Fulton Illuminations S14 24 Bulbs Outdoor String Lights Review

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Review of the Fulton Illuminations S14 24 Bulbs Outdoor String Lights

As of this writing, there are 435 customer comments and 42 answered questions for the Fulton Illuminations S14 24 Bulbs Outdoor String Lights.  I’ve read the customer feedback, and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for outdoor string lights.

Best Features

  • check End-to-end connections
  • check Includes 6 extra light bulbs 
  • check 13 foot extension cord is included
  • check Comes with a 1 year warranty
  • check Includes 24 lights per string

Item Specifics

The Fulton Illuminations S14 24 Bulbs Outdoor String Lights includes 24 lights per string instead of the usual 15.  There are 6 extra bulbs included in case any of them break, although they are rated strong, durable, and ETL Listed.  The sockets are weather-tight for outdoor use.  One 13 foot extension cord is included.  Each 48 foot strand of outdoor string lights offers end-to-end connections.  There are 11 watts per bulb, 120 volts, and the bulb spacing is 1.8 foot between each bulb.  Fulton Illuminations stands behind these string lights.  These string lights come with a 1 year warranty and you can register online for a free lifetime warranty.  If anything goes wrong with your purchased product (except the bulbs), Fulton Illuminations will replace it with a new item.

Great Customer Service

The Fulton Illuminations S14 24 Bulbs Outdoor String Lights come with a 1 year warranty and you can register online for a free lifetime warranty.  Well, that all sounds great, but you may wonder if they really do stand behind their product.  According to customers, the customer service is outstanding.  Here is one of the positive comments, “I looked for lights for over a year and finally ordered these lights from this seller.  They were very heavy duty and contained extra bulbs and an extension cord.  However, once I tested the string lights, one of the sockets was not working.  I immediately contacted the seller and heard back from them in less than 24 hours!  I was very impressed by their customer service and they decided to send me a new set to replace the defective set.  It says a lot when a seller stands behind their product in this day and age.  I have already received the replacement set but cannot hang them outside due to the weather.  I would HIGHLY recommend this seller and this product after such a positive experience; you will not be disappointed.  This is a quality product for a very reasonable price!”


These string lights are weatherproof and should be able to stand up to outside weather very well.  Here is a customer testimony, “Although these lights have only been up for a few days they’ve already weathered a storm with high winds and are still up and working with no broken bulbs. That’s a Midwest win! The cord and sockets appear well made and sockets are rubberized for protection from the elements.  All of the bulbs came individually bubble wrapped and boxed. The boxes will come in handy when we pack up the patio for winter. There are extra bulbs and an extension cord included with each set as well.  We added a remote control to ours so I can turn them on and off from in the house.  The lights are rather bright but we did two strands zig zag in a small area.  It will do great for parties.  Though the lights are bright it’s a nice warm glow.  I may look into a dimmer for nights that we wants to have a fire going.  So far I’m very pleased!”

Not Too Bright; Nice Ambiance

The Fulton Illuminations S14 24 Bulbs Outdoor String Lights are not too bright and have a nice ambiance according to the majority of customers.  Here is one of the positive comments, “We loved these!  Great quality.  Installed them on timers on our Gazebo and around front of house and created a wonderful ambiance.  Provides lots of mood lighting without being too bright.”

No Dimmer

Unfortunately, many of the string lights on the market including this set, do not have a dimmer on them.  They are rather bright according to some customers, so it would have been nice had a dimmer been a feature.  Some people did add there own dimmer to the product.  A customer commented, “I did buy a dimmer switch because these bulbs are bright and could take the place of regular patron lights.”

Extension Cord Included

It is a nice touch, that the company includes an extension cord as part of your purchase of these string lights.  A customer commented, “Great outdoor lights.  Best bargain on Amazon for this style of string light and they really look great.  Has 6 extra spare bulbs – that is more than the other guys and a 13 ft outdoor 2 prong extension cord that nobody else includes. And you will need an extension cord.  The plug on the light string is about 8 inches from the first light socket.  I looked at other vendors lights and from the Amazon pictures they all look the same.  These Fulton guys just give you more stuff at a cheaper price.  The included extension cord was a super bonus as I couldn’t find a outdoor 2 prong cord locally.”

Good Price

For what you get, these string lights are priced well.  Here is one of the many positive comments on the price, “I searched and read reviews for this product and similarly priced products. I also shopped Home Depot and Lowe’s as I was looking for good “commercial” quality to light my back deck. These were the ones I chose because I felt that they were a good value, had the extra bulbs, and included the extension cord. I am very satisfied with this purchase. If you are looking for good quality commercial grade lights that will last for more than one season, I highly recommend these. If I were to buy another set, it would definitely be these. Another recommendation I have is to get them hung first and then insert the bulbs. I think that this product is an excellent value for the price!”

Good Packaging

Many customers commented on the good packaging.  Although there was a comment about some bulbs being broke, this was a minority.  Most of the people who left comments, said that the bubble wrap around each bulb and the fact that each bulb was individually wrapped was much appreciated.  Here is one of those comments, “High quality extremely durable and packaged amazing with each bulb wrapped in bubble wrap and it’s own box. These are for our outdoor pool and I’m so glad we went with these instead of the cheaper versions.”

Comes with Extra Bulbs

These string lights do come with extra bulbs included which is a bonus.  It can be hard with string lights to find the right wattage to match what’s already on the string, so it is nice that they give you 6 extra bulbs in case some break or burn out.   A customer commented, “They are sturdy, so make sure you have some decent hooks / pieces supporting them; also I’ve had mine up for about 6 months now and no issues on bulbs (which the set does come with 6 extras) but I do get worried when that time comes how easy it will be to find replacements that will match the glow.”

fulton illuminations


  • plus Extension cord included
  • plus Good customer service 
  • plus Good price


  • close No dimmer

Fulton Illuminations S14 24 Bulbs Outdoor String Lights Conclusion

The Fulton Illuminations S14 24 Bulbs Outdoor String Lights includes 24 lights.  6 extra replacement bulbs are included.  Also included is a 13 foot extension cord. Normally, extension cords are not included so this is definitely an added bonus that sets this set of string lights apart from the rest.  These string lights are able to be connected by the ends.  Each bulb is 11 watts, 120 volts, with 1.8 foot between each bulb.  These string lights come with a 1 year warranty.  You can also register online for a free lifetime warranty.  These string lights come with 6 extra bulbs which is an added bonus.  Also, they are packaged well by each being wrapped in bubble wrap and individually boxed.  For the quality and amount of lights that you get with this string light set, the price is very good.  The majority of customer feedback for the Fulton Illuminations S14 24 Bulbs Outdoor String Lights was positive.  

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Fulton Illuminations S14 24 Bulbs Outdoor String Lights.

  • chevron-circle-right Can these lights be run on a dimmer?  Yes, they can be.  Note that a dimmer is not included, but any dimmer will work with these string lights.
  • chevron-circle-right Is the string heavy duty enough for the squirrels not to destroy it?  The string is like that of an extension cord.  Squirrels could chew it, but it would be hard for them to.
  • chevron-circle-right My string is a little short for my needs.  Is there a 10-foot string that matches?  No, there isn’t for this product.

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