5 Magical Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Garden Weddings

1 outdoor wedding with string lights and table settings

An outdoor wedding can be one of the most beautiful events to ever throw in your garden. Picture this: the warmth of a September sunset, the light fall breeze, the gorgeous multicolored rug of leaves, the candles, the wine, the music. What can be a better décor than this to profess your love to your better half? Since you want your garden wedding to be truly magical, all you’re missing are some creative outdoor lighting ideas to complete the entire fairytale look. Luckily, we thought about this in advance. We are here to suggest 5 such outdoor lighting ideas for you to keep in mind. Let’s have a look!

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for a Fairytale Wedding

1. String of Lightbulbs

A great option to make sure your guests have plenty of light to enjoy their meals and dance all night long is to tie strings of lightbulbs all across your garden. The classic lightbulb shape is making a strong comeback lately, providing any event with a chic, old-timey look to die for. That is why we’re suggesting this string of 18 light bulbs from Amazon. It only costs $98.99, so you can order a couple and fill your entire garden with magical lighting.

2. Vintage Lanterns

Have you ever considered lighting the pathways or surrounding the dancefloor with some vintage looking lanterns? You and your guests will really feel like you are part of a fairytale. Except you won’t have to leave the party at midnight as Cinderella did. Instead, these reliable sources of light will make you enjoy yourselves until early morning.

3. Bundle of Lights

Another really awesome idea of outdoor lighting for your garden wedding is to buy some round bundles of wicker that you hang all over your backyard and then cover them in fairy lights. We guarantee it will look amazing since it will be like having tiny chandeliers lighting your garden. Plus, they will make for some really cool wedding pictures. We suggest you purchase some string lights for only $16.99 on Amazon and some wicker balls for $6.99, and you’ve got yourself everything you need for this idea.

4. White Lanterns

If you are a fan of white paper lanterns, then you are definitely going to enjoy a string of white lantern lights that imitate that concept. It will give your wedding a really boho-chic and romantic atmosphere. At the same time, it will provide you with enough light so as not to worry about having to use candles or any other light source. For instance, you can purchase a string of 20 such white lantern lights for only $22.00 on Amazon.

5. Hanging Moroccan Lanterns

Do you normally enjoy exotic items that transport you to some other country, in another culture and another time period? Then, why not use some hanging Moroccan lanterns to decorate the garden on your wedding day? If you are looking for ones with a truly antique finish, we suggest you take a look at this set from Amazon. It even comes with its own iron chain. All you have to do is fill the lanterns with candles and hang them wherever you’d like.

We hope these 5 magical outdoor lighting ideas have inspired you to be as creative as possible on your wedding day, and turn your garden into an unforgettable wedding location.

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