Great Ways to Repurpose an Old Wheelbarrow

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Do you have a rusty old wheelbarrow lying around? There’s no need to throw it away, there are so many fun and creative things you can do with it. Wheelbarrows make great repurposed items because they’re sturdy and they can keep lasting for a long time even if you want to get a new wheelbarrow for hauling things. You can always repurpose your old wheelbarrow to give it new life and new purpose. Here are some great ways to repurpose an old wheelbarrow.

Repurposing Ideas:

Portable Ice Cooler

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This idea is easy and convenient. Bring the wheelbarrow with you to the lake or the beach. Simply fill the wheelbarrow with ice and let everyone grab their favorite drink from the portable cooler. Adding paint to the wheelbarrow can give it an extra boost in case it looks worse for the wear. The best thing about having a portable cooler is that you can also haul other things in it while you’re at the beach. Use it to put other food items in, or towels and life jackets.

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Sandboxes are so fun for kids! Kids love playing in the dirt and creating things, so give them a place to do it. Fill the wheelbarrow with dirt or sand and that’s all there is to it. Get some sand toys so that your kids can fill up buckets and make different shapes. Small shovels make playing in the sand a lot more fun too. Better yet, have your kids help you fill the wheelbarrow with dirt. They can put their shovels to good use and will probably have fun helping you. Add some other toys in the sandbox for even more fun. Fake bugs, snakes, or hidden treasures inside the sandbox will provide even more fun for your kids. Organizing a treasure hunt would be a blast! Have a list of items that each child must find and whoever finds them all first wins. They’ll feel like real treasure hunters. 

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Portable Planter

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A wheelbarrow makes a great place to plant some small vegetables, herbs, or flowers. The best part about this planter is that you can move it anywhere you want. If you don’t like it one place, just move it to another spot. It looks really cute when you paint the wheelbarrow a fun color and put some colorful flowers in it. Drill some holes at the bottom of the wheelbarrow to let water drain from your little garden. Then fill your wheelbarrow with soil and plant flower or vegetable seeds. This type of planter looks really cute at the front of the house because it catches people’s eyes. It’s different and super cute. Painting your family’s name on the side of the wheelbarrow will also add a personal touch that your family and friends will notice.

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Portable Fire Pit

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What a great idea! Fire pits don’t need to be permanent. Some people don’t want to dig a fire pit in their backyard and damage their grass. No worries, you can still have an awesome fire pit above ground. An old wheelbarrow makes the perfect place for a fire. However, you need to make sure that the wheelbarrow is made out of metal, not plastic. Plastic will melt. A metal wheelbarrow isn’t flammable and won’t catch on fire. You can build a great fire in an old wheelbarrow, and roast some s’mores or other campfire desserts. One of the benefits of having an above ground fire pit is that you don’t need to stoop down to roast your marshmallows. They are at a good height to be able to roast comfortably. 

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Wheelbarrow Coffee Table

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Put a slab of wood on top of a wheelbarrow and you’ve got an incredible statement piece for your living room. The best part about this idea is that you can store things inside the wheelbarrow. Odds and ends will be out of sight if you store them in your wheelbarrow coffee table. You might have to bolt the wheelbarrow into place so that it doesn’t move when your kids accidentally run into it. If you’re looking for something different that you can create, this is a great idea. No one will have a coffee table like it and not only does it look good, it’ll be functional too. This is a bold table that people are bound to notice. Before you know it, people will be starting to make their own wheelbarrow coffee tables because they saw yours.

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Seasonal Yard Decor

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Old wheelbarrows make great items for decorating your yard. This doesn’t have to be a super hard project. Simply paint the wheelbarrow the color of your choice then fill it up with decorations. Seasonal decorations are a lot of fun! A lot of people like to have gourds, pumpkins, and corn in their wheelbarrows for the Fall. However, there are a lot of other options as well. Pine cones, wreaths, berries, and pine needles make a great Winter or Christmas decoration. In the Spring, fill the wheelbarrow with grass, fake eggs, tulips, and little bunnies. A spooky wheelbarrow would be a blast for Halloween. When Summer comes, make your wheelbarrow look patriotic! Fill your wheelbarrow with whatever fun decor you want and people will love watching the decorations change as the season changes.

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Fairy Garden

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Your kids will love planning and decorating their very own fairy garden. Not just any fairy garden but a fairy garden that they can move to different locations. The great part about building a fairy garden in a wheelbarrow is that you can glue everything into place so that you won’t have to worry about rain washing it away. Speaking of rain, why don’t you just wheel your fairy garden into the garage so it doesn’t get rained on? A portable fairy garden is the best kind of fairy garden! Your kids will better be able to use their imaginations because they’ll be able to roll their fairy garden wherever they want. 

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Summing Up

Old wheelbarrows don’t have to be sitting around your yard taking up space. Repurpose your old wheelbarrow into something new and beautiful. You can make something for the kids, or make something for yourself. Your kids would love a fairy garden or a sandbox. They’d also love a portable fire pit that they could roast marshmallows in. Or make yourself something new like a repurposed coffee table or seasonal yard decor that everyone will love. There are so many wonderful things to be created. Old wheelbarrows have a tendency to keep lasting. If you were to make your old wheelbarrow into something new, you’d be surprised at how long it lasted. Your repurposed wheelbarrow will last and look amazing!

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