Beautiful DIY Holiday Centerpiece Ideas to Try This Season

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The end of the year brings the busiest holiday months. November and December are filled with opportunities to fill your home with friends and family. Making your holiday celebrations extra special may seem like a lot of work. Not only do you have to plan and cook a fantastic meal, but you need to clean and decorate your house on top of it all. To help your holiday dinners really pop, try adding a DIY holiday centerpiece to the table. This article is full of inspiration to make your holiday table, one to remember.


While you may think that color is lacking in the fall and winter, you would be surprised.  Although these months are lacking the bright greens, purples and blues of spring and summer, they are still full of color. Try using a warmer color scheme that focuses on reds, oranges, yellows and even brown. Accent those colors with a sparkling gold for a truly stunning combination. These colors will easily bring the beauty of the changing seasons from the outdoors and into your table. As the leaves fall and the snow comes in, try incorporating the deep greens, reds and silvers of winter.

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This time of year you can find so many different textures in nature. Play around with texture to create a DIY holiday centerpiece that is fun and full of life. Remember, texture is most effective in monochromatic arrangements. Adding too much color to a textured centerpiece will make it too busy. One easy way to bring texture into your centerpiece is to incorporate different leaves. Mix and match leaves of different shapes and sizes for lots of variety. Placing contrasting textures into the same centerpiece creates interest. When planning how to add texture to your centerpiece try choosing one large focal texture, like a big sunflower or large pine cone. Next, add a second texture in to add contrast, such as smooth berries, or soft flowers. You can repeat your second texture throughout the centerpiece to help tie it all in.

Adding Light

Adding light to your DIY holiday centerpiece will keep the chill from outside away from your dinner table. You can bring light into your centerpiece with small string lights. Try adding them to clear jars, wrapping them around leaves, or simply laying them down over a table runner. String lights are sure to add whimsy and delight to your dinner table. If you prefer a more formal and traditional light, try placing candles on your table. You can use candles as an easy way to add an accent color to the table. Another idea is to gather candles of varying heights and place them together in small groups, then combine them with florals. However, if you plan on lighting the candles, consider using battery operated votives instead. This will not only protect your linens from dripping candle wax, but will prevent your guests from receiving accidental burns.

DIY Holiday Centerpiece with Vegetables

Fall is the time of bounty and harvest. There is no greater symbol of the fall than a cornucopia filled with fruits and vegetables. You can create your own cornucopia by filling a basket with squash, gourds, corn and nuts. You could use bigger vegetables, such as a pumpkin, as the center focal point of a centerpiece. Place it on a small pedestal, then surround it with leaves, lights, or flowers for an easy last minute DIY holiday centerpiece. Another easy play on vegetables is to spray paint vegetables, like dried ears of corn, in metallic spray paint. This will give your centerpieces a modern and elegant flare.

In Conclusion

Having guests over to your home during the holidays can be stressful and difficult. However, decorating for the perfect holiday dinner does not need to have that same stress. Creating your own DIY holiday centerpiece is a great way to bring a little extra love to your holiday hosting this season.

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