7 DIY Projects Using Repurposed Materials for Garden Furniture

1 garden furniture made of wooden pallets

Are you looking for a cheap way to decorate your garden? Moreover, do you want your garden furniture to be truly unique? Then you’re in the right place. Today’s article is all about using repurposed materials in order to create cool garden furniture DIY projects. Since we know that decorating a garden can be a lot of work, we’ve decided to make things easier for you by providing you with 7 DIYs that turn repurposed materials into awesome outdoor furniture items. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Using Repurposed Materials for Garden Furniture: 7 Cool DIYs

1. Tire and Rope Ottoman

A great way to repurpose old tires is to turn them into ottomans. Of course, there are countless ways in which you can cover a tire and turn it into an extra seat around your garden table. One of the most creative ones is to use a rope that you wrap around it. Not only is this a creative way to also repurpose rope, but it’s also extremely simple and an easy to accomplish DIY.

ottomans made of tires and rope, repurposed materials

As you can see in the image above, the ottomans end up looking extremely rustic. Moreover, they look like they’ve been ordered from a chic furniture boutique, instead of made at home. They would be perfect to place next to wicker furniture since both the color and the overall feel of them resemble that of wicker. Whether you use them as actual seats, or you place them at the foot of other chairs to serve as extra support, you’re going to be able to enjoy these DIY ottomans made of repurposed materials for a long time.

2. Wooden Pallets Furniture Set

Wooden pallets furniture is gaining more and more popularity lately, and with good reason. It’s a cheap way to use repurposed materials and build entire furniture sets which have a minimalist and charming look. Today, allow us to suggest a set made of a large couch and a coffee table. The great thing about this design is that you can create a lot of sitting space without spending a lot of money. If you connect the wooden pallets, you can build a couch that extends on both sides of a wall.

before and after garden furniture made of wooden pallets, repurposed materials

All you need to do to complete this DIY is place some wooden pallets on top of each other, as in the picture above. Then, the decoration process is completely up to you. Some people prefer to leave the pallets as they are, for a more traditional look, while others look forward to decorating them with all sorts of items. One example would be painting the pallets in whatever color you want, and then adding colorful cushions and decorative pillows to make the couch more comfortable. As for the table, an aromatherapy candle and some flowers can work wonders.

3. Hammock Chair

Nothing says relaxation like a garden hammock. In terms of garden furniture, this is definitely one of the most comfortable, inviting, and entertaining items you could buy. Or better yet, why not build one yourself? All you need are some repurposed materials such as two old cushions and some sort of fabric that you think is sturdy enough for you to hang from a tree using ropes. The cushions don’t have to be particularly nice looking since you’ll be covering them with the material anyway. That being said, we advise you to find a colorful material, maybe sporting some nice prints.

hammock with chair cushions, repurposed materials

After you’ve sewn the material onto the cushions, forming a chair, all there’s left for you to do is hang your creation, as in the image above. For that, you’re going to need really strong ropes. That way, you won’t run the risk of falling and hurting yourself while in the hammock. Once the hammock is installed, feel free to sit down and relax in it. The best part about it is that unlike traditional hammocks, it allows you to lie in a more comfortable position when you want to read, work, or simply have a conversation with someone.

4. Concrete Stool/Table

What we love most about this DIY is that it turns concrete blocks into both stools and tables. So, whenever you have guests over, you can choose what to use this piece of furniture for, according to your needs. The second thing that convinced us that this DIY is a must-do is the fact that it’s extremely easy to accomplish. All you need are some concrete blocks, in whichever shape you see fit, and some paint.

concrete blocks used as table, repurposed materials

As you can see, the stools/tables in the image above were made out of round pieces of concrete. However, you can also choose squared ones if you want. What truly makes these pieces of furniture pop is the paint used to cover their top half. Bronze textured paint can turn any bland item into an eye-catching one, and these stools/tables stand as proof of that. For a cool finish, apply paint only on the top half of the concrete blocks. Then, allow it to slowly fade and provide a unique transition to the rest of the block. For this DIY, we recommend the Rust-Oleum Bronze Textured Spray that you can find here.

5. Logs Candle Holders

Garden furniture doesn’t have to be created only with practicality in mind, but also with creativity. This is precisely what this DIY entails. On those long summer nights that you spend outside in the garden, some candles could really make a difference and provide a really homely, romantic, and charming environment. But how should you arrange the candles in a way that’s both safe and creative? How about placing them in carved out logs?

logs serving as candle holders, repurposed materials

This is a great way of repurposing old logs and turning them into rustic candle holders. You can cut the logs as short as you want, creating holders of multiple heights, as well as diameters. Depending on the size of the candle (which you should measure previously), you need to carve out the logs so as the flame can still be visible once you place the candles in. Of course, the candles will eventually melt and you won’t be able to see as much of them as in the beginning. Even so, they’ll still provide you with warm light and some heat.

6. Logs Chair

Speaking of logs, did you know that you can use them for building a unique chair for your garden? This DIY is a bit more complex. Still, it uses repurposed materials, which is great news for people who want to save some money. All you need is a large piece of wood that you cut into several logs. Then, you have to sketch the shape of the chair you want to build and arrange the logs accordingly. Finally, you must secure the logs in place using a drill.

building a chair made of logs, repurposed materials

As you can see, the chair in the image above doesn’t look like your regular garden chair. This is something a lot of people appreciate. It’s both rustic and quite modern, due to its material and shape. Moreover, it’s also rather comfortable, as long as you cover it with a cushion. You can also choose to sit on it as it is, but it won’t be as comfortable. Regardless of how you choose to decorate it, you can’t deny that it would look amazing in your garden or backyard.

7. Doors Shed

The last outdoor furniture DIY using repurposed materials that we want to present you with today is as simple as it is functional. Do you need a space in your garden where you can deposit tools, pots, and other items you have lying around? Then you’ll be happy to hear all about this DIY. It consists of making a garden shed out of old doors. If you want to replace your old doors, now’s the time to do it, and put them to good use.

shed made of old doors, repurposed materials

The size of the shed depends on the number of doors you want to use and the shape you want the shed to have. We recommend building one next to your house walls. That way, two of the walls of the shed are already up. All you need to do to complete the construction is add the other two and a roof. Since the walls are made of doors, you get to decide which of them will be the entrance to the shed. This is a simple and easy way to take advantage of every inch of space in your garden for storing purposes.

Summing It All Up

Were you unaware of the fact that you can use repurposed materials to build cool garden furniture? We hope today’s guide has cleared that up for you, as well as provided you with a couple of interesting ideas that you can use as inspiration. There are many materials you can repurpose and use for building outdoor furniture. All you have to do is be creative and try all sorts of ideas, even though they might ultimately fail. You never know how you’ll stumble across an idea that will provide you with a unique and gorgeous piece of furniture for your garden.

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