Top 10 Best Camping Hammocks Reviewed: Choosing the Right One

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A hammock can make your camping adventure enjoyable and comfortable. If you’ve never been in a hammock, you are in for a real treat. The feel of weightlessness and the swing factor is a feeling that is hard to describe without just trying it out for yourself. Or maybe you have been in a hammock many years ago when you were a child.

For me the thought of a hammock brings back memories of camping with my parents and siblings in the Allegheny Forests of Pennsylvania. Nothing truly compares to hang time in a hammock in the great outdoors. It’s an experience that you will never forget.

After Lots of Hard Work… Here Are the Best Camping Hammocks

In the chart below, you will find our top 10 rated double camping hammocks. For a more in-depth review of each model, please click on “Read Review.

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JoshNAh Lightweight Double Camping Hammock

4.3 out of 5

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The HangEasy Portable Camping Hammock

4.3 out of 5

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UniGear Hammock

4.3 out of 5

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Bear Butt Hammock

4.5 out of 5

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Chillax Hammock

4.5 out of 5

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Gold Armour Hammock

4.5 out of 5

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MerryLax Hammock

4.5 out of 5

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RICHKA Double Camping Hammock

4.5 out of 5

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That Good Hammock

4.5 out of 5

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Eno DoubleNest Hammock

5 out of 5

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Top 10 Best Camping Hammocks

  1.  Eno Doublenest Hammock
  2.  Bear Butt Hammock
  3.  Chillax Hammock
  4.  That Good Hammock
  5.  RICHKA Double Camping Hammock
  6.  Gold Armour Hammock
  7.  MerryLax Hammock
  8.  UniGear Hammock
  9.  The HangEasy Portable Camping Hammock 
  10. JoshNah Lightweight Double Camping Hammock

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How to Choose a Camping Hammock

Over the last couple of decades the hammock industry has made great advances in hammock construction. That’s some of what I’ll be covering here. I hope that this review helps you make your first or your next hammock purchase a bit easier. Not one hammock may be right for every person. You will want think about your needs and your resources (how much money you want to spend) and some other facts like the weight load of who will be using the hammock. Let’s dive right into some hammock basics so that you will be on your way to picking out the best camping hammock for you.

Types of Hammocks

There are several different types of hammocks. The main styles, or types are the brazilian, rope, fabric (poolside type), chair swing, or the camping hammock. The main difference in these types of hammocks is going to be if the hammock stays spread out open or cocoons around you. I will just look at one type of hammock in this review. As the review headlines suggests, I’ll be reviewing the camping hammock, along with what I found to be the best ones out there on the market today. The camping hammock will cocoon around you. You can also sit up in this type of hammock without the cocoon effect.

A positive quality about the camping hammock is that it’s going to pack up tight and small. A camping hammock makes a great travel hammock. It’s also going to be lightweight, which is a huge factor if you are packing in your camping supplies. Believe me, every ounce really does start adding up over miles of caring equipment for the hiker. Packing in a big brazilian hammock with the spreader bar is going to be pretty bulky and heavy. That’s why most campers, especially campers who want to pack lightweight go with camping hammocks. So let’s just dive right into the fundamentals of the camping hammock.

Camping Hammocks 101

When buying a camping hammock, you are going to want to think about what type of camping you will be doing. Are you an ultralight backpacker? If so, you will want to look at the absolute lightest and tightest packed up hammock out there. Otherwise your hammock will take up most of the space in your pack. The nice thing about camping hammocks is that they don’t require poles so they take up considerable less space than tents. Are you just looking for a weekend hammock to take RV-ing? The camping hammock is a good choice for weekend trips too. Many like myself, like camping hammocks for backyard use also in addition to day trips. Camping hammocks are extremely easy to set up and take down. They also are very comfortable.

Things to Consider When Buying a Camping Hammock

When purchasing a camping hammock, you get to decide what factors are your greatest needs. I’ve put together some things you may want to consider. Some things to keep in mind are going to be price, comfort, ease of set up, color preferences, weight load capacity, weight of hammock, warranty, and durability. These are going to be your main things to consider, though you may come up with more as you learn more about what will meet your needs the best.

Cotton or Nylon Hammock Material

When choosing a hammock you will want to decide what kind of material you’d like your hammock to be made from. Most camping hammocks are made from the type of nylon that parachutes are made from. This is the type of material used in the 10 hammocks I reviewed here. There are several benefits that nylon has over cotton. Nylon is going to be very, very strong. You will find in this review that some hammocks listed here have a weight load capacity of 800 pounds and up. Nylon also is going to be quicker to dry than cotton if it gets wet.

Hammock Size

Your hammock size need is going to depend on how many will be using your hammock at one time, or how big the main occupant is. If you are going to want more than one person to use your hammock at once, then you will definitely want to buy a double hammock. A double hammock will have more room, and also be able to support a greater weight load. Or if you have guests that may be larger and using this hammock, you won’t have to cringe at the weight load if you go ahead and buy a sturdy double hammock.

Noteworthy, is that many average size or even small size individuals who will be mainly using the hammock alone also like a big double because of the roominess. I’m 118 pounds and 5’7” tall and chose a double.  I like the extra room that a double has to move around. This also gives me the option for my daughter to climb on board and also a dog or two.  Dogs are not recommended, though a whole lot of people have been posting themselves with their dogs in their nylon camping hammocks in the reviews. You will want to watch that pet toenails don’t puncture a hole in your hammock if you plan on lounging with your dog.

All the hammocks covered in this review are double hammocks. Keep in mind that if you will be sleeping in this hammock and plan on sleeping two at a time, you really may want to reconsider and buying two hammocks. After laying down together for very long, you may notice it’s not so comfortable anymore. The nature of the camping hammock and the cocoon effect means that you will be sleeping very close at all times. Most people that choose a double liked the roominess and that two people could comfortably sit up together in it not necessarily sleep all night in it. 

Maximum Weight Capacity

The maximum weight capacity may or may not be a big factor in your hammock choice purchase. If you are a large person, make sure that the maximum weight capacity will hold you. If you plan on 2 or more people using your hammock at one time, make sure that you buy one with the correct weight capacity. It’s best to over estimate the weight load just to be safe.

The great thing is that camping hammocks in general can hold a whole lot of weight. The average weight in this review is around 600 pound weight capacity. Some recommend just 400 pounds while other hammocks go up to 1,000 pounds. That’s the poundage of my horse! So these are some strong hammocks.

Suspension System

The suspension system is what will be holding you off the ground while you lounge. The good news is that all 10 hammocks that I reviewed here have strong suspension systems. If you hang your hammock according to the directions and on a sturdy enough tree or post, you won’t have to worry about falling.

When looking at reviews and comparing the prices make sure that you look at what is included. I wrote up on each review what is included. Some hammocks include the whole suspension system while others make you buy the straps and carabiners separately. So this is definitely something to consider when looking at the price. Make sure you know what you are getting and if you have to buy the suspension system separately. But no worries on guessing which hammocks includes what. I outlined it all out for you in the reviews of the individual hammocks.

Hammock Insulation

Some hammocks are made to insulate against cold weather and some are not. The 10 camping hammocks that I reviewed here are not made to insulate you from the cold. They are not survival hammocks. The parachute material hammocks just don’t have the thermal capacity compared to hammocks specifically designed for cold weather hanging.

The good news is that you can use these camping hammocks here comfortably in cold weather.  First put down a camping mat in your hammock and also use a thermal sleeping bag and you’ll be all set. 

A nice thing about the parachute material type of camping hammocks is that on hot days, they are perfect because they allow the breezes to flow right through them. The parachute material hammocks such as the ones I reviewed here in my top ten, will not collect sweat.

Hammock Accessories

You can purchase additional accessories if you wish such as mosquito nets. Or maybe you’d like to purchase a hammock stand if finding trees is a problem. Though a stand may not work too well to pack in on a trip, it might work great for your backyard. You also might want to purchase a rain tarp for when the going gets wet. In this review what I’ve included are just the basic hammock supplies. Some come with suspension systems including straps and carabiners and some you need to purchase separately.

Product Types 

There are several types of hammocks.  The main difference is going to be whether or not the hammock cocoons around you or lays flat.  The hammocks that lay flat such as the Brazilian hammocks are going to have a bar on each end of the hammock that keeps the hammock open.  The camping hammocks, which I’ve reviewed here in detail wrap around you like a cocoon. No bars are on the ends.  

Hammock with a Stand

These are the types of hammocks you typically see on a porch or sitting in someones backyard. There is a stationary metal stand that the hammock hangs from. This means that you can place the hammock anywhere you want and you don’t need to find a tree or post to hang it from. They are not very portable, but you can move them around your yard very easily. They are also usually much larger than smaller camping hammocks. 


  • Great for sunbathers 
  • Works well for bringing in lots of pillows and blankets
  • You can see out better


  • Not good for backpacking because you have to pack in the bulky bars.
  • Heavier for carrying
  • List Element

Double Parachute Camping Hammock

This type of hammock is a much more popular type because of the price and portability. They can fit into a small pouch and they are very light. These are perfect to take camping, hiking, or on any other type of trip. They do need a post or tree to hang from in order to work. 


  • Lightweight. Great to take back packing
  • Breathable
  • Quick and Easy to Set Up


  • Not good for cold weather camping when used without camping pad and thermal sleeping bag.
  • Won’t lay flat, if you like to sunbathe in your hammock
  • Sharp objects can tear it

Common Features of Camping Hammocks

The camping hammocks made from parachute material has some common features among the 10 hammocks that I’ve reviewed. 

  • All ten hammocks are relatively lightweight​​​​.
  • All ten hammocks can be set up quickly and easily. 
  • The material on each hammock is basically the same type of nylon parachute material.  

Best Double Camping Hammock

After carefully reviewing the top 10 double camping hammocks on the market, I’ve picked the Eno Double Nest Camping Hammock as my choice as the best double camping hammock on the market. 

  • Lightweight and compacts to the smallest size
  • Easiest hammock to set up
  • Durability and quality is second to none. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Double Camping Hammock 

Before buying a double wide camping hammock you want to make sure that you consider three things.  

Make Sure Hammock Is Easy to Set Up

If you buy a hammock that is difficult to set up or too heavy, then you won’t be able to use it. Make sure before you purchase a hammock that you can set it up yourself and use it yourself. 

Hammock Durability and Strength

If you buy a hammock that is cheap and made out of weak material you will end up buying a new one later. Make sure the the material of the hammock as well as the straps and hardware are strong enough for what you need. Great stitching can make a huge difference on the quality and durability of a hammock. 

Hammock Weight and Size

When you purchase a hammock you have to decide what you want to use it for first. If you want to be able to travel and camp with it then the camping hammock, or doublenest parachute style, is best for you. Make sure the one you buy is not too heavy for what you need. The packing size is also important. How big is the bag it comes with? Can it be packed into a small pouch or backpack? These are all things to consider before purchasing. 

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Hammock 

Think about why you want to buy a hammock in the first place.  Then ask yourself these questions:

1. What is the weight load capacity that I will need?

Hammocks come with different weight ratings. Make sure you check that out before you purchase, especially if you are going to use it with two people.

2. Do I have a color preference?

The great part about these camping hammocks is that they come in many different patterns and colors. You can almost always find one that fits your style.

3. Is this going to be light enough and fit into my pack?

Make sure, like we mentioned before, that the hammock can be packed down small enough to fit in whatever pack you use. Check the weight as well because some hammocks can be heavier than others. 

camping hammock review

Why a Double Camping Hammock Is Awesome

Whether using for ultralight camping or hanging from your apartment balcony, a double camping hammock is the way to go. 

 Very Small Hammock That Travels Well

It’s small enough to take anywhere with you.  Take it with you to college or on your next outing for some serious rest and relaxation time. Anywhere you can find two trees or posts you can now have a hammock. Keep it in your car or backpack for easy relaxation!

Cheap Way to Camp

A double camping hammock is an affordable way to stay dry and comfortable while camping as opposed to a tent. Some tents can cost hundreds of dollars, and then you still need to buy something to sleep in. If it isn’t going to be raining you can just take a hammock to keep you off the ground. You could even hang a tarp over it so you can still hang in the rain.

Relax and Help Your Back

Hammocks are great for your back and well being in general.  People report feeling relaxed and refreshed after some hang time.  The hammock will support you very well and allows you to feel like you are floating while you relax. Even if you don’t camp it is a great way to relax at home. 

Recommended Best Sellers

On SaleBestseller No. 1
SZHLUX Camping Hammock Double & Single Portable Hammocks with 2 Tree Straps and Attached Carry Bag,Great for Outdoor,Indoor,Beach,Camping,Light Grey / Sky Blue
  • Adjustable Tree-friendly Straps: Each strap 10 feet long with 18+1 loops,Makes setting up a breeze. so you can adjust it to the perfect height. No need to tie any knots and not damaging the trees.
  • 2 Person Hammock:Camping hammocks can easy supports up to 400lbs weight and its unfolded size is 106.3''L x 55.1''W,which can accommodate 2 adults Sit side by side or 4 children without being crowded.and it is very easy to fold and put away.Don't hesitate!get it.
  • Durable & Comfortable Hammock For camping essentials:Made of 210T parachute fabric material, has excellent antifraying, anti-tearing, dirty resistance. Easy to be cleaned and dry quickly after being wet. The super soft material will bring you the amazing experience when you relaxing in the portable hammock
On SaleBestseller No. 2
Durable Hammock 400 lb Capacity, Nylon Camping Hammock Chair - Double or Single Sizes w/Tree Straps and Attached Carry Bag - Portable for Travel/Backpacking/Beach/Backyard (Medium, Blue & Light Blue)
1,550 Reviews
Durable Hammock 400 lb Capacity, Nylon Camping Hammock Chair - Double or Single Sizes w/Tree Straps and Attached Carry Bag - Portable for Travel/Backpacking/Beach/Backyard (Medium, Blue & Light Blue)
  • COMFY HAMMOCK - Sit back and relax by the campfire, enjoy a cozy camping chat, or use this tree hammock as a lightweight alternative to a sleeping tent, gazing up at the stars through the night.
  • DOUBLE OR SINGLE SIZES - The single hammock supports a weight of 400 lbs, while the double is made to hold two persons and supports a combined weight of up to 500 lbs. without being dragged to the ground.
  • COMPACT FOR TRAVEL -The backpacking hammock is specially designed to be compact and lightweight, folding up into an attached carrying pouch that doubles as a cellphone or drink-bottle pocket when the hammock is out.
Bestseller No. 3
Camping Hammock, Portable Hammocks with Mosquito Net,Lightweight Nylon Parachute Hammock with 10ft Tree Straps,Camping Gear Must Haves for Travel Hiking Backpacking Beach Patio-Green&Khaki
61 Reviews
Camping Hammock, Portable Hammocks with Mosquito Net,Lightweight Nylon Parachute Hammock with 10ft Tree Straps,Camping Gear Must Haves for Travel Hiking Backpacking Beach Patio-Green&Khaki
  • Ultimate Comfort: Experience the epitome of relaxation with our Double Hammock with Mosquito Net. Made with premium materials, it cradles you and your partner in luxurious comfort, allowing you to unwind and escape from the stresses of daily life
  • Easy Set-Up and Portability: Our hammock is designed for hassle-free installation. With sturdy straps and carabiners, you can quickly and securely hang it between trees or posts. Plus, it folds down into a compact size and comes with a convenient carry bag, making it effortless to take it on all your outdoor adventures
  • Maximum Protection: Say goodbye to pesky bugs and insects ruining your outdoor tranquility. Our hammock features a built-in mosquito net constructed from fine mesh, keeping you and your loved one safe from bites and irritation. Enjoy the great outdoors without the annoyance of buzzing insects

Common Questions

Here are some articles that answer the most popular questions about hammocks and hammock accessories. 


I’ve covered the reasons to try a camping hammock and also what features to look for.  I’ve rated my pick of the top ten hammocks on  the market. So what are you waiting for?  Let us know if you try any of these hammocks and which one you think is your favorite? 

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