5 DIY Recycling Garden Crafts for Spring

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There is never a bad season or time to start recycling. Being inside most of the winter gives you some good ideas on ways to recycle and get spring off to a good start. Try some of these recycled DIY garden crafts to add some green to your spring.


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Having a bottle of wine with friends and family is fun in itself, but make sure you keep your corks. Get some bamboo skewers, gather up some of your corks, and grab a permanent marker. When you plant your seeds this spring, do not forget to mark what you have planted in each section. Write what seed you planted on the cork and push the skewer through the bottom of the cork. Push the skewer in the soil and you will know what will be springing up soon.

Seed Packet Letters

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Recycling paper is a great idea, but keeping your seed packets gives you the chance to add some pops of color to your home or patio area. Go to your local craft store and get some wooden letters of your choice and some decoupage glue. When you are finished planting your seeds, keep the packets and cut them to fit and cover the fronts of the wooden letters. Use the glue to stick the packets on and seal them. When you are done, you will have some fun colorful décor for your home or patio thanks to this easy garden craft. 

Teapot Birdhouse

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If you have a glass teapot lying around or have a broken lid, turn it into a home for the local birdies. Pick where you would like to have the teapot hang, make sure it has a strong handle, keep it high enough to make a bird family feel safe, and check in now and then to see who has taken up residence.

Toilet Paper Tubes

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Toilet paper tubes have lots of fun uses, but this spring use them as seed starters. Make four cuts on the bottom of a tube and fold the flaps in toward the center. This will make a solid bottom. Add some dirt into the top of the tube, sprinkle some seeds in the soil, and water as usual. When the seeds start sprouting, just put the entire tube into the soil. The cardboard will decompose and keep the seeds from experiencing transfer shock. The decomposed cardboard will also add some extra nutrients in the fresh dirt.

Jar Garden

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Before you recycle all of your pasta sauce jars and pickle jars, clean them out, peel off the label and turn them into your in home herb garden. After cleaning out each jar, put some dirt in each and some herb seeds. Keep them near a window for sunlight and remember to water them. Soon enough, you will have a variety of herbs for some fresh in home cooking.


Winter gave us some time to gather up some unneeded recyclable goodies. Be sure to put them to good use this spring. Don’t throw it away if you can use it again. Use these goodies to add some fun color with awesome DIY garden crafts.

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