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One of the beautiful things about swing sets is that they can be customized to fit your needs.  One way to customize a swing set is to buy only the accessories that you like.  There are many different swing set accessories that you can buy.  Some are lifetime swing set add ons, while others may continue to be added on and taken off as your children grow.  I’ll go over some of the swing set accessories that you may want to consider adding on.

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Bucket Swings

If you have a toddler, you may want to consider a bucket swing.  This type of swing offers back, stomach, and bottom support.  Bucket swings are made of flexible molded polymer for comfort, safety, and ease of getting in and out of.  Once your child can hold his or her head up on their own and has developed enough neck strength, this type of swing is really nice because it is safe. You’ll want to make sure that only the legs can fit through the leg holes and not the whole body. Most manufacturers recommend not using this type of seat until your child reaches two years of age.  The weight limits will vary from approximately forty to sixty pounds.

Infant Swings

If you have a newborn, you may want to purchase an infant swing.  Though you won’t want to put them in it for a few months, it will not be long before a baby who can hold his or her head up is ready to swing. This is a good swing set for pre-toddlers.  This type of swing has a hard plastic high-back made to support very young children.  An infant swing also features T-bar lap belts to safely hold the infant in place.

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Steering Wheel

A steering wheel can be a fun feature, especially for toddlers.  However, even older children can pretend that they are driving a ship or a car.  There are many types of steering wheels to choose from.  Some even involve having a whole plastic vehicle that your child can use as a swing seat with the steering wheel inside of the vehicle.

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Buoy Ball

A buoy ball, also called a ball swing, is meant to be inflated and hung from your swing set. It is made so that children can climb onto the ball and swing back and forth.  A buoy ball can give a whole new feel to the swinging sensation.  This fun swing accessory can also spark a child’s imagination.  They can pretend that they are on top of a wrecking ball as they crash through buildings.  They may also want to pretend that they are in outer space, riding on the moon.  The possibilities are only limited by a child’s imagination.

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Skateboard Swings

I remember being a child and trying to stand on the swing while going back and forth.  The only limitation was the two chains that were made to go forward not the side to side motion that I wanted to go.  Nowadays, they make a special swing contraption called a skateboard swing, which allows you to stand up on the swing and go in the normal forward direction that a swing is supposed to go.  Kids can pretend that they are on a skateboard, hoverboard, snowboard, or surfboard.

Disc Swings

Years ago, disk swings were made of wood.  Nowadays, you have the option of having a disk swing made of plastic.  This type of swing is basically circular with a hole cut of the middle for the swing rope to go through and then tie at the bottom. This type of swing can be used for children when they stand or sit.

Web Swings

Web swings feature polypropylene netting that is designed to help prevent cuts on your child’s skin.  A circular steel rim is encased in the netting.  Most of these types of swings will accommodate up to three small children as long, as long as they don’t exceed two hundred fifty pounds.

Stand Up Swings

It’s human nature for children to try to stand up on a swing.  If you don’t believe this, just go to any playground that has belt types of swings, sit there for a while, and observe how many children stand on the belt swing to swing.  Manufactures capitalized on this natural inclination of children to stand while swinging.  A stand up swing is much like a belt swing except that it is firm instead of being flexible. Most stand up swings also have feet indentation marks where children can place their feet to swing.


Swing set accessories, as well as the swing set itself, can be found online or at your local hardware stores.  You can look on Wayfair for Wayfair swing sets.  You can also get Walmart swing sets. There are many swing set parts and accessories from Walmart and Home Depot.  Wayfair also sells swing set accessories.


A nice feature of swing sets is that they can grow with your child.  You may want to start with an infant seat and end up with a skate board swing as that child grows. Just keep a watch on weight limits for each accessory and have fun building a customized swing set that can keep changing over the years.

Accessories for Children Under Two Years Old

For children under two years of age, you will want to buy small and fun accessories that don’t require unsafe actions.  Keep in mind that young toddlers shouldn’t climb any higher than three feet off the ground.  Wheels, telescopes and megaphones are all great accessories for toddlers. You may also want to make sure that the slide has fun features such as tunnels with bubble panels, glider swings, and baby swings.  A sand box is another great feature to add to the play set.

Accessories for Children from Two to Five Years Old

At this age, your child is ready to upgrade to a bigger swing set with larger accessories.  Keep in mind that at this age, your child should only go as high as six feet off the ground.  Good accessories to buy include tires swings, horse rider swings, small rock climbing ramps, and short ramps with ropes.

Accessories for Children Five Years Old and Up

Once your child is five years old or older, you can buy other accessories that allow your child to climb and balance.  Keep in mind that although your child is at an age where he can climb high, your swing set should be about eight feet high.  If your swing set is any higher, your child may get a serious injury if he or she were to fall. Good accessories to purchase at this age include trapeze bars or rings, net swings, a buoy ball, and/or disc swings.

When to Upgrade Your Swing Set Accessories

As your child grows, he or she will not need some of the swing set accessories.  For example, he will not need the safety handles anymore.  As your child grows, find out what he seems to enjoy and what needs to be upgraded.  For some, the toy steering wheel could be replaced by a tic-tac-toe spinner panel.  Also, make sure to replace any worn or old swing set parts.  If the wood is rotting, or if the hardware is coming out, make sure to fix it or replace it with new materials.  You can can buy replacement slides for swing sets, as well as replacement swings.

Metal Swing Set Replacement Parts

Swings can get worn out and may need parts replaced, or you may want to add a new accessory to your swing set.  This is when you may need to buy some extra parts.  Kid Wise Outdoor Products Incorporated is an online swing replacement part store that specializes in swing set parts.


The cost of swing accessories will vary depending on what you are buying and also what brands that you choose.  You could spend anywhere from $20 to upwards of several hundred dollars for a swing accessory.  It’s really going to depend on what you are buying.  A simple belt swing will not cost much.  When you start to get into swings that carry more than one child, you will start to spend more money.


I hope that this helps you to pick out some swing accessories.  Remember that a swing set should fit your family’s individual needs.  It can also change as your children grow.  Start off with what works and add and subtract accessories as time goes on.  But most of all, have fun, make some great memories, and be safe with your swing set.

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