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Birth month flowers refer to certain species that are associated with each month of the year. It is said that the characteristics of each flower will pass down to the people who are born in that month. You can also see them mentioned as flowers by month, but they refer to the same thing. Florists use to rely on this interesting categorization of flowers.

Can I Incorporate Birth Month Flowers into My Fairy Garden?

Yes, you can definitely incorporate birth month flowers into your fairy garden. By choosing the flowers that correspond to your birth month, you can create a personalized and meaningful space. Whether it’s lilies for May or violets for February, these symbolic blooms will make a fairy garden that represents the essence of your birth month.

The Origins of the Flowers by Month

Culturally speaking, it is important to see what flower to choose for a gift, depending on its characteristics (such as color, appearance, or scent). But how did we get to offering flowers on birthdays? People think that the Romans were the first ones to use flowers to celebrate such events. They had seasonal flowers which were more than mere decorations since they offered them as gifts for people’s birthdays. As such, most likely this is how birth month flowers appeared. But let’s see what flowers fit each month!

Birth Month Flowers Guide

January – Snowdrop, Carnation

The birth flowers in January are the snowdrop and the carnation. The carnation is a flower that comes together with various meanings, depending on its color. For example, a pink carnation represents affection, while a red one means love. White represents purity (of love) and a striped flower shows regret that the love was not shared. If you give a yellow carnation, this means disappointment or rejection.

Meanwhile, the snowdrop was thought to bring bad luck, since it always grew in graveyards. However, nowadays people think it means beauty and hope.

February – Violet, Primrose

As surprising as it may be, the flower of February is not the red rose, despite the Valentine’s Day celebration. The violet and the primrose are the flowers that represent the second month of the year. The violet symbolizes loyalty, watchfulness, and faithfulness, so give a violet to someone if you want them to rely on you. Meanwhile, the primrose goes to show that you can’t live without the person you’re giving it to. Contrary to its name, the primrose is not related to the rose. They are beautiful perennials that come from Europe. They are the first to bloom when winter goes away and they can multiply each year with a little bit of shade and some moist soil.

March – Daffodil, Jonquil

For March, the representative flowers are the daffodil and the jonquil. The daffodil symbolizes unrequited love, so if you receive this flower you might be missing something along the way. The bright yellow petals are quite positive though, bringing a little bit of sun into your life, just like it happens with nature. The other flower, the jonquil, is a special kind of daffodil. In its turn, it shows a desire for affection to be received. At the same time, it is also shown to convey sympathy. [easy-tweet tweet=”A flower’s characteristics pass down to the people who are born that month. Which one are you?” via=”no” hashtags=”birthday,flowers” url=””]

April – Daisy, Sweet Pea

In April, we can already see spring in full bloom. But which are the birth month flowers for this month? April comes with the daisy and the sweet peas for those who are born now. Daisies are used to represent purity, loyal love and innocence. Yellow daisies are also popular choices when it comes to giving flowers. Moreover, friends give this flower to each other to signify keeping a secret. Meanwhile, the sweet pea symbolizes blissful pleasure. However, they are also used to represent a goodbye. The fragrance of this flower keeps flies at bay, so maybe this one is a good kind of goodbye.

May – Hawthorn, Lily of the Valley

lily of the valley bouquet
Alongside Hawthorne, the lily of the valley represents the month of May.
The birth month flowers for May are the hawthorn plant and the lily of the valley. The hawthorn plant stands for hope and ultimate happiness. If you give a hawthorn to someone, this means that you want the best for that person. At the same time, the lily of the valley has a strong fragrance that symbolizes humility, sweetness and even a return to happiness. They also have a romantic meaning, showing the person you give a lily to that they complete your life. Planting lily of the valley is not a difficult process, which is why many people love to add it to their garden.

 June – Honeysuckle, Rose

The birth month flowers for June are the honeysuckle and the rose. The honeysuckle represents the everlasting love between two people. This is not too different from the meaning of the rose. The rose has hundreds of meanings, depending on the color it has. For example, a pink rose symbolizes happiness, while a red one stands for true and passionate love. White roses are offered as a symbol of purity and innocence, while a yellow one means jealousy or less love. If you offer just one rose, this underlines the meaning of that color. A bouquet means sincere gratitude instead. Knockout roses are also a great idea for your garden if you want to plant them.

July – Larkspur, Water Lily

For July, the birth month flowers are the larkspur, together with the water lily. The larkspur comes in various colors and, naturally, each of them has a different meaning. A pink larkspur stands for fickleness, while a white one shows a happy nature. The purple ones usually symbolize a first love, so careful who you give them to! In general, they show some strong love bonds. At the same time, the water lily stands for majesty and purity. They are gorgeous and have a strong fragrance. Besides being extremely beautiful, water lilies are also used in ponds to stop the algae from growing. They also have the role of providing shade and cooling water for the fish and frogs that live in the pond. If you’re interested, you can always learn how to plant water lilies in a pond.

August – Poppy, Gladiolus

August is the last summer month, and the birth month flowers for this time of the year are the poppy and the gladiolus. The gladiolus stands in for infatuation, calm, integrity, and remembrance. It is also called the “sword lily” and it shows that your heart is filled with love. Meanwhile, we also have the poppy flower. This also has different meanings depending on the color it has. For instance, a red poppy symbolizes pleasure, while a white one is offered as consolation. At the same time, a yellow poppy is a sign of good wishes of success and wealth.

September – Morning Glory, Aster

blue aster flowers
Aster flowers, like those born in September, are colorful, yet resilient, with just a hint of magic.
September comes with a breeze of cool air and brings us the birth month flowers morning glory and aster. Morning glories are flowers that symbolize affection. If you are an early riser, you can notice them bloom. It would be best to take advantage of this moment of the day because later they will curl and close. Asters have always been appreciated for their symbolism of a powerful love. Maybe because of their meaning, people used to burn the aster flower to keep serpents at bay. They bring some color to the early fall views and they don’t need that much maintenance.

October – Marigold, Cosmos

The birth month flowers in October are the marigold and the cosmos. Marigolds are usually offered as signs of eternal love. They also mean that you are happy to be with the person who receives the flower. There are lots of species of marigolds, and they range from 6 inches to 5 feet in height. Meanwhile, cosmos stand in for serenity, order, and peace. They are semi-tall annual plants that are planted along fences and borders. Usually, they attract bees, birds, and butterflies to the garden. Most people love the chocolate cosmos and prefer it for their garden.

November – Chrysantemum

The birth flower for November is the chrysanthemum. If you offer a red chrysanthemum, this symbolizes true love. A white one stands for pure love, innocence, and purity, while a yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes a slighted love. The Chinese and the Japanese see the chrysanthemums as a strong symbol of youth. It is believed that a petal put on the bottom a glass filled with wine will make you live longer. In the Chinese folklore, this flower keeps gray hair at bay. They are perennial flowers that are very beautiful. After they are done blooming, you should place a layer of straw as a mulch in order to keep the cold away from them.

December – Holly, Narcissus

Though you might think there aren’t many flowers left to represent December, you would be surprised to see that these ones are beautiful as well. The birth flowers for the last month of the year are the holly and the narcissus. The holly is a symbol of good wishes for domestic happiness. Even though some birds and animals love eating the berries, remember that they are semi-toxic for people. Meanwhile, the paperwhite narcissus flower sends a message that you want the person to whom you give the flower to remain the same as they are. Keep in mind that even though there are lots of types of narcissus, the paperwhite one is the birth month flower for the month of December. There are some people who believe that the flower for the month of December is the poinsettia. They are indeed associated with Christmas, but not everybody considers them the flower of the month. The ancient Aztecs considered them as being symbols of purity, but now they stand for success and good cheer.


Even though these are not rules set in stone, you should take them into account. It is also important to keep in mind the flowers and their meanings. After all, you wouldn’t want to give somebody a flower with the wrong meaning. This guide is useful if you want to have a customized garden so that you can have flowers in bloom all year round. Moreover, it comes in handy if you are invited to a birthday party and you don’t know what to bring to the person who invited you. And if they already know the meaning of the flower and their importance for that month, your gesture will be even more appreciated. Image source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
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