7 Tips to Make Raking Leaves a Whole Lot Easier

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You’ve probably noticed that the leaves are already starting to change colors which means that it almost time to start raking leaves. Raking leaves can be mundane job. It’s especially hard to get motivated to do it since the leaves will keep on falling. Believe it or not, but there is an easier way to rake leaves. You don’t need to work for hours bagging leaves and wake up the next morning with a backache. Here are 7 tips to make raking leaves a whole lot easier.

Rake with the Wind

This is the first tip because it’s probably the most important. It’s awfully hard to create a pile of leaves when the wind blows the leaves the wrong direction. Let the wind move some of the leaves for you. Create a pile where the wind naturally blows. This will save you so much time and effort.

Put Gloves On

Raking leaves can be hard on your hands. People that are used to physical labor usually don’t have a problem with blisters. However, people that don’t do physical labor and have sensitive hands will probably get painful blisters from the rake. Invest in some high quality gloves to save you from pain later on.

Mulch the Leaves

Mulch the leaves if you have a mulcher. This will save you a lot of time and effort. It will also make a good fertilizer for gardens and lawns. Put your mulch into your compost pile to help create a good fertilizer. raking leaves

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Use a Good Rake

You’d be surprised at what a difference a good rake can make. Get a rake that is meant for leaves that will gather a lot at a time. There’s probably a little rusty one in your shed that it might be time to say goodbye to. A good rake will shorten the project, and make it much easier.

Pack Down Piles

Kids love helping to rake leaves because they get to play in them. Your kids will love helping you with this step. So many more leaves can fit inside a bag when they’re packed down. Have your kids stomp down the leaves inside the garbage bag or dumpster. It’s a lot of fun to jump up and down stomping on all the leaves.

How Can I Use Crushed Rocks in My Leaf Raking Process?

When it comes to leaf raking, using crushed rocks can be beneficial. They provide stability to your leaf piles and help prevent them from blowing away. Incorporating tips for finding crushed rocks in your process, such as checking local garden centers or contacting landscaping companies, can ensure you have the necessary materials to make your leaf raking more efficient.

Use a Tarp

Using a tarp will save you some work. Instead of raking leaves into piles and then putting the piles into bags, use a tarp. Rake all your leaves onto a tarp then simply slide the tarp to where you need it to go. This could be to your compost pile or over to your dumpster. Just lift the whole tarp up and slide the leaves off into the dumpster or compost. You’ll save time and you won’t have to bend over all the time to put the leaves into bags.

Have Fun with It

Let your kids help you rake up the leaves. Have them jump in the piles and crunch them with their feet. It makes a project a lot easier when you’re having fun. Involve the entire family with raking leaves and have everyone work together. This will make the time go by much quicker.

Summing Up

Raking leaves isn’t always fun or easy, but there are lots of things that you can do to make it easier. Use one of these tips when you are raking up leaves this Fall and see if they help you. Chances are you’ll notice how quickly you got the job done. Or you’ll notice a difference in how you feel the next morning. This could save you from painful blisters and from a painful backache. Bring on the leaves!

Image Source: Pixabay

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