Ideas for Making DIY String Lights

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As the summer days come to a close, autumn and winter are just around the corner. With the changing of the seasons comes colorful leaves on the trees, crisp autumn air, and pumpkin spiced lattes. However, it also brings colder days and longer nights. If you are like me, you may not be ready to give up your sunshine and warmth for the cold and dark of winter quite yet. To help you fight off this looming cold and darkness, consider adding a fresh set of DIY string lights to your decor. You can use DIY string lights projects to dress up your patios, bedrooms, and even use them as a centerpiece. String lights are easy to install, fun to create, and perfect for any budget. So pull out your glue gun and hold on tight! Here are some ideas for making DIY string lights that will warm your heart all winter long.

Spray Painted DIY String Lights

This may be the easiest way to freshen up an old string of Christmas lights. If the dark green plastic isn’t working with your decor spray painting them is a great way to liven things up! Simply unscrew the light bulbs and lay the plastic string sections outside on a drop cloth. You can use metallic spray paint for modern look, or a bright color for a fun and flirty vibe. Just make sure you are in a well ventilated area when using the spray paint. Let it dry completely before replacing the light bulbs.

Twinkle Fairy Lights

DIY string lights
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This is another simple project. With just a little tulle or lace you can transform an ordinary string of lights into a boho-chic masterpiece. To achieve this look, all you need to do is cut your fabric into 8 inch by 8 inch squares. Make sure you have one square for every light on your string. Then you can knot and tie the fabric around the light and secure it with a clear rubber band for added security. This little square of fabric will add a subtle pop of color and texture to your string of lights. Bonus if your tulle has hints of glitter to give your lights even more of a fairy glow!

Colorful Globe Lights

For this project you will need to gather a few supplies before you get started. You will need cheesecloth, mod podge, fabric dye, and cafe style light bulbs. Cut your cheesecloth into squares large enough to cover the light bulb in its entirety. Next, dye your cheesecloth squares with your fabric dye, following the directions on the box. Once you have dyed your fabric to your desired colors, take it out and let it dry completely. Paint your light bulb in the mod podge and smooth a square of cheesecloth over the light bulb, making sure to cover the entire bulb. Once the cloth has dried, trim the edges. Then you can screw in your colorful light bulbs for a colorful statement piece suitable for indoors or outdoors!

Origami Lights

Placing origami over your string lights is a subtle, but significant way to change up your decor. Use lightweight paper so that the light can still shine through. This will also avoid weighing down the string of lights. Play around with different patterns and colors for a classy and unique way to shine a light on your paper folding skills.

Cupcake Liner Lights

There are two ways you can use cupcake liners to accentuate your string lights. The first way is to simply place a patterned cupcake liner around your light bulb. This is easily done by making a small hole in the center of the bottom of the liner and slipping your light bulb into the liner. Another option, which takes a little bit more effort, is to cut the cupcake liners into shapes first. You can even layer those shapes to create even more dimension. A popular shape to cut your cupcake liner into would be flowers and leaves. How cute would a string of red poinsettias surrounding your lights at Christmastime be? Let your imagination go crazy. All you need is a stack of cupcake liners and a pair of scissors for this DIY string lights craft.

Doily Snowflake lights

String Lights
Image Source: Martha Stewart

Like the string lights surrounded by cupcake liners, the DIY doily snowflakes are simple and easy. All you need to do is make a small hole in the center of your doily, than place it on the light bulb. The fun part of this DIY string lights project is figuring out how to display the snowflake string of lights. You could string it across an entryway or window frame for a traditional string lights look. Or you could let them cascade down from a bookshelf or from the ceiling for a “falling snow” effect. You could also wrap the lights around a white foam wreath for a winter wonderland wreath that is ready to hang. Spritz the doilies with a little glitter and fabric starch to keep them sturdy and sparkling all season long.

Ping Pong Lights

If you are looking for a way to add a little something extra to a patio or dorm room, this is the answer you are looking for. This simple idea will go a long way! Using a drill bit you can make small holes in ping pong balls and place them over your light bulbs. This will not only create a softer light, but gives it a fun urban appeal. For a little extra added funk, you can decorate the ping pong balls with colorful sharpie markers. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colored ping pong balls as well!

Lights in a jar

string lights

If you are not looking to string up your lights you can still use them in your decor. You can fill any glass jar with a string of small lights for a beautiful centerpiece. Use mason jars for a country chic feel, or a wine glass for a more elegant direction. You can also use them in glass terrariums along with succulents, potpourri, or figurines. These lights in jars are sure to draw the attention of any guest at your next party or function.

In Conclusion

DIY string lights are a great way to practice a little creativity this Autumn. You don’t have to wait for Christmas to pull out your string lights. The possibilities for string light decor are endless. Pick one of these projects or use these ideas to inspire you with your own DIY project. So don’t be afraid to lighten up your decor this year. You and your friends will love the extra whimsy and fun these lights bring to your home and garden.

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