Clever Ways to Hang Stockings This Season

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There are a few holiday decorations that are staples in every household. The Christmas stocking is one of the most recognized and beloved holiday decorations. Come Christmas morning our stockings will be filled with tiny treasures, toys, candy, and gifts. Opening your stockings is the perfect way to start off Christmas morning. So what do you do if your home doesn’t have a fireplace mantle to hang stockings over? There are still plenty of ways for you to display your stockings other than a fireplace mantle. This article will help you find creative ways to hang stockings this Christmas season.

Coat Rack​​​​​​

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Using a coat rack may be the simplest and easiest way to hang stockings. If you don’t have a coat rack readily available you can easily make a DIY coat rack for the holidays. Just grab a board and paint it a festive color. For a shabby chic look, you can distress the edges or add a vinyl letterings. Once you are satisfied with your coat rack, attach a few hooks and TA DA! You have made an easy way to hang stockings.

Curtain Rod

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Another easy way to hang stockings is to loop them around your curtain rod. If you don’t want to hang them from your curtain rod all season long, you can easily set up a curtain rod or shower rod on Christmas Eve. Another benefit of using a curtain rod is that you are not confined to a certain number of hooks. You can squish as many stockings as you need onto a rod. This is a great option if you have family from out of town staying at your home for the holiday. For a more festive and decorative approach, try attaching big ribbons or bows to the ends of the rod.

Indoor Railings

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For a low effort stocking display look around your house for railings. This could be on a staircase or a landing. A railing provides ample space to hang stockings as a prominent part of your Christmas decorations.This is classic and easy way to hang stockings that will soon be a family favorite tradition. You can wrap string lights around the banister to give it a little holiday magic. Using an indoor railing to hang stockings is a good idea because it is sturdy enough to hold the heaviest of stockings. So feel free to load them up on Christmas Eve.

Hang Stockings from a Branch

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For a truly creative way to hang stockings in your home you could hang them from a decorative branch. Although any branch will do, birch branches are particularly festive this time of year. All you will need is a branch, some wire, some hooks, and nails. While this method is a gorgeous way to display stockings, it may not be able to sustain much weight. So keep your stocking stuffers on the small side!


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The final stocking hanging method is to display them vertically on a ladder. Old wooden ladders are becoming increasingly trendy in both indoor and outdoor decor. If you find an upright wooden ladder that is in good condition you can use it to display your Christmas stockings. It is easy to find a space to lean your ladder up near your tree and hang stockings from each rung. Not only is this functional, but it will create a beautiful back drop for your Christmas card photos!

In Conclusion

There are plenty of festive and creative ways to hang stockings around your home this year. Find the method that will work best in your home. Once you have decided where to hang your stockings, your only problem will be staying on Santa’s good list. The last thing you want is a beautifully hung stocking full of coal!

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