Repurposing Old Garden Utilities for a Fresh Garden

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Are you thinking about redoing your backyard? Do you have way too many items that you no longer use, but don’t want to get rid of? Don’t worry, most of your old garden utilities can be given a new purpose with just a little bit of DIY. Here are some interesting ideas.


You’ve probably never given any thought to using rakes for anything else than their original purpose. However, it turns out that they have some other practical uses.

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Keys and Jewelry Rack

​Old, smaller rakes can be hung on the wall near the entrance and be used for hanging your keys. You can also use it for keeping your jewelry neat and organized. If you want to spice up its look a bit, it can be repainted to match the décor of your house.​​​

Kitchen Rack

You can also repurpose rakes to be used in the kitchen. You can, for example, use them to hang pots and pans or other cooking utensils. Another way to utilize rakes is to make them into a wine glass holder. Just make sure to properly wash and disinfect the rake head in order to keep your kitchen safe and clean.

Garden Tools Hanger

Same as in the kitchen, you can hang your gardening tools in the shed using a rake. Remove the handle and hang the head on a wall and there you go, a practical way to keep your tools arranged.

Shovels and Spades

Shovels and spades can be used in their entirety or just the head, depending on what you want to use them for.

garden tools, garden utilities

House Number

You can cut the handle really short and bury it in the ground in front of your house so that only the head can be seen. You can paint it or leave it rusty and add your house number of it. You can just buy the numbers in a hardware store or paint them on yourself.


A spade head can also be used as a shelf, both inside and outside. You can update it a bit to match your aesthetics or keep its original look for a rustic effect.

Birdhouse and Feeder

You can use the entire shovel, spade or even a rake for a birdhouse. Put it against a wall or a fence and add a house on top of the handle. The head itself can be used as a feeder too, similarly to a shelf. 

Garden Hose

When your garden hose gets damaged, don’t just throw it away. Yes, you can always get a new flexible garden hose to replace the faulty one, but you can still use the old one in new ways.

garden tools, garden utilities

Soaker Hose

If you already have a leaky hose, why not put some more holes in it and use it as a soaker hose? You will waste less water as it will go directly into the ground. Close one end with a hose cap and attach the other one to a water source, and water your plants with no troubles.

Around the House

If you cut up the hose into smaller parts, there are many uses around the house for it. If you put it under the door, it can be a handy doorstop. If you screw both ends into the wall and leave enough room in the middle, you have a place where you can hang some gardening tools. If your garage is quite narrow, you can also put a piece of the hose on the walls so that the car doors don’t get scratched when opening them.


If you’re looking for an aesthetic way to use a hose, make a door wreath. Just roll it up and clamp it together in one or several places. You can add some decoration to it, such as flowers, gardening gloves or bows. It’s quite easy to do and it can make your door look amazing all year round.


An old, rusty wheelbarrow can have many other purposes. Depending on the type you have, it can be used for different things.

garden tools, garden utilities


If you have an old-fashioned wooden wheelbarrow, you can turn it into a bench. You can just put a cushion on it or add a backrest and armrests to make it comfier. If the wheelbarrow is still functional, you can even move it when you need to.

Fire Pit

A wheelbarrow can also be used as a fire pit. There is no need for you to spend a lot of money on buying a new one when you can just repurpose something you already own. Make sure that the wheelbarrow is made out of metal and then you can proceed with the project. If you want to fix it in place, cement it into the ground or put some bricks around it. Put some kindling and wood in it and voila! Your fire pit is done.

Flower Holder

If you have an old plastic or any other kind of wheelbarrow that cannot be used for its original purpose anymore, you can use it to elevate the look of your yard. Get high-quality soil and plant some flowers or herbs in it. This way, you can have both a practical and an aesthetic use for it.

As you can see, you don’t have to get rid of the items you no longer use. There are many ways to repurpose old garden utilities. These projects don’t require a lot of time and effort and can have amazing results.

About Ron Wolf: Growing up on a village helped me become what I am today. Constantly surrounded by nature and animals, my curiosity was satisfied. In my teen years I moved to a city and started helping out at my dad’s construction company. This is how I got the idea to become a civil engineer. Since then, constantly studying and finding new projects to work on has taken almost all of my time. Buy hey, that’s what I love doing so it’s not hard!

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