15 Beautiful Ideas on Landscaping with Bricks

brick pathway
Bricks are one of the most reliable elements that are present in any garden. You might think they are obsolete and boring, but with a little bit of creativity, they can turn your backyard into a beautiful place. Today we are going to look at various creative ideas on landscaping with bricks. You can choose the ones that match your style or why not, try them all.

Can I Incorporate Brick Landscaping Ideas into My DIY Backyard Project?

Looking to enhance your outdoor space without breaking the bank? Diy backyard landscaping ideas on a budget can be a great solution. One popular option is incorporating brick landscaping ideas. Use bricks to create pathways, borders, or even a brick patio for a charming and cohesive look. With a little creativity, you can transform your backyard into a stunning and cost-effective oasis.

Landscaping with Bricks – Creative Ideas

1. Brick Path

This is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you think about landscaping with bricks. The best thing about it? You can play around with patterns, colors, and arrangements. For example, you can create a round or square brick path. You can alternate between narrow areas where space doesn’t allow for more and large ones where you can take advantage of it. And don’t be afraid to mix different types of bricks either! A concrete brick can completely change the garden bricks design if you place it amid red ones, for example. Moreover, you can use any leftover bricks from other projects and you don’t need to spend any more money. landscaping with bricks brick pathway

2. Candleholders/ Planters

A great idea if you want to reinvent landscaping with bricks is to make planters and candleholders out of them. Take advantage of the holes that are already made in your bricks and place candles or plants there. A useful suggestion is to get some citronella candles for the relaxed summer nights, for instance. Besides the pleasant smell, they will also keep insects at bay. At the other end of the brick, add some small succulents. The result will be an elegant and luxurious feel to your garden with just some simple bricks.

3. Garden Bench

If you have some leftover bricks in your garden, it’s a good idea to create a bench out of them. It’s better than to leave them laying around, plus it’s useful if you have guests often. Here, you can also use your imagination. In case you already have a fire pit, build a round bench around it. You will turn the area into a great one for relaxing on chilly evenings. Alternatively, you can also create square benches (one or more, depending on your needs). The catch here is that you will need to think well before putting them together since it would be hard to move them afterward. landscaping with bricks brick planter

4. Brick Edging

Another useful suggestion we have is to consider brick landscaping edging possibilities. Given that they are generally small and easy to handle, you can easily make up an edge or more in your backyard. Some gardeners prefer borders on their pathways, firepits, lawn, fountains, etc. Others think it’s better to use garden edging around the house or the pond if you have one. That only depends on the design you choose. Here you have a video showing you how to make a landscape border with bricks:

5. Brick Waterfall

If the ideas for landscaping with bricks we presented above aren’t creative enough for you, this one will surely be a hit. Use the materials to make up a space where your water can fall gracefully. The best part about it is that you only need a corner of your area, so it doesn’t need to interfere with other design elements. It’s important to use rubber pond liners since these are more resistant than plastic ones. Next, add a pond pump to the construction, which you can hide behind some more bricks. You don’t need to use glue or silicone for your brick waterfall since the bricks are heavy enough to be stable. However, you might want to count them in advance to see if you have enough.

6. Birdbath

If you’re one of the gardeners who love birds, landscaping with bricks can be a great opportunity to create a birdbath for your little friends. Just like with the brick waterfall, you only need to stack the bricks together. On top of them, add a large bowl with some water. You can place it anywhere you want in your backyard and you can also add some food nearby for the birds.

7. Colorful Bricks

If you want to include the entire family in your project, you should opt for using colored bricks. Get a couple of bright paint types and let the kids help you paint the bricks. You can even write your names on them, positive messages, or let the kids draw whatever they want. Next, use them to create a pathway or for a small playground. You can combine it with some other DIY backyard playground ideas if you want your children to love spending time outdoors. landscaping with bricks brick wall

8. Herb Spiral

For those of you who are not familiar with this idea, it might sound like a weird proposal for landscaping with bricks. The goal here is to make a nice focal point with bricks and green (or colorful) plants. Just like before, you need to stack some bricks on top of each other and form an ascending spiral. Next, you can either use smaller or bigger pots or plant the flowers or herbs right into the soil. The best part? It allows you the freedom to choose whatever flowers you want. And that makes for a creative, colorful combination that will surely stand out in your backyard. You don’t even need to use herbs if you don’t want to, just play around with other plants.

9. Brick Books

Yet another suggestion that might sound odd but will test your creativity when it comes to landscaping with bricks is a library. Take one brick at a time and paint it. Then, add the book titles or authors you love most. It’s even better to add them to an outdoor reading area if you already have one.

10. Garden Beds

Whether we’re talking about brick flower bed design ideas or simply raised beds made of them, surely this will be a useful trick for your backyard. Perhaps the biggest advantage when landscaping with bricks is the fact that they are sturdy. As such, if you learn how to build a brick garden bed, for example, you can enjoy it for years to come. Moreover, you will also protect your plants with a minimal effort. landscaping with bricks brick border

11. Tree Ring

A tree ring is a great opportunity to reuse some old bricks, for instance. And we bet you haven’t seen this in your neighbors’ backyards! The idea here is simple: you need to stack the bricks and form a ring around a tree. But that’s not all. Fill it up with potting soil and plant small flowers or herbs there. You can use some succulents as well, they will contrast nicely with a large tree.

12. Alternating Bricks with Grass

If you want to turn a boring pathway into an interesting one, you can take out a couple of bricks. Alternating the red shade of the bricks with the intense green of the grass will create a nice contrast and will add to the aesthetics of your garden. If it’s not enough for you, you can add some gray stones as well, for an extra touch.

13. Fireplace Grill

We can already sense that people who love a good barbecue will appreciate this idea! It’s not that easy to build a fireplace grill made of bricks, but it’s perhaps the most common construction you will find in people’s backyards. The shape and size depend only on your preferences. However, if you have a large family, you may want to build a big one. Pay attention since this project may turn out to be quite costly. Bricks can be slightly expensive and so do the rest of the supplies. landscaping with bricks brick grill

14. Raised Planters

Unlike the previous idea for landscaping with bricks where you had to plant your flowers or herbs right into the brick, here you need to surround your planter. Basically, you need to create a wall of bricks around it and just fit the planter in. Of course, the size and the style depend on your personal preferences as well. Extra tip: Use some spray paint to decorate the raised brick planters.

15. Natural Pond

It may sound unusual, but with a tub and some bricks, you can create your own natural pond. Make up a round area of colored bricks and set the tub in the center. Ideally, you should use a round tub so that you can raise a brick border around it. Add water into the tub and use some aquatic plants. Lastly, add some greenery outside the brick area to make it look more alive. landscaping with bricks brick water well


Landscaping with bricks is a great idea if you have some leftovers from other projects. But even if you don’t, it’s a good investment for your backyard looks. Moreover, if you get bored of one of the ideas we showed you above, you can dismantle the construction easily and repurpose the bricks. From firepits and grills to edges and borders, they are incredibly versatile and look good in any combination. Image sources: depositphotos.com
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  1. Thanks for pointing out that we can use bricks for an outdoor fireplace barbecue! My husband and I are working on landscaping our backyard, but we’ve been lacking a central feature that everyone can sit around and socialize. A brick fireplace grill seems like it would fill that gap perfectly – I’ll definitely talk with our landscaping contractor about building one for us!

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