Chillax Hammock Review: What the Experts Think

chillax hammock

Like many of the hammocks we have reviewed, this is one of our favorites. Hammocks make it easy to relax and enjoy the outdoors. This camping hammock allows you to do that almost anywhere.

We decided to review our favorites to help you, the reader, find out which one is the best for your needs. Our review covers our opinion as well as what other people online have concluded, so we have done the heavy lifting for you!

Best Features

  • check Price of the hammock
  • check Everything is included to hang
  • check Fast set up
  • check Hammock stuff sack included
  • 395 pound weight capacity

Product Specifics

The Chillax Travel Hammock with Integrated Suspension is a double hammock. It can seat 1 to 2 people with a 395 pound weight capacity.

The material is made form 100% ultralight parachute silk. The silk is a nylon trilobal which is a top quality fabric that is ultralight, strong, breathable and fast drying. It is also machine washable. The hammock weighs 1 pound, 8 ounces. It measures 78.7 by 118 inches. 

This Chillax Hammock has an integrated easy to adjust suspension. This feature allows for height adjustment and easy access and de-mounting of your hammock. 

Included in your hammock purchase is two weatherproof polyester ropes and two patented weatherproof smart hooks made of fiber glass. The hooks are made from reinforced polyamide. They allow you to hang your hammock and also adjust the rope length very quickly. With the hooks, you never have to tie a knot. 

The bed width of this Chillax Travel Hammock is 6 feet, 7 inches with a length of 9 feet, 2 inches. It’s definitely roomy enough for two adults or just 1 very large adult. 

The hammock comes with a bag or “stuff sack” sewn right onto the hammock. This way you will never have to go searching around while wondering where you put that lost bag. This is a big plus. A cool feature about the stuff sack is that while you are hanging out in your hammock, you can use the sack as a pocket for your cell phone, keys and even to hold a drink. 

If you can’t find any trees to hang your hammock, you can detach the suspension loops (also known as hammock handles) and use the hammock as a soft and silky beach blanket. 

Hammock Care

This hammock is easy to care for because it can be thrown right in your washing machine. Make sure to put it on gentle cycle. For simple spot cleaning, just use a cool and wet wash cloth to clean small spots or stains. 

Pros and Cons:

Pro: The price of the Chillax Travel Hammock is low in compared to similar hammocks. 

Con: The weight load capacity is not as high as several of the other double hammocks. Still at a 395 pound load capacity the Chillax Travel Hammock is going to fit two average to large size adults.

Pro:The shipping is quick. When you order, your hammock should ship out the next day. 

Con: There are only two colors to choose from. While this may not matter to people who are wanting a quality item and don’t care about the color, some customers do like a little more color options.

Pro:The material is very silky and smooth to the touch. This is a good quality for those that will be using the hammock in warm conditions. If you have skin exposed and next to the hammock, it should feel very smooth. 

Con: In cooler weather you will need a sleeping pad, thermal blanket or sleeping bag to sleep in. Because the material is made to breath, even the slightest cool breeze may leave you shivering. This isn’t necessarily a bad quality, because this same quality is what makes it a comfortably cool hammock to relax in, on hot days.

Pro: The material is breathable and water resistant. This is especially good on hot days. And if you are planning on drinking and eating in this hammock, it’s nice to know that minor spills won’t soak right in. Also, if you have messy kids that will be using the Chillax Travel Hammock, then water resistant is a big plus.

Con: Some people mentioned that the hammock cocoons around the person more than some like. This is based on individual taste, as some actually like the cocoon feeling. If you like a hammock to stay open, this may not be the choice for you.

Pro: The Chillax Travel Hammock sets up very fast. This is a plus when you are wanting to enjoy your time relaxing and not having to put in a lot of time to get to the relaxation stage.

Con: The bag that the hammock fits in is rather small. If it were just a bit bigger it would be easier and faster to get the hammock back into it’s compartment for storage. Some people said that they spent a great deal of time trying to get the hammock stuffed into the tiny bag.

Pro: This hammock is very roomy. One parent said that she easily sat in it with her 3 boys and still had room to spare. With 3 boys, and having it set up as a yard hammock, she said it has taken a lot of wear but is still going strong. This same parent said they liked to keep the ropes on the trees all summer and then just take the hammock down until it was going to be in use. They liked this feature.

Con: Two adults trying to lay down side by side may have a tough time in this hammock. But if you sit up together, you should be fine. It’s not impossible to lay down together, but to be realistic, it may be hard to sleep and be comfortable with two laying down as opposed to sitting with feet out.

Chillax Hammock


  • plus Easy set up
  • plus Price​
  • plus No need to buy extras


  • close Cocoons around the person
  • close Limited color choices
  • close Storage sack is very small

Chillax Travel Hammock Conclusion

For the price, I don’t see how you can go wrong purchasing this hammock.  Though it appears to not be as popular as some of the bigger name hammocks, the people who did purchase it give overwhelmingly positive reviews.  It’s easy to set up and everything that you need to hang this hammock is included.  This is not the case for all double hammocks.  Often you have to purchase the straps unless you want to tie your hammock. But Chillax Travel Hammock provides hooks and ropes, so nothing more is need. I recommend this hammock. 

Chillax Travel Hammock Rating 


Ease of Set Up

Weight Capacity



Final Score


Common Questions

Do you have some questions about the Chillax Travel Hammock?  Here are a few of the most popular questions. 

  • chevron-circle-right Is this hammock quick drying? How long after it rains will it be dry again?  This hammock dries very quickly.  A little sun, breeze and it’s dry.  Great product.  
  • chevron-circle-right ​Do the ropes damage the tree by digging into the trucks?  Not unless you plan on never taking it down.  If you take it down after use, the tree should be fine. 
  • chevron-circle-right Can you use the Chillax Travel Hammock indoors, or is it only for outdoors?   It is made to hang from a tree but people have used eye hooks and attached it to studs inside the house. 

Final Thoughts:​​​​​

While researching the Chillax Travel Hammock, I like to read as many reviews as possible. There just weren’t many reviews on this hammock as compared to other double hammocks. It appears to be not as popular as some of the bigger name brands of hammocks. But that doesn’t mean it’s not going to satisfy you. Most of the people who have purchased it said they would purchase another Chillax Travel Hammock and also buy some for their friends. Many liked the lower price the best in comparison to other double hammocks.

The price is a definite plus on this hammock. Also, it includes everything that you need to hang it between two trees. With some of the other hammock brands, you need to purchase straps separately, but with the Chillax Travel Hammock everything is included that you need to hang your hammock. 

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  1. we received the chillax beach blanket as a Christmas gift from our son,we camp a lot and cant wait to use this on the beach. love the blanket already and we will be using it a lot this summer on our trips. great quality and great features perfect for camping and beaching!!!!

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