14 DIY Backyard Furniture Ideas to Breathe New Life Into Your Garden

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When decorating your backyard, a good idea is to take up some DIY projects. In this way, you can test your creativity and reuse other items you may have lying around. Moreover, you can save up the money you would have otherwise spent on new furniture. Today we will have a look at some fun and easy DIY backyard furniture ideas that are great for your backyard.

DIY Backyard Furniture Suggestions

1. Colored Pallets

Pallets are a great invention that is extremely useful for a garden or backyard. They can be used for a plethora of options. One such DIY backyard furniture idea is to color up some old pallets and make a table out of them. The idea behind it is simple: just take several pallets and join them together. A good suggestion is to use different colors on them. Either you paint different parts in different colors, or you color them up in a single shade. The joining can simply be made with some nails and a hammer, for instance. You don’t even need to cover them up since they will brighten your entire space. Pro tip: combine it with some cast iron garden furniture for an original style.

White lounge chair made of pallets
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2. DIY Ice Chest

An ice chest is extremely useful in the summer, when you want to enjoy a cold beer but don’t want to make a hundred trips back into the house. Luckily, it’s easy to craft one yourself if you have some reclaimed wood around. Simply build a box with the wood and add a container in it. Depending on how large you want it to be, you can use a bigger or smaller container. Place it inside the wooden box and make sure it fits. Remember that you may want to store plenty of bottles, so it must be sturdy.

3. Farmhouse Style Table

If you have an old milk jug, you can repurpose it and create a new farmhouse style table for your backyard. You can leave it just like it is for a grunge look, but you can also spray paint it in a gray shade for a more industrial style. Then, use a wooden or metal surface and set it on the jug. This is where you need to be careful because the surface needs to be balanced and safe. The best thing is to secure it with a special glue or even nails if the materials allow it.

4. Tree Chair

Cutting a tree means you have plenty of wood to use for your DIY backyard furniture ideas. Another great suggestion is to make your own chair. Use tree logs and branches to make up its shape. Keep the logs for the legs of the chair, while the branches should be used for the back. You can tie them together or use nails for it, depending on the thickness. However, make sure the chair is safe before using it. After all, you don’t want to end up falling off it.

DIY wooden chair
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5. Lounge Chairs

Once again, we see how useful pallets are for this new DIY backyard furniture idea. You can cut them into pieces and craft the shape of the lounge chair. Use an entire pallet for the bottom and pieces of it for the armrests and the back. You can adapt this idea however you want, combining colors and shapes according to your needs. For a touch of elegance, you can paint them in black or white, or you can simply paint each part a different color.

6. Rocking Chair

In most industrial areas, you will find wooden cable reels. Some people give them away for free in specialized places, so you could ask for one for this project. First, you need to remove all the wooden slats in the coil so that you can use the parts separately. You will also need to buy a tubular steel structure, like a metal pipe, which you can shape however you want it. This will offer the chair back a more reliable structure.

Next, fix the wooden slats to the metal structure. This will create the central base for your future chair. Finally, you need to attach the central core and the back. Keep the round shape of the edges so that you can have a rocking chair. You can also customize the chair as you wish, adding colors, materials or anything you like.

7. Old Tires Ottoman

Ottomans are great for bringing extra comfort to your backyard. One of the DIY backyard furniture ideas you could use is to make one of your old tires. You will need to get a round wooden board the exact size of the tire so that you can place it on the bottom. On the top, place a cushion you can make of old clothes and rags. What’s important to remember is that you should apply a primer on your tire. This helps to seal the surface and to make sure it won’t crack. Finally, paint the tire in the color you desire.

DIY table and chairs made of wood
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8. Old Plastic Crates Turned into Chairs

Yet another idea for DIY backyard furniture items like chairs is to use an old plastic crate. It’s extremely easy to do: you just need to cut out one side of the crate, which is where you’ll be sitting. You don’t even need to customize it anymore unless you want to. However, it’s important to place a cushion or two on it, otherwise, it will be uncomfortable.

9. Mobile Chairs and Tables

It’s not a surprise anymore that pallets are great material for DIY backyard furniture ideas. Another use for them is to make mobile chairs and tables. These may not be that useful on grass, but if you have a pavilion or a flat, sturdy surface, you can move them around whenever you have guests. Cut out the parts of the pallets and craft small chairs and tables. It’s not recommended you make them in a big size since they might be harder to push around.

Alternatively, you can include a small area at one of the ends of the tables and plant your flowers. This will add a touch of color if the furniture looks too dull. Finally, add small wheels to their legs, but make sure they are sturdy enough and well attached.

DIY outdoor couch with mattress and pillows
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10. Table Shelf

If you have an old table lying around, you can cut off one of its sides. Cut two legs and leave a part of the table top on them. Then, attach them to the fence with wires or nails. Make sure it’s well attached, since it may fall if you place heavy things on it. You can either paint it or leave it like that, depending on the result you want to obtain.

11. Tire Chairs and Table

Besides an ottoman, you can use tires for making chairs and tables as well. In this case, the tires would be the base for the furniture items. You simply need some fabric or some net to cover them up. A sturdy net can be a great base for the chair and for its back as well. Use some wooden sticks for the legs. Choose them longer if you want the chair to be sturdier. However, you don’t need longer legs for the table, for instance. You can use them instead of wicker garden furniture or mix them together.

12. Storage Bin

For this DIY backyard furniture suggestion, you can reuse an old storage bin or build it yourself from scratch. It is useful for storing away cushions and pillows when you’re not using them. You can even place there some blankets for when it’s chilly outside or chair/table covers. This project requires some wooden slates which you can set together, just like any regular crate. The size depends on your preferences and needs.

Chairs and tables made of pallets
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13. Reading Nook

A great reading nook can be made of wood. The challenge here is if you want to make it a swing nook. In this case, you should find a round structure which you can adapt. The idea is to create an oval or completely round chair. Don’t add any legs to it. Instead, drill some holes and use a sturdy rope to hang it from a tree.

14. Day Bed

A daybed is perfect for relaxing in the backyard, reading or watching a movie on your laptop. Any frame can be used for it, but people usually prefer wooden ones. Pallets are great since you only need to join them together. Alternatively, you can reuse the frame from an old bed if it’s still usable. Place a big mattress on it and cover it up with some fabric. You can make a special cover for it by using sunlight resistant materials. Add pillows, blankets, and a shelf nearby for books, drinks, etc.

DIY daybed with mattress and canopy
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The DIY backyard furniture ideas above are easy to do and test your creativity. The best part about it is that you can adapt them to your own design and space. Use whatever colors or materials you want. However, the most important thing is to keep in mind the safety aspect. Whatever you craft yourself, make sure it’s sturdy enough to hold yourself or the items you want to place there.

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