Space Planning Tips for Your Backyard Patio

space planning

Space planning is an important step to take when you’re trying to design an outdoor space like a patio. Without space planning, your patio can become crowded and lack flow. You don’t need to be an expert interior designer to be able to have successful space planning. All you need are a few key tips and you’ll be able to plan your perfect backyard retreat. Who knows, you might even discover you have a knack for space planning! Here are some space planning tips for your backyard patio that will help you get the outdoor space you’ve been dreaming of.

What Is Space Planning?

It’s very important to understand what space planning is before we jump in. Space planning is like a blueprint for interior design. A blueprint shows exactly where everything is going to go and measures everything exactly so that builders can build a great house. A space plan does the same thing, but with all the design pieces. Things like couches, lamps, appliances, tables, chairs, and TV’s are all included on a space plan. This way you’ll be able to make sure there is enough room for your favorite chair, without blocking off people’s natural circulation when they’re in your house or outdoor space. Designing a space plan before you move all of your furniture will save you a lot of time and effort. This way you won’t have to move everything around looking for the perfect spot, you’ll already know where it is. 

Space Planning Tips for Your Backyard Patio

Designing an outdoor space is a lot like designing an indoor space. The biggest difference, however, is that your furniture will be exposed to the elements so outdoor furniture is a must. Here’s how to get started. 

Size Up Your Patio

You’ll need to know the size of your patio to do space planning effectively. It wouldn’t do any good to make a space plan for a large and spacious patio if you have a small and quaint one. This is probably the most important step to space planning, you have to know what you’re working with. After you’ve sized up your patio, you can then plan everything that goes in it. The more accurately you know the size of the space you’re planning for, the more accurately you can space plan. That’s why this is so important to space planning. It’s all about fitting everything together like a puzzle. 

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Focal Points

Is there a focal point to your backyard patio? Do you have an outdoor table that all your other furniture should surround? Maybe you have an outdoor fireplace that you want to be the focus. Perhaps the wonderful scenery from your backyard is going to catch everyone’s eyes. Decide what your focal point is and plan everything around that focal point. Having a focal point helps balance out your patio instead of having everything crammed to one side or another. 

Don’t Overcrowd

A backyard patio is a place where friends and family can spend some quality time together. Chances are, you’ll have a lot of people there at one point. Don’t overcrowd or use objects that get in the way. It’s very frustrating to try to make your way to a chair on the patio, only to have to step around plants, or around multiple tables. Make it classy but simplistic. No one wants to feel cramped when they went outside to get some space. 

Match Your Home’s Style

When you’re space planning for your backyard patio, do your best to match your home’s style. The patio is an extension of your home. A patio that is the complete opposite of your home will feel disjointed and foreign. It will also look strange since it’s connected to your house. For example, if your house is very modern in design it would look really funny to have a rustic farmhouse patio. Your backyard patio should complement your house. 

Draw it Out

Yes, space planning requires some drawing. Don’t fret if you have zilch artistic abilities. All you need is a sketch of where everything is going to go. Actually drawing it out will help you visualize where everything should go. You could have a simple “X” marks the spot to indicate where something will go. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just a simple sketch to help you space everything out.

space planning, backyard patio, design

Create Flow

Your space planning sketch will also come in handy to create flow in your backyard patio. Draw out the path that you think someone would take once they come onto the patio. Are there things in the way? Will there be sharp corners of furniture in the way of the flow? Is there a good view of the focal point from all angles? All of these questions can be answered when you create flow in your backyard patio. Creating flow will make your patio a lot more comfortable and enjoyable to be on. 

Make the Patio Convenient

Your patio should be a very convenient place to be. The good news is that by creating flow, your outdoor space will probably also be convenient. The house should be easily accessible from the porch. If your backyard patio has things like grills or an outdoor kitchen, these should also be easily accessible. These things should not be behind furniture or hard to get to. This isn’t difficult to do since a lot of it is just common sense. 

Consider Privacy

Some people are more private than others. Part of space planning is knowing how you want your space to feel. A private and secluded feeling will require more space planning because you’ll need to plan for a fence or some privacy shrubs or bushes. Space planning will help you determine whether or not you have enough space for privacy shrubs. Maybe your yard is too small to plant them. A good space plan will also help you decide on a fence because you’ll be able to more accurately get a feel for the design of your patio. 

Summing Up

Space planning is a whole lot of fun! You’ll be able to design something that you really love. These space planning tips will help you be able to design a backyard patio that is comfortable, convenient, and beautiful. Never underestimate the importance of space planning. It’ll save you from a lot of heartache when you go to put in your favorite table and see that it takes up half of your outdoor space. Then you have to move it again! Save yourself the time and frustration and use these tips for successful space planning. You’ll have a backyard patio that everyone will love spending time on.

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