10 Cute Outdoor Wedding Ideas for an Unforgettable Event

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The wedding day is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most special moments to fondly remember. Garden weddings are becoming more and more popular these days. It may have something to do with the special connection humans share with nature. However, you cannot just rely on Mother Nature to do all the work for you. As a result, this article comprises the most ingenious outdoor wedding ideas that will help you transform the open space into a fairyland. You will be able to find here creative suggestions you can use to transform the backyard in order to benefit from the most wonderful setting for your wedding. Also, you do not need to spend any money on specialists, as these décor ideas are simple and easy to make by yourself.

1. Selecting a Wedding Theme

Before starting to think about the setting, visualize the wedding. Surely there is a certain picture of the perfect wedding in your head that you are eager to bring to life. If you like water in particular or are even a talented swimmer, maybe it is time to let the guests know that they should wear some comfy flip flops to your wedding. Beach themed weddings are great, but there are also other equally interesting alternatives. Some people prefer a vintage wedding, where they get to bring to life some old-fashioned customs and clothing. Others like to feel more connected to the environment and prefer simple yet tasteful decorations and go for a rustic themed wedding.

2. Choosing the Perfect Setting

Finding the perfect spot for both the wedding reception as well as the ceremony is a crucial first step. If you decide to get married in warmer seasons like late spring or summer, you have a lot of options ahead. Hence, you can choose the seaside, somewhere in the countryside or even in your backyard. When it is too cold to keep the guests outside, you can go for a barn wedding. Even if it sounds crazy, a barn makes for a wonderful place for hosting a wedding in a chilly summer evening. Both you as well as the guests will benefit from a romantic and rustic setting which will make the experience even more special and memorable.

3. Beach Wedding

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Beach weddings are one of the most common outdoor wedding ideas out there. However, some people do not quite grasp the concept of being married on the sand. When it comes to clothing, keep it as simple as possible. Take into account the ocean breeze and go for a simple hairdo. Also, wearing a ballgown will make it difficult for you to move around. Choose a light wedding dress. Keeping it as simple as possible is what makes this choice unique among other outdoor wedding ideas. Also, forget about the veil. It will only be a nuisance for both you as well as the photographer. Instead, consider wearing a colorful flower crown.

4. Backyard Wedding

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When it comes to simple outdoor wedding ideas, there is no place like home. However, it is possible that the guests won’t fit into the limited space. For this purpose, try to use a combination of indoor and outdoor space. Also, take into account the fact that the weather may take a turn for the worst, so make sure that everyone is able to find proper shelter if this happens. Start planting early in order to benefit from natural ornaments. Make use of your gardening skills and identify the appropriate planting times for each type of flower. Hence, you will be able to enjoy full blooms on your wedding day. Also, there is no need to mention that you have to tend properly to your lawn before the big day. If you want more than just a manicured look, you can also hire a landscaper if you want the setting to be in peak condition.

5. Countryside Barn Wedding

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If you’re looking for a rustic setting, holding the wedding reception in a barn is the perfect way to go. If there is a barn, it should be a green space available in close vicinity as well where you can celebrate your union. Combining the fresh air that the countryside provides with a rustic setting that will keep you safe from inclement weather makes for one of the best outdoor wedding ideas out there. Also, even if the weather takes a turn for the worst, you will still be able to enjoy the beautiful rustic atmosphere nonetheless. Even though it is not exactly the best example of an outdoor wedding idea, you will benefit from a lot more space. Maybe not all of the guests are into outdoor wedding ideas, so you have to find a middle way.

6. Outdoor Wedding Ideas: Props

Since you already go for an unconventional wedding, making your own decorations will only add a touch of personality to the whole event. Hence, you can make the wedding invitations by yourself using some simple materials like cardboard, fabric materials or even wood (for rustic themed weddings). Furthermore, you will also need some backdrops for the photo booth. If you do not have time to make one or are too uncertain of your crafting skills, you can buy one for a reasonable price. A nice idea for a rustic wedding is to forget about the chairs and put some colorful blankets on bales of hay. Also, use a combination of flowers and outdoor lights in order to create a makeshift aisle. If you get married in the summer, you can make a rustic drink cooler using a flower box. Or better yet, and even more original, use a wheelbarrow full of ice to keep the beverages cold.

7. Outdoor Wedding Decorations

Since you are getting married in nature, you might as well get some inspiration from the natural elements that surround you. Hence, you can use a tree stump as a base for the reception centerpieces. Also, instead of the regular tables, you can use old wine barrels for a more rustic atmosphere. Flower arrangements are a must for every wedding. Hence, use old wooden flower boxes and fill them with loosely arranged dwarf plants or flowers in order to get a laid-back effect. Ultimately, as you also need to decorate the chairs, you can use dried branches. Spray paint them in any color you like and glue them to the back of the chairs. For the best results, and also as a traditional precautionary method, add a horseshoe to the mix for good luck. Maybe it works and the weather will not turn against you, no matter what the forecast predicts.

8. Creative Outdoor Wedding Ideas: Alternative Altars

Many outdoor wedding ideas feature an arch routine. However, in order to make your special day so much more memorable, go for unique alternatives to old-fashioned altars. If you’re getting married on the beach, create an altar from sticks and white curtains. If you go for the backyard setting, try a table setup instead to serve as an altar. Combine some vintage lanterns with flowers, suitcases or boxes that fit in with the rest of the wedding décor for the best results. Also, if you have a favorite quote, you can print it on a wooden board and hang it from the branch of a tree. Another great idea of a makeshift altar is stacking some wooden pallets on top of each other. You can also add a bonus of style by slipping in some flower arrangements, as well.

Can a Patio Heater Be Used for an Outdoor Wedding to Keep Guests Warm?

A patio heater can definitely be used to spice up fall outdoor heating for an outdoor wedding and keep guests warm. It provides a cozy atmosphere and ensures that everyone stays comfortable, even when the temperature starts to drop. With a patio heater in place, guests can enjoy the wedding festivities without worrying about the chilly weather.

9. Fun Activities for Outdoor Weddings

In order to keep things interesting, you might consider including some fun activities that your guests could take part in. For example, playing a game of horseshoe or bean bag toss is great for smaller spaces. On the other hand, get creative and set up a mini-golf course if you benefit from a lot of space. Try this, for example. For each hole place a card with a personal testimony or a short story from your past to get your guests to know you better. Also, use chalkboards as signs to let the guests know what each part of the outdoor setting is designated for. If the party goes on into the night, you can treat your guests to a bonfire, as well. However, take all the precautionary measures and pay close attention to children that may be present.

10. Outdoor Wedding Ideas: Music Band Selection

No wedding can do without music. However, if you’re going for outdoor wedding ideas, it is possible that hiring a DJ won’t do the trick. Making nature part of your special day by celebrating your union out in the open means that you also have to provide tasteful music. The best choice is to hire a professional band. However, it may involve spending some extra money as standard prices start at around $40 for hiring a single musician, per hour. If you do not see the need for an orchestra, consider some basic combos such as string duos or flute trios. The first one involves two violins or a violin and a cello while the latter comprises a flute, a cello, and a violin. In order to save some money while still benefiting from quality live music, consider looking around the local music college for some discounted rates on good performers.


Planning a wedding surely takes a toll on you. Even more so when you try to pick out the best outdoor wedding ideas. However, apart from a proper location, you have to take into account a wide range of other factors, such as fun activities or tasteful music. This article comprises the best outdoor wedding ideas in terms of location, fun activities and helpful tips that will make your day so much more memorable. As a final piece of advice, make use of your gardening experience and start planting early different types of flowers. This way, if you host the wedding reception in your backyard you will benefit from full blossoms. Hence, you can use a wide range of flowers and other plants to serve as natural ornamentations for an added bonus of beauty.
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