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8 Spring Wedding Ideas for a Colorful Outdoor Event

Spring is one of the loveliest seasons for a wedding, especially for people who love the outdoors. The weather is simply perfect, the flowers are in bloom, the colors are exquisite, and everyone seems to be in a good mood. If you’ve always dreamed of a spring wedding, now’s your chance to plan one. Because we know how much work goes into planning a picture-perfect wedding, we want to help as much as possible. Here are 8 spring wedding ideas that will turn your special day into a colorful and magical event.

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8 Spring Wedding Ideas You’re Going to Love

1. Rose Decorations

Nothing screams spring wedding ideas like roses. It would be a pity not to take advantage of the countless rose varieties that are in full bloom this season and use them as wedding decorations. The great thing about roses is that you can use them for many things, from spring wedding centerpieces, to the bride’s bouquet, to the wedding favors, and so on. Today, we have an idea that you’re going to adore if you’re the romantic type. How about combining tiny roses with something even more delicate, teacups?

teacup filled with roses, spring wedding ideas

You can use an elegant teacup set with matching plates and make sure its color and print complement the roses you want to use. Then, you can place the arrangements on the table in front of your guests. They’ll definitely enjoy both their aesthetic and their fragrance. We especially enjoy how in the image above, the roses in the teacup are almost an exact match to the roses on the teacup. For this idea, we recommend the Gracie China Rose Chintz Porcelain Tea Cup Set that you can buy here.

2. Ceremony Arch

If you’re going to have your wedding outdoors, that doesn’t mean you can’t get married under a traditional ceremony arch. It only means the arch is going to reflect the season even better than it ever could indoors. If you can find a structure that can serve as an arch, then you’re definitely lucky. This means all that’s left for you to do is decorate it. Use a variety of colorful flowers, a lot of greenery, ribbons, curtains, and whatever else you feel like adding. If you have to build the arch from scratch, that means you’ll make more of an effort. Still, you’ll also be able to design it as you wish.

wedding arch adorned with flowers, spring wedding ideas

Regardless of the situation, there’s no denying that an outdoor seasonal arch under which you get to say your vows and marry your loved one is a great way to make sure your marriage is off to a great start. If there’s grass under the arch and you’re worried it might damage or stain your shoes and clothes, we advise placing a large flat rock right under it to stand on during the ceremony.

3. Floral Cake

As you might’ve already been able to tell, flowers are the main component of many spring weddings ideas. Which is why you should feel free to add them wherever you want, even if it might seem less conventional. For instance, we recommend ordering (or making) a wedding cake that includes lovely ornamental blooms, as well as other elements that scream spring.

cake decorated with flowers and macarons, spring wedding ideas

Doesn’t this cake look amazing? The flowers are just enough to make it stand out, but not that many so as to turn it from an edible item into a non-edible one. Plus, the lovely pastel colors complement the entire ensemble. For a delicious extra touch, add some strawberries and pink macarons at the top, and you’re good to go. What we love most about the cake in the image above is its overall romantic and natural look. As you can see, its intentionally rough finish, coupled with the delicate wildflowers and the even more delicate macarons have created an end result worthy of an unconventional spring wedding.

4. Ice Cream Cart

Yes, you heard that right, we just suggested you bring an ice cream cart to your wedding. Think about it, how many people can say they’ve gone to a wedding where they could enjoy delicious and unlimited ice cream from an actual ice cream cart? Not that many. This idea is perfect for the reception, and it ensures your guests will never run out of sweet treats. Not many things say spring quite like ice cream does, and you should definitely take advantage of that.

blue ice cream cart, spring wedding ideas

The ice cream cart shouldn’t only be functional, but also beautiful which is why we advise you to decorate it as you would one of the tables at the reception. For instance, the colorful and fun cart above is a decorative piece in itself. If you can get your hands on a bicycle-pulled cart, don’t hesitate to do it. If you want to make it even more special, you can add a flower basket to the bicycle and spruce it up a bit. In terms of spring wedding ideas, this one is definitely unique.

5. Petal-Covered Aisle

Are you surprised that this next idea involves flowers? This time, the flowers aren’t on a cake or part of the centerpieces, but they decorate the aisle instead. Any romantic spring outdoor wedding could benefit from a petal-covered aisle. According to whether or not the aisle is covered in grass, you can choose a petal color that you find appropriate and sprinkle some petals all around. You don’t have to cover the area entirely. In fact, the effect is prettier when you sprinkle just a few petals. This allows for the grass underneath to peek out.

aisle covered in white petals, spring wedding ideas

Even though white petals aren’t a must, you can’t deny they look great sprinkled across the aisle in a random fashion. What could be more romantic than walking towards the aisle surrounded by your friends and family and stepping on flowers petals as you’re about to say your vows and get married?

6. Program Fans

If you’re going to have a spring wedding, you’re most likely going to have to come up with ways of beating the heat. While the heat is not as intense as in the summer, you want your guests to be as comfortable as possible. This means being ready for anything that might get in the way of them having a great time. Some awesome spring wedding ideas to beat the heat are program fans. They’re exactly what their name suggests; they are fans that you provide your guests with and that also include the wedding program.

someone holding a wedding program, spring wedding ideas

The fact that we’re talking about some simple fans doesn’t mean you can’t make them look nice. For instance, we love the shape of the one in the image above, as well as the writing and colorful drawings of flowers on it. Writing your names on the front of the fan, surrounded by some decorative drawings, and including the wedding program on its back is one of the best ways to go about this idea.

7. Ribbon Chair Decorations

If you’re looking for some spring wedding ideas that don’t involve flowers, then you’re going to like this one. Ribbons can be as elegant as flowers, especially satin ones in pastel colors. Of course, this is just a suggestion. Feel free to adapt it according to the theme and overall look of the spring wedding you have in mind. As long as you make sure the ribbons complement the rest of the decorations, you’re going to give the guest chairs a truly interesting and beautiful touch.

chairs decorated with ribbons, spring wedding ideas

As you can see in the image above, the wide satin ribbons are tied to the back of the chairs, more precisely the chairs in the back row. You can use flower arrangements to complement the look of the ribbons, or simply allow the ribbons to shine by themselves. Here‘s where you can find a set of pastel ribbons made of satin.

8. Spring Bridesmaids

Now that we’ve talked about spring wedding centerpieces, ceremony arches, cakes, chair decorations, and so on, it’s time to provide you with a spring wedding idea related to the people you want next to you when you get married. That’s right, we’re going to talk bridesmaids. Since you’re doing a spring wedding, it would be a pity for that not to reflect in the bridesmaids’ attire as well.

bride posing with her bridesmaids, spring wedding ideas

For example, you can ask them to wear dresses in various shades of pink that will complement your wedding dress. Moreover, you can suggest they wear floral crowns made of a lot of greenery and some nicely scented flowers such as lavender. This combination will enhance the idea of a spring wedding and will make for some truly amazing wedding pictures. If you’re all about coordination, we advise you to consider bridesmaid bouquets that match the crowns.

Everything Summed Up

If you’ve always wanted a spring wedding, you’re in luck. There are a lot of cool and colorful spring wedding ideas out there, and you’re bound to find your favorites in no time. We hope the 8 spring wedding ideas we provided you with today have inspired you to use your creativity and imagination and come up with unique ways of organizing your wedding. Remember that there’s a reason why spring weddings are so popular, and that’s because you have a lot of options in what concerns locations, decorations, invitations, and so on.

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