11 Spring Flowers for Weddings and Beautiful Ways to Use Them

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Spring is the perfect season for a wedding, as nature comes back to life and all the beautiful flowers are back in bloom. Therefore, it’s the perfect moment to create breathtaking bouquets and flower arrangements and have a fairytale wedding. Here are the most beautiful spring flowers for weddings, and some tips on how to use them.

Pink-based bride bouquet with light pink flowers

What to Do with the Spring Flowers

Spring flowers for weddings are pretty versatile, and they require only a bit of creativity. The traditional way to use them is to put them in bouquets, but they can easily make for amazing table decorations, centerpieces, or can frame the aisle and arch and help you organize the wedding of your dreams.

If you want things to be prettier, you can match the flowers in your bouquet with those in your decoration. Also, you might not want everything to be that uniform, so you might choose to match only the colors. Since it’s your wedding, you can get as creative as you like, as long as you don’t mix them up too much.

The Most Popular Spring Flowers for Weddings

Here is a list of spring flowers you can choose from for your wedding, and some possible ideas and combinations to use them. If you have other suggestions, feel free to improvise. Weddings shouldn’t be about tradition or fitting in a trend, but about something you enjoy that makes you feel comfortable with your loved ones.

1.      Peonies

Peonies are probably the most popular spring flowers used for weddings and some of the most loved blooms of the season. They are easily recognizable by their impressive fluffy petals, which can give texture to any flower arrangement with splashes of red, white, and pink.

The great news about peonies is the fact that they have plenty of petals. This means you only need a few stems in an arrangement to make it look rich. The best places to incorporate these blooms are bouquets, which can work just fine without any other flower breeds.

If you want to combine it with roses, ranunculus, or other flowers in the same color palette, make sure you don’t make it look too full. Only a few peony blooms are enough to give density to a bouquet. This flower is also a great choice for wedding flower walls, especially if you want something spectacular.

White and pink peony bridal bouquet

2.      Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are delicate climbing flowers colored in a beautiful purple hue. They are perfect to add just a small splash of color in bouquets, or to sprinkle here and there on the tables and walls. Incorporate it in the bouquets among flowers of a pale color, and add plenty of greenery to complete the dramatic effect.

In case you want a color-themed festivity, sweet peas are the perfect spring flowers for weddings. You can either insert them among bright purple flowers and decorations or use them as an accent among paler lilac hues. Either way, the climbing aspect of the plant will create a chic image.

3.      Lilac


If you’re a romantic spirit, then lilac is a great choice. Lilac is the flower of innocence and is perfect to evoke a long-lost time. The history of this plant goes back to the Victorian era when it was a favorite blossom chosen by ladies to decorate salons.

All the tiny blossoms in lilac are quite bushy, making them perfect for a single bouquet. If you still want to add other flowers, make sure you only add a few more stems in white and pale lilac shades. You can achieve something delicate and romantic by tying the stems with a silk ribbon or pearl string.

However, the best place for lilac at a wedding is in the decorations. This flower would be great as a beautiful table centerpiece. You can also use its blooms to add texture to bigger flower walls, or to garlands around the archways.

4.      Hyacinth

Hyacinth is both a traditional spring bloom and an exquisite way for brides to experiment with colors. These flowers are also highly scented and are made up of multiple blooms on a thick stem. What is special about hyacinths are the hues they come in.

You can easily mix the flowers with other blooms in colors like white, pink, red, purple, or even yellow. The yellow ones are perfect for a spring feeling, and also more versatile. Given the nature of the color, you can combine them with almost anything. However, hyacinths sport one more shade that you don’t see very often.

This color is a pretty light blue that resembles neither purple nor pink. If you want a blue-themed wedding and are looking for a spring flower to add to your bouquet and decorations, then the hyacinth is for you.

Wedding bouquet made of lightly colored spring flowers

5.      Poppies

This bloom is the most rustic variety among all the spring flowers for weddings. Poppies are the perfect choice if you are celebrating the best day of your life in the great outdoors, on a sunny spring day. You can combine this flower with a simple, country-style wedding dress with no veils or luxuries. Then, opt for an all-poppy bouquet.

If you still want more flowers in the bouquet, make sure you follow the color palette. The bright red of the poppies and their black interior will give you all the visual impact you need. For the rest of your decorations, it’s a good idea to stay rustic as well. Combine the poppies with a lot of greenery, and don’t go too elaborate. If you are looking for more color options, you can also check out these Iceland poppy seeds (Papaver nudicale).

6.      Wisteria

Wisteria is perfect for spring flowers for weddings if you want to achieve a cascading effect on your bouquet and decorations. This flower stands ours for its delicacy, its pale lilac or white flowers, and its faint fragrance. You can combine wisteria with a majority of flowers, and create resplendent decorations with plenty of hanging greenery.

Given its aspect, wisteria can work as an individual decoration as well. You can place small wisteria bouquets on the wedding tables in small and delicate vases. This flower can become the theme bloom of your wedding, and you can match its color with other decorations.

7.      Ranunculus

This beautiful flower looks like a combination between a peony and a rose and can bring a great impact to your bouquet. You can combine it with most anything as long as you don’t add too many blooms. Ranunculus stands out among other flowers, so it’s good to use it as the central element in your decorations.

8.      Tulips

Tulips are the ultimate spring flowers you can use for weddings. They are perfect for a simple celebration and can revive any bland spot. The best thing about tulips is the fact that they come in many colors. If you want a colorful setting, you can opt a certain hue for your bouquets, and insert plenty of other colors in the other decorations.

9.      Lilies

These flowers are the symbol of purity and are perfect for any wedding full of traditional symbols. If you want to adopt the image of the pure bride with a white dress, wear a bouquet of white lilies tied with a thin silk ribbon. You can still maintain the purity atmosphere and add a splash of color as well with a bouquet made of colorful lilies, or give such bouquets to your bridesmaids.

Given their symbolism, lilies can be inserted in almost any kind of wedding decoration. They shouldn’t only surround the bride, but can also sit on the tables, frame the aisle and the archway, and even built a beautiful and shy flower wall.

Bride holding a lily bouquet

10.  Hydrangea

Hydrangea is another popular spring flower that can find its place in a wedding. The blooms come in various colors, both light and bright. They can look stunningly as a centerpiece or as table decorations in pretty and modern vases. Hydrangea is made of multiple thick blooms on a sturdy stem, so you can even use one or two of these stems as your standalone bouquet.

11.  Magnolia

In the end, we suggest an innovative idea of a bridal bouquet made of one single magnolia flower. The bloom is wide and elegant and can produce the best aesthetic effect if you carry it around as a bouquet. To make sure the effect is complete, choose a flower with a big open bloom colored in pink or any other bright color.


Spring flowers for weddings will turn the celebration of your dream day into something worth remembering. All these pretty blooms come in all sorts of hues and colors and can turn any space into something magical. Carrying around a bouquet of spring flowers or decorating the venue with them will give that delicate touch to your wedding you have been trying to achieve.

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