Small Swimming Pools Are Now a Thing and Here’s Why

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Living small has definitely reached official trend status. And while it seems like everyone can’t get enough of tiny houses, we’ve been noticing another trend: small swimming pools. While we wouldn’t exactly call all of these pools tiny, we’re seeing more and more people ditch their Olympic-sized pools for a more petite version. Small pools take up much less space, require less maintenance and don’t cost as much to heat.

Image courtesy of Platinum Poolcare, photo by Linda Oyama Bryan

If you happen to have a narrow backyard, consider putting in a lap pool. Designed strictly for doing laps, these pools are long and narrow and don’t require much in the way of space.

They Don’t Need to Be Rectangles

Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture

Although most pools are rectangle, they don’t need to be! Square pools require less space than a larger rectangular pool, and they can look quite chic and modern. If you just need a pool that’s large enough for you to take a quick dip and cool off, a smaller, square-shaped pool might be perfect.

You Can Put It Up Against a Wall

WETAG Consulting, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

In this gorgeous Moroccan courtyard, the pool extends right up to the perimeter wall. This means you might only have access to it from three sides; however, for a more awkward-shaped space, this could be a great solution.

Fit It Into a Unique Space

Shelley Metcalf

Sometimes it seems like a pool might not work based on the direction your home is sited. In this case, the home is built at an angle, but the pool is not. This is a great example of why we shouldn’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to space planning.

Integrate Your Pool with Your Deck

If you already have a deck, think about how you might be able to add a small pool into your existing setup. Extending a deck is usually a fairly easy process, so if there’s enough room available (and no foundation issues), it might be the perfect spot to think about adding a pool.

Create a Water Feature Instead

Mark McWilliams Photography

If you’ve thought of every possibility, looked at every angle and still come to the conclusion that a pool just won’t work on your property, consider adding a small water feature. A water feature (like this reflecting pool) doesn’t allow for swimming; however, it would do a nice job of bringing some peace and tranquility to your outdoor space. And you can always dip your feet in to cool off.

Opt for a Tiny Indoor Pool

Rill Architects,; photo by James Ray Spahn

An indoor pool is another possibility if you happen to have an unused space on the first floor of your home. Because the planning of an indoor pool requires a bit more time and effort, this tends to be a less budget-friendly option.

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