3 Halloween Garden Ideas and Activities for Your Kids

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It’s that time of year again, the time when we can connect with our inner child and play dress up. We are, of course, talking about Halloween. Since this year’s Halloween is fast approaching, we thought you’d like some inspiration for fun and creative activities that you can do with your children. Not only you will get to teach your child all about this holiday, but you will also get him or her involved in some Halloween garden ideas and activities that are bound to be a lot of fun. Here are 3 such examples that you can try out this year.

Halloween Garden Ideas and Activities for Children

1. Make a Scarecrow

Having a spooky scarecrow around for Halloween should be mandatory, don’t you think? Well, then why not engage your child into building one together? What you need for this task is two wooden poles, 5 feet, respectively 2 feet long. Nail them together like a cross, making sure that the bottom side of the longest pole is around 4 feet long. The idea is to, of course, imitate the size of a human being.

Now that you’ve got the body all figured out, use a pillowcase to make the scarecrow’s head. You can fill the said pillowcase with straw, rags, or crumbled pieces of newspaper, whatever comes in handy. Then, use a string to tie it at the top of the pole. Now it’s time for the most interesting and creative part, which is decorating the little monster’s head. Allow your children to draw it as they wish, using paint, colored markers, and so on. Once they complete this task, decide what the scarecrow is going to wear. You can go for old and damaged sheets, or a cape and a pointy hat. Then, just stick the scarecrow into the ground in your garden, or tie it to the fence with a rope.

2. Create a Spooky Planter

If you’re looking for Halloween garden ideas or activities that your children can work on even before Halloween day, give this idea a shot. Ask your children to decorate a terracotta pot in the spookiest way possible, and then provide them with some moist compost and cress seeds. What they have to do is plant the seeds in the pot and then place the pot in a windowsill. Remember to tell them to constantly check their small creation and see if it requires any water. If everything is done right, the spooky faces will grow some green hair just in time for Halloween. Then, on Halloween day, your children can display their scary pots in the windowsill and be proud of their unique decorations.

3. Make a Jack-O-Lantern

Jack-O-Lanterns are a Halloween trademark. So why not encourage your children to make some spooky ones this Halloween? All they need to do is decorate the outside of some glass jars with yellow and orange tissue paper strips. Then, they can use a black marker to draw spooky faces on the paper. Take the colorful Jack-O-Lanterns and place them in the garden to impress the trick-or-treaters.

We hope these 3 fun and spooky Halloween garden ideas for your children will make this Halloween unforgettable for them.

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