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12 Beautiful Wedding Flower Wall Ideas for the Perfect Backdrop

Every woman wants her wedding day to be the most beautiful moment she has ever lived. Therefore, it’s natural that she should pay attention to all the details, starting with the bride dress, venue, cake, to the flower decorations. The moment you say ‘I do’ should happen in the most idyllic setting ever conceived, so here are some wedding flower wall ideas where you can draw some inspiration from.

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Why Create a Wedding Flower Wall?

You most probably want your wedding to be the prettiest of all you’ve seen. To make sure everyone thinks the same, you should install a wedding flower wall as the central point of your wedding venue. The flowers you choose can symbolize purity and happiness and will create the perfect backdrop for the most important event in your life.

However, this is not the only reason why you should consider installing a wedding flower wall. It can serve a lot of purposes, and all you have to do is be a little creative. Of course, the flower wall can serve as the ideal backdrop for the moment when you exchange your vows. Also, it can serve as the most glamorous entrance to your ceremony and reception.

If you want to be less traditional, you can install the wedding flower wall as some sort of board for escort cards, or place it behind a dessert and food platter. For spectacular photos and selfies, you can install it right behind the photo booth, or move the bride and groom’s table in front of it after the ceremony. The good thing is you can place it wherever you want it to attract attention.

Here’s a great tutorial on how to make your own DIY wedding flower wall.

Wedding Flower Wall Ideas

1.      Choose a Minimalist Design

If you’re not a big fan of classic flower walls you can see at any wedding, you can always choose something more minimalist and chic. Instead of creating a wall made entirely of flowers, several wreaths will also do the job perfectly.

Decorate a wooden wall with a simple wreath at the top, or arrange it into a circle. For a more powerful impact, keep a lot of greenery and add colorful flowers only here and there. In the center, you can also add your and your future husband’s monogram. The wood and blooms will create a beautiful contrast which will definitely leave your guests speechless.

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2.      Combine a Wall and an Archway

Most wedding flower decorations involve either walls or archways. If you can’t decide between the two, you can easily incorporate both of them. The decoration can evoke nature, as you can cover it in outdoor plants.

For the wall, you can choose hanging plants like ivy, and continue with the hanging curtain until you reach the archway. Here, you can add some flowing garlands full of blooms. This will offer the wedding flower wall more depth. For the effect to be complete, choose light-colored blooms for the archway, which will contrast with the dark leaves on the wall.

3.      Go for the Colorful and Artsy

If you want something unique, you can incorporate more color in your wedding flower wall. However, the color doesn’t have to come only for the flower. To amaze your guests, you can add this extra vividness through a painting.

You can either deliver some brushstrokes yourself or add an already popular painting, and hang it in your venue. Of course, it’s a wedding flower wall, so flowers should be present. Make sure you match them with the colors of the painting and tie them together with some blooms in nude colors. Also, don’t forget the greens. Include as many leaves and greenery and possible, both among the flowers and at the top of the painting as an individual garland.

4.      The Avant-Garde Flower Wall

The previous minimalist idea implies a wall with few flowers. You can go even more nonconformist than that and include some potted plants in your decoration. First of all, the wall doesn’t have to be disposable. You can easily decorate the wall of a room.

Secondly, you don’t have to cover it completely with flowers. Choose some pots and vases that you can hang directly on the wall here and there. To complete the avant-garde look, pick a geometric or minimalist design for the vases. Besides flowers, add some vines in the vases, which you can then attach to the wall with metallic hooks. Make sure these vines are also displayed geometrically.

5.      Go Big

If you want something big and resplendent, you can always choose something massive. This way, you’ll definitely leave your guests speechless, and have some majestic wedding photos. For this decoration, you need a wall measuring about 400 square feet, which you can fill with flowers.

For the dramatic effect, you can create an ombré effect, starting from a vivid pink, then add yellow flowers, and finish the decoration with white flowers. However, you will need a lot of resources for it. The wall is massive, so you might need over 10,000 flowers, but the effort is definitely worth it.

6.      Something Simple but Touching

If you’re not a big fan of complicated decorations, you can achieve the same effect with something simple and sophisticated. For this, you can also use a real wall, where you can hang several columns of flowers.

These columns are colorful and playful and are suitable for a simpler wedding. If you want something different, you can choose a different order of the flowers for each column. Also, don’t forget to sprinkle some greenery between them to keep the classic look. In case you place a table in front of this arrangement, don’t forget to match the table bouquet with the columns.

White roses in front of a white wall, wedding flower wall

7.      Evoke Purity Through an All-White Wedding Flower Wall

This decoration is perfect for a romantic bride. The wall must contain mostly white flowers, but you can add some pastel pink formations here and there. To evoke the purity of a bride, you can frame the flowers with a thin material resembling a veil.

However, to keep the attention focused on the flowers, you need an extra frame. Place some wooden branches around the blooms, and twist some green garlands around them. In the corners of the frame, add bouquets in the same pastel colors. This will give your wedding that beautiful fairytale vibe you have been looking for.

8.      Leave Your Guests Amazed

This decoration will definitely be the first thing your guests will remember. To create it, find a worn-out wall, or make one look as grey as possible. Then, attach a metal frame with a net design. This net will work as the hanging support for your flower garlands. For the effect to be complete, add a lot of bushy greenery, and flowers in striking colors. The rarer the flowers are, the better.

9.      Make the Wall Look as Natural as Possible

This wedding flower wall idea is perfect for outdoor ceremonies. It would be ideal to arrange it on a fence, but you can also improvise if need be. Then, make the wall look organic. Add as many bushes and leaves as possible, and distribute the flowers unevenly.

The formation doesn’t have to have a strict shape, so it will look more natural. However, make sure the flowers have relatively the same color tone. What you can also do is sprinkle some petals on the ground, in front of the wall.

10.  Try Paper Flowers

In case you want something different, or want all flower decorations to match the bride, you can go for paper flowers. This offers you more freedom, as you can shape these flowers as you like. You can create a large-scale formation of your bouquet, but make sure you don’t change the color tones too much.

The paper flowers can be bigger than regular flowers, but make sure you vary their sizes. This way, the whole ensemble will look more playful and pretty, while it will also look good.

11.  A Simple and Picturesque Decoration

If you want a simple and less luxurious wedding, this idea is perfect for you. Choose a tree branch and decorate it, and you will achieve a rustic but pretty look. Use vines and other leaves as the material to twist around the branch. Among them, place some flowers in striking colors.

Then, tie some strings to the branch, and attach pale blooms to it. Let these strings hang freely from the branch, and allow them to move whenever the wind blows. This is the most beautiful and natural scenery you can create on your wedding.

12.  Bring a Fairytale to Life

This wedding flower wall will look better with an archway painted in white or in a light color. At the top of the archway, add thick bushes of flowers with small leaves between them. Choose a color palette you prefer, and stick to it. For instance, you can go for pink or for purple. Do the same with the bottom of the archway, as well as with the floor under it.

Then, to connect the two strands of flowers, cover the arms of the archway in white lights. This way, the beautiful decoration will look like taken out of a fairytale with princesses.

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Here’s a great video

Summing Up

Make your wedding day unique by installing a beautiful wedding flower wall at your reception. Create unique decorations for your ceremony, and make sure the most special day in your life will have the perfect setting. Choose whatever makes you feel comfortable and suits your aesthetic pleasure, and give your guests something to remember.

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