11 Lovely DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations for a Perfect Day

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Valentine’s Day is a beautiful day for all those that have a special someone in their lives. It is the day when we celebrate love, and no such holiday is complete without flowers, hearts, and an intimate dinner. To prepare a surprise for your loved one, or to simply bring the spirit of Cupid in your home, you can try some easy DIY Valentine’s Day decorations.

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Why make DIY Valentine’s Day decorations

Even from the beginning of February, the stores are already taken over by hearts, pink and red flowers, and chubby angels getting ready to launch their arrows at you and make you fall in love. It’s the season of love, and the best time to spend with your loved one.

Of course, you should prepare a surprise for this special person, and no surprise is complete without the traditional Valentine’s Day symbols. Before getting ready for the romantic dinner, you should first decorate your home accordingly. To save some money, you can make your own Valentine’s Day decorations using cheaper materials that will have an even better result than the ones you can buy.

1.      Floral heart wreaths

Such decorations will make your walls and tables prettier, and fill your home with a pleasant scent. You can buy a metal frame in the shape of a heart or if you want everything to be 100 percent DIY, you can make them yourself. All you need will be a wire to bend and create a heart-shaped figure.

Then, take some red, white, and pink flowers, and attach them to the frame. For their beautiful scent to fill your home, you can use natural flowers. If you want the decoration to last, artificial flowers will do just fine. They won’t bring the same fragrance but will stay pretty for a longer period. Instead of having to pick up the leaves and petals of the natural flowers when they start withering, the artificial ones will be there all year long.

2.      Build wreaths with messages

If you want something a bit more sophisticated, you can build a different type of wreath. This time, choose a circular frame you can easily hang anywhere and attach some flowers and leaves on it. The flowers can have any color, and the leaves and greenery will give it a prettier aspect.

Then, it’s time to add the message to the wreath. Pick whatever you like to wish to your partner or a word that symbolizes this special day. You can either buy the message already carved on wood or some other material or get creative by painting your own message on a small board. Then, attach the message to the circular wreath.

3.      DIY heart-shaped paper box

You must have bought something special for your loved one on this day, so you must find a creative way to give them the present. If it’s something small and cute, you can create your own box where you can hide it.

All you need is a piece of red paper from a harder material. Cut a piece of it and start folding the paper so that you can add the present inside. Then, cut the edges of the arrangement and make it look like a heart. If you like, you can look up some origami techniques to make your DIY box look even better.

4.      DIY heart-shaped puzzle

One of the most popular Valentine’s Day presents include a photo of the two lovers. To keep things more exciting, you can make a puzzle of your favorite couple photo. Instead of printing the photo directly on the puzzle pieces, you can do it in an easier way.

Buy the blank heart-shaped puzzle from an online shop. Then, print the photo at the scale of the puzzle, and cut the edges until the two of you fit inside the puzzle outline. Draw the shape of each piece on the photo, cut them, and stick them to the pieces. Your puzzle is done without much effort.

5.      Valentine’s Day trees

If you like Christmas trees, you will enjoy creating a similar decoration even for other holidays. A Valentine’s Day tree will make your house look warmer and full of love. Don’t worry; you won’t need to get a real tree or to take out the Christmas tree and cover it with hearts.

All you need is a wooden stall with arms that remind of a hanger. Add a mesh or a metallic frame over the hanger and shape it to look like a tree. Then, take some colored paper and cut some hearts. Tape these hearts over the metallic frame until the formation looks like a tree covered in hearts. If you like, you can tape a bigger heart at the top, and sprinkle some glitter over it.

Hearts hanged in a tree

6.      Sweet centerpiece for the table

Forget the candles when you arrange the table for the romantic dinner. Instead, you can add something more playful and sweet. Abandon the sophisticated vases and choose a nice transparent glass instead. Tie a nice bow on the glass and, if you like, you can also tape a heart to it.

Before placing the glass on the table, add a few flowers in it. Replace the water with candy, and turn a boring vase into a fun bowl of sweets. If you like, you can pick some heart-shaped candy with love messages written on them or delicious chocolates that are traditional on this day.

7.      Handmade pillows

There’s no better way to show your partner how much you love them than a fluffy pillow. Here, you can get as creative as you like, and create your own pillowcase with love messages. If you don’t feel inspired to sew a message on the case, you can just decorate it with hearts, flowers, doves, angels, or whatever the two of you love.

To complete the arrangement, you can place the pillow on the sofa next to three others with plain pillowcases. However, make sure their color matches.

8.      Letter monograms

This idea is perfect for the hopelessly romantic. To spread your love all over your home, you can use some monograms of your initials as decorations. You can either build the letters from cardboard or if you are willing to spend some money, buy some that are made from metal.

The letter should be hollow on the inside so that you can add flowers in this space. If you don’t like flowers, you can cover them in Christmas lights that shine in a single color. This will make the atmosphere extremely romantic and can remain in the house all year long. Although this sounds more complicated to make, this is one of people’s favorite DIY Valentine’s Day decorations.

Heart candle in a metallic cup among red decorations

9.      Heart-shaped flower box

For this decoration, you only need an empty box of chocolates that is shaped like a heart. The bigger it is, the better. Then, fill the box with flowers you like. Feel free to pick any colors and breeds, but it’s better if you combine flowers that have more or less the same color. If you like, you can even add more exquisite plants, like succulents.

10. Painted wooden heart

If you are feeling crafty, you can create one of the most beautiful DIY Valentine’s Day decorations by using materials in your home. This requires some skill, so you might still have to buy some of the components if you are not too handy.

Take a bigger piece of wood, and cut a heart out of it. Also, you can take smaller planks, tie them together, and then cut them in the shape of a heart. If you’re not feeling ready for this, you can go on and buy a wooden heart that’s already put together.

Afterwards, you can get creative. Get equipped with some paint and brushes, and add whatever designs and messages you like on the board. It can be a love message for your partner, some pretty hearts, or your initials. If you want to give the heart as a present, you can paint something that your partner enjoys.

11. Heart garlands

A heart garland is probably one of the easiest DIY Valentine’s Day decorations. All you need is a thicker string and some colored paper. The paper should be colored in red and pink, but you can use whatever shades you like. Draw nice hearts on the paper, and then start cutting them. Tape the hearts to the string, and you’re done.

You can hang these garlands anywhere in your home, such as around mirrors, above the table, or at the windows. To make a more romantic atmosphere, you can hang some Christmas lights together with the garland. This way, you can abandon the candlelit dinner in favor of something more creative.

Summing up

Valentine’s Day is couples’ favorite holiday. Although they express their love every day, they get a special holiday when they can do it without feeling guilty or judged. This is also one of the best moments to go on a shopping spree but, if you want to stop spending so much money, you can create great DIY Valentine’s Day decorations that will turn your home into a love nest.

Wooden heart hanged in a tree

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