas lights in a tree

While having a tall tree in your backyard would make the entire process of creating a Christmas lights rose easier, you can also accomplish this DIY by using a smaller tree. The trick is to know how to divide the proportions. Ultimately, the rose has to look as realistic as possible. Then, all you need are some fairy lights in the colors red, yellow, and green, which you can find and order on Amazon whenever you want.

3. Bellevue Botanical Garden’s Garden d’Lights

The Bellevue Botanical Garden has one of the most magical botanical garden Christmas lights that one could hope for. This is mostly because of all the interesting figurines that they manage to create by using only Christmas lights. For instance, the bear you see in the image below is definitely one of the centerpieces of their display.

small bear made out of christmas lights

Naturally, you can choose to create whatever figurine you like most. We should mention that this DIY is designed more for people who like to spend a lot of time working with their hands and arranging Christmas lights. Creating such a cute figurine is not easy. However, it’s definitely rewarding, since it will make your lights display stand out.

4. Meadowlark Botanical Gardens’ Winter Walk of Lights

If you usually enjoy strolling through botanical gardens, then you’re going to love exploring the botanical garden Christmas lights display that Meadowlark Botanical Gardens has prepared for their guests. However, if you can’t make it there this holiday season, maybe you can try to recreate some of that magic at home. For instance, you could decorate your backyard with some colorful flowers made entirely of Christmas lights, like in the image below.

flowers made entirely out of christmas lights

The type of flower and the colors are all dependent on your preferences and imagination. In order for your lights to sit in an upright position, you’re going to have to wrap them around some wires. The wires should be as thin as possible and preferably black. That way, when you turn on the lights, you won’t be able to see them. This is a great idea for a Christmas decoration, especially for people who don’t own an actual flower garden.

5. Denver Botanic Gardens’ Blossoms of Light

Denver Botanic Gardens’ botanical garden Christmas lights display is no less exquisite than the previous ones we’ve discussed. In fact, it’s quite impressive, and you should try to recreate it, even if at a much smaller scale. For instance, the colorful star lights display you can see in the image below is guaranteed to be one of the main attractions of your backyard.

colorful stars used as christmas lights

You can hang star-shaped lights from tree branches. This will make them look as if they’ve been naturally blooming in your trees. If you want the design to truly stand out, we recommend you to use multicolored lights. Moreover, don’t stop at only hanging a few. As you can see, the Blossoms of Light exhibit has used many of them, which placed on top of each other create the eerie atmosphere of a dream. If you’re interested in purchasing similar lights, you can order the Star String Lights or Mini Skater Christmas Fairy String Lights from Amazon.

6. Missouri Botanical Garden’s Garden Glow

In terms of unique ideas, the Missouri Botanical Garden Christmas lights exhibition will definitely make an impression on you. One of the loveliest settings they have includes a tunnel made entirely of Christmas lights. For people who want to go all out when it comes to Christmas decorations, this is the perfect idea to try and recreate.

tunnel covered with purple christmas lights

As in the case of most of the ideas above, this one too is simply meant to inspire and persuade you to put a twist on it and make it your own. Consequently, don’t feel like you should stick to the color choices, or even to the shape of the tunnel. However, you should know that this project is quite extensive. This means that you’ll need a lot of patience and a lot of fairy lights. You can stack the lights on top of a wire fence. Stick to only one arch if you don’t have the space, time, or money for something similar to what you can see in the image above.

7. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden’s GardenFest of Lights: Living Color

The Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Virginia celebrates this year’s GardenFest with the theme Living Color, and we couldn’t be more excited. Since many people prefer botanical garden Christmas lights which are colorful, they’ll have a lot of things to be inspired by at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. For instance, in the image below, you can see how fearless they are when it comes to selecting holiday lights colors.

colorful display of Christmas lights at a botanical garden

If you’re the kind of person who can’t seem to be able to decide on a specific color for their Christmas decorations, there’s nothing wrong with choosing all of them. Don’t be afraid to decorate your backyard with shades of blue, green, purple, yellow, and so on. Make your garden lights the talk of the town!

8. Cape Fear Botanical Garden’s Annual Holiday Lights in the Garden

Finally, for the people who also have an arbor in their backyard, the Cape Fear Botanical Garden Christmas lights exhibit can provide you with a great idea of how to decorate it just in time for the holidays. The picture below is perfect for people who also have children and who want to make their Christmas as magical as possible. Create a space for them to play in by decorating your arbor with hanging fairy lights and some colorful figurines.

arbour decorated with fairy lights and an elf

While the elf is one of the most representative characters when it comes to the Christmas spirit, you can always choose some other toy figurines, such as Santa or Rudolph. Regardless of your preference, you can browse Amazon for many awesome ideas. A nicely decorated arbor will provide an entertaining and safe space for your children to play in during the holiday season.

Summing Everything Up

The holiday season is here, and we hope you’re as excited as we are. Hopefully, today’s guide has provided you with some interesting decoration ideas inspired by many gorgeous botanical garden Christmas lights displays. As we’ve stressed more than once in this article, the key to getting the Christmas decorations of your dreams is to be as creative as possible. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and shapes, and turn your backyard into a true winter wonderland.

Since one can’t ever have enough Christmas lights display ideas, we thought you’d also like to take a look at the video below. It provides you with no less than 100 cool ideas to satisfy every taste and desire.

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