What to Do with Your Extra Fall Leaves

extra Fall leaves

Your yard is probably completely covered in fall leaves right now. Raking is usually the first thing that people do but sometimes there are so many leaves that you get tired of raking! The fall leaves keep falling and sometimes you just can’t keep up. So what do you do with all of your extra Fall leaves? Well, there are tons of things you can do! Here are just a couple of things to do with your extra fall leaves if you have an overabundance of them. 

What to Do with Your Extra Fall Leaves

Make Compost

Leaves are rich in carbon and make excellent compost for your plants. Combine grass clippings and your fall leaves to create a nutrient dense compost that will fertilize all your plants. This is a great way to use extra fall leaves because it also helps your other plants get some much-needed fertilization. 

Mow Over Them

If you’re tired of raking until your back hurts, consider just mowing over them. This will chop them up into little pieces so that they won’t sit all winter and kill your lawn. It’ll also add some nutrients back into your lawn. Some people would rather rake and that’s fine, but mowing the extra fall leaves might just give your back a much-deserved break. 

Make Mulch

Mulch is a great protector to plants that don’t like the cold. Extra fall leaves will keep plants warm until the weather starts to heat back up again. Root crops that are stored in the ground might benefit from having some more insulation. Cover up your plants and let them be toasty warm all winter long with a nice blanket of fallen leaves. Plants that don’t do well in the cold will really love having a barrier from it. Then when spring comes, they’ll come right back to life. 

extra Fall leaves, Fall leaves, what to do

Create a Weed Barrier

This is another useful way to use leaves as mulch. Not only will the leaves keep your plants warm, but it will also prevent weeds from growing. Since your extra leaves will be sitting on top of the soil, weeds will not be able to grow. Fall leaves don’t contain any weed seeds so they aren’t going to spread any weeds themselves either. It’s a win-win! It also prevents your soil from drying out because the leaves will keep the soil moist and blocked from the sun. 

Make Some Crafts

There is no shortage of leaf crafts you can make. Take a look on Pinterest and you’ll find hundreds of fun, fall crafts that you can make for home decor, or just to have fun with your kids. There’s silly crafts, decorative crafts, useful crafts and so much more. If you have a ton of extra fall leaves, why not try making a variety of different crafts? Your fall could be filled with making adorable leaf crafts. 

Have Some Fall Fun

Let your kids jump in some big piles of leaves! It’s always a fun fall activity when there are tons of extra fall leaves. Make big piles and let them fall, jump, and crunch. You might have leaves all over your yard but your kids will be having a blast. Let’s face it, watching them have fun is a lot of fun for parents too. 

extra Fall leaves, Fall leaves, what to do

Summing Up

Don’t get overwhelmed by all of your extra fall leaves. There are so many useful things that you can do with them. There are things that will benefit your yard or plants, and there are also things that will be fun to do by yourself or with your kids. Sure you can continue to rake and rake, but that might get old really quickly. Instead, try one of these things to do with your extra leaves and see how much better it is. 

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