5 Simple Patio Ideas to Try This Spring

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012.traditional patio1 e1487619025639

The patio and deck areas are where most of the fun happen in the spring and summer seasons. If not well maintained and updated, the patio areas can seem outdated and dull. Keep it fresh this spring with some new deck and patio ideas. 

Cut the Cost of Furniture

teak outdoor furniture set with cushions

Patio and deck furniture can be really expensive, which is why a lot of us do not update our furniture often. Instead of getting chairs and tables that are already put together, get some furniture that will require some assembly. Since the company you are purchasing from does not need to pay for the product to be assembled, the price will come down a little. You could also consider building your own if you have the tools and ability. This will also give you many different and unique options.

Deck Boards


Adding some new lighting will keep your patio or deck safer. Keeping the steps well lit will ensure that your guests and family can see where they are going. It also adds some security, since lights are a good deterrent for criminals. Not only is it safer, it can add a whole new look to the space. There are lots of new lighting methods and styles out there; it is really up to your imagination. LED lights are a bit more expensive, but will last longer. There are also solar and battery powered options.


Just like inside, patios and decks have wall space that you can decorate. Do not be afraid to use that space like you would inside. Add some decorations, that are weather resistant, to add some color and dimension to the walls. The decoration all depends on your style and the feel you are going for. Clocks, shatter proof plates, and wooden wall hangings are great ways to show off your style and add some fun to the wall space.

Fire Pits

garden treasures fire pit

There is nothing better that having a campfire on a summer night. Roasting marshmallows and sharing s’mores are a great way to make some memories. Consider adding a fire pit to your patio or deck this spring. While this addition might be pricier than the other ideas listed, it is sure to add lots of flair to your space. There are also plenty ways to build one yourself for cheap. Fire pits create extra seating space, a great way to make your guests feel comfortable, and fit into most city ordinances. Many cities will not allow open wood burning fires, but having a gas powered fire pit will keep the campfire option open for your home.

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In Conclusion

Keep your spring and summer backyard parties fun and modern with a couple new patio ideas. Adding some fresh furniture, wall hangings, or a fire pit will create a whole new atmosphere for you and your guests. Updating your deck or patio look will keep your home feeling welcoming and new.

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