4 Garden Lanterns for an Enchanted Look and Feel

moroccan garden lanterns

All backyard gardens need a new look and feel now and then. This autumn, you can take advantage of the beautiful weather and colors and transform your garden into an enchanted realm. The best way you can do it is by placing some truly spectacular garden lanterns here and there that will give your backyard a bewitched look.

4 Amazing Garden Lanterns for a Fairy Tale Backyard

#1. Beware of Dragon

What if, instead of a ‘beware of dog’ sign you had one which read ‘beware of dragon?’ And, to make it all the more believable, you can install some pretty and gothic lamp holders. Evidently, they will feature a dragon because nothing says enchanted more than a fierce dragon itself. You can purchase the lookalike of a famous one, such as Tolkien’s Smaug or the Night Fury from How to Train Your Dragon in case you have children.

garden lanterns-gothic-dragon

Recreate the look with this beautiful Sculptural Hanging Dragon Lamp.

#2. Hurry, Alice!

As far as garden lanterns go, this is a stunning one. It simply comprises a small, yet spellbinding rabbit who is actually holding the lantern itself. This is as whimsical as garden lanterns can be. Save for the waistcoat, gloves, and pocket watch, this little rabbit statue looks exactly like the March Hare. If you place several of them throughout your garden, you can make it look like you’re expecting Alice for tea any day now.

garden lanterns-march-hare-rabbit

Here is a wonderful fine porcelain Decorative Bunny Light Holder to recreate the magical look.

#3. Moroccan Garden Lights

Another great idea for an enchanted backyard are the Moroccan garden lights. You can choose some in solid, mono colors, such as white, black, gray, or gold. However, you can also choose some multicolored ones for an authentic oriental feel to your garden. No matter which design you pick out, these garden lights will simply look mesmerizing against the green, natural surroundings and you will have the best-looking courtyard on the block.

moroccan garden lanterns

Here is an option that will enchant your senses.

#4. Attention! Fairies Crossing!

Nothing says ‘enchanted’ like a little corner in your backyard especially prepared for the fairies. Apart from delighting your children by amusing them and indulging in this beautiful fantasy, your courtyard will look nothing short of amazing with these wonderful garden lanterns for fairies.

Their design is unique, given the fact that the garden lanterns look like tiny bellflowers hanging upside down. They also have a small faux clear crystal drooping from the middle which looks like a rain drop on a misty morning.

fairy-lights garden lanterns

Decorate your garden with these whimsical set of fairy lights.

Garden lanterns don’t have to be traditional and boring. You can use them as a creative outlet and make your garden look like a true fairy tale.

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