Spice Up Your Fall Outdoor Heating with a Patio Heater

1 beautiful garden seating area with tall heater

Since summer is already on its way, spending late nights out in the garden with a good book can become quite a challenge if you don’t have a heating device near. Sure, a fire pit with open flames might sound like a really cozy idea. However, consider that you will have to be much more careful around it. Plus, it requires more space, space that many of us don’t really have in our gardens. So what’s the alternative to this? We recommend a garden heater to keep you warm this October. To that purpose, let’s take a look at some garden heater basics and options.

Garden Heater Basics – What You Should Know

The first thing you should know about garden heaters is that they normally come in two different types, according to what fuels them. You have the option of purchasing a propane heater, which will warm you up really fast. For instance, here is one from Amazon that you can get for only $157.99. However, since some of them have to hold a large propane tank, they also take up quite a bit of space. Also, we don’t recommend you use them in closed spaces, such as a garage for instance. That is because they release carbon monoxide that can be dangerous to you if you get exposed to it for a longer period of time with no ventilation.

The other, more convenient option is an electric garden heater. This one doesn’t require you buying fuel for it all the time. Of course, you do have to replace the bulbs every once in a while, but overall, it is a much convenient and safer option. It has no open flame, so especially if you have children, you will feel much more at peace using it. However, do remember that your electricity bill will rise considerably. You will also need an outlet outside in which to plug it. Moreover, since this type of heater does not give out as much heat as a propane one, we recommend you consider purchasing more than one. That is especially true if you have a larger garden area.

If you are thinking of buying a garden heater this fall, you should also know that they can be wall or ceiling-mounted, tabletop, or stand-alone heaters. The tabletop or wall-mounted ones are usually recommendable when you don’t have that much space in your garden. Also, consider purchasing them if you don’t require a lot of heating power. However, if you do want a heater that is capable of warming up larger areas, then you should look for a stand-alone one instead. Here is our recommendation: this elegant and practical Dancing Flames Pyramid Outdoor Patio Heater from Amazon. Since we are already in October, we suggest you snag it as soon as possible for only $249.99.

A really convenient garden heater is a must-have this fall. Especially if you want to spend some quality time in your garden. So we suggest you decide what type is the best for you and purchase one while it’s still October.

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