7 Unique Wedding Greenery Ideas to Use on Your Big Day

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Your wedding day is that day you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life. For this to happen, you’d want to make sure everything goes as planned, the festivities are perfect, and your wedding dress is all that you’ve ever dreamed about. However, there’s something you should also consider, namely decorations. If you want something less traditional, you can opt for some exquisite wedding greenery. Wedding greenery garlands hanging over tables

Why choose wedding greenery?

Over the past few years, the popularity of wedding greenery has been increasing. Brides enjoy sporting green bouquets and decorate the festivity hall with green wreaths. The simple rustic style has returned among top trends, giving weddings a prettier and more intimate feeling. If you don’t like conforming to the standards, and want your guests to remember your wedding as being unique, go for wedding greenery. From aisle decorations, centerpieces, wreaths, to your own bouquet, you will definitely achieve the dramatic effect you are looking for. Also, there are other reasons to pick the wonderful wedding greenery. First of all, it’s a lot cheaper than arrangements made of fancy flowers. If you don’t want to go bankrupt after your wedding, greenery is your thing. They also allow you to be more creative. If you want to experiment, you can make all sorts of combination between greens and colorful flowers. In case you want a green-themed wedding, you can abandon the flowers and go all green.

What weeding greenery should you choose?

The great thing about these decorations is that the possibilities are endless. You can take those fillers you used to add among other flowers, and use them individually. These fillers can be anything from ferns, herbs, rosemary, eucalyptus, or basically any leaf that looks good. Many of these greens are available mostly all over the year, so getting them shouldn’t be difficult even for a winter wedding. In other words, you’ll always have where to choose from. You can build the decorations yourself, or ask an expert for help. In case you want to do it yourself, here are a few ideas on wedding greenery.

1.      All-green wedding bouquet

If you want to be a unique bride, try a unique wedding bouquet. Instead of opting for the classic colorful bouquet, you can use only greens to create it. Choose pretty leaves, herbs, and even green flowers to complete your most important wedding piece. By choosing an all-green bouquet, you will attract all the glances all the time, and people will keep admiring you. Also, it will make a beautiful contrast to your wedding dress.

2.      Wedding bouquet with plenty of greenery and flowers

If you’re not brave enough to go all green on the bouquet, you can still keep the traditional flowers in. Usually, wedding bouquets used to have some greenery in them anyway. However, this was overshadowed by the resplendent flowers in all sorts of bright colors. You can shift these roles, and add more greenery to your bouquet. You can combine different plants, such as ferns, herbs, and delicate leaves, and add several flowers among them for a small splash of color. However, don’t choose something too flashy. White flowers will look the best when combined with a lot of green. However, you can keep the rustic look and add some flower in faded colors. Then, you should choose how the bouquet should look like. It can either be something simple, or you can pick up flowing green branches with a great visual impact. Bridal bouquet with pink roses and green leaves

3.      Green wedding arch

One of the most important decorations at your wedding will be the arch in front of which you’ll tell your vows. This has to be memorable, so you should make sure you choose a unique design for it. One option would be to stay traditional and choose something more typical of a wedding. Cover the arch with white drapes or white garlands make of silk. Then, you can use wedding greenery to tie of these drapes. Also, you can outline the line of the drapes with the same green wreaths. If you want something more luxurious, you can choose hanging green threads and place them all over the arch. This will definitely give a dramatic effect to the entire arrangement. Also, you can choose the more rustic version. Replace the silk with linen, and cover only the top of the arch with a leafy arrangement. Or, to make the image complete, you can abandon the white material and cover the arch only with greenery. The arch can also be a bushy branch hanging above your heads.

4.      Leafy aisle

In front of your vow arch, there is the aisle which you shouldn’t forget about. If you have already settled on an arch design, you can take inspiration for the aisle as well. In fact, it’s better if you match the two to avoid conflicting images. Instead of decorating the aisle per se, it’s better to add wreaths and garlands to the chairs that border the aisle. Judging from the look of the arch, you can cover the entire chair leg with green leaves, or only tie up a green bundle to it. Also, if the arch has white drapes, you can add some white flowers on the chairs, or tie the greenery with white bows.

5.      Table decorations

The decorations shouldn’t be missing from your tables. They will complete the pretty look of the entire venue and will keep your guests charmed. You can create long wedding greenery wreaths and arrange them along the table, at its center. Among them, you can place several white flowers, or some pretty white candles to keep the atmosphere intimate. White goes perfectly with bushy greens, and it’s also wedding-themed, so you can get as creative as you like when combining these two colors. If you want to occupy less space on the table, you can create small bouquets. They will go well in crystal vases placed either at each end of the table or in front of every guest. If you want to be bohemian, you can place tree branches in these vases. These ideas go well with an outdoor venue, but they might give a natural air to an indoor location as well.

6.      Cake decorations

The cake is also an important part of the wedding. Again, green goes well with white, so you might choose a white frosting for the cake if you want to decorate it with leaves and stems. Choose a cake with at least three layers of different sizes, and a little green on each of these layers. Also, you can add a few small leaves and a white flower on the top layer, or use some delicate wreaths made only of tiny leaves. If you make everything more fun, you can even make these decorations edible, by adding sugar leaves and flowers.

Can I Use Jade Plants as Decorations for Wedding Greenery Ideas?

Jade plants are an excellent choice for wedding greenery ideas as they bring elegance and charm to any decor. With their vibrant green leaves and ability to grow jade plant easily, these plants can effortlessly enhance the ambiance of the wedding venue. Whether used as table centerpieces or as accents on the reception tables, jade plants add a natural and serene touch to the overall wedding decorations.

7.      Cover the entire venue in greens

If you’ve already decided on a green-themed wedding, then it’s time to decorate the entire venue in wedding greenery. Many ideas are more suitable for an outdoor location, but it doesn’t mean you cannot apply them for the indoors as well. Cover the walls with luxuriant garlands, and hang them anywhere near the tables. If the room has chandeliers, you could hang some leaves and wreaths on them too. You can achieve the best aesthetic effect if you find an outdoor venue with exquisite iron decorations. Iron and greens make a beautiful contrast. Also, both of them are versatile materials and allow you to manipulate them as you like. If you are lucky enough, you can even find a venue that is already covered in ivy or other hanging plants. Even a place full of trees should do the trick. Pink wedding flowers in vases on the table

How to build your own decorations

Wedding greenery is cheaper, more low-maintenance, and easier to make. If you want to keep everything DIY, you can even make your own decorations. All you need is plenty of leaves, greens, and some wire. Most wedding greenery has to stay hanged or attached to different places, and it’s easier to keep it in place if it has a frame of support. After covering this wire in leaves, you can shape it however you like. For instance, if you want to make crowns, or make sure they stay attached to chairs, wire is the best choice. Also, make sure you tie the greens thoroughly to the wire. You won’t like them to fall off right in the middle of your ceremony, or when your guests are having fun. You can use any method you find useful, but make sure the greenery won’t get destroyed easily.


Wedding greenery is one of the most nonconformist decorations you could think of. Instead of opting for all those flower-flooded centerpieces, arches, and walls, you can switch to leafy plants, herbs, or branches, and turn the most beautiful day in your life in a green-themed one. Such decorations are perfect if you don’t like the traditional flowers associated with weddings, and want something more intimate, rustic, and original. By choosing wedding greenery, the entire ceremony and festivity will acquire a fresh feeling, and you will feel much better as a bride. Image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4.
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