7 Fun Rainy Day Games to Bring Sunshine Back into Your Day

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Just because it is raining outside doesn’t mean your family needs to be gloomy. Rainy days can still be fun days! You just have to get a little more creative with games. Here are 7 fun rainy day games to bring sunshine back into your day.

Treasure Hunt

Take your gold and silver jewelry and hide it around the house. Then make a map for your kids to follow so they can find the treasure. Make sure you don’t forget where you put all your jewelry so it doesn’t end up lost. Pretend you’re pirates looking for your treasure.

Make a Fort

Gather all the pillows and blankets you can find. Use your couches and chairs to create an awesome blanket fort! Read books, watch movies, or have a picnic inside your fort. Maybe your kids can make a set of rules for the fort and everyone must agree to follow them. Hang the rules outside the fort so everyone remembers.

Sumo Wrestling

Put pillows under your kids’ shirts to make a big, soft belly. Have them become sumo wrestlers and try to take each other down. Be sure to make rules so no one gets hurt. You can make a big circle of tape on the floor and have them try to push each other out of it with their bellies.

Make S’mores

Indoor s’mores can be just as good as outdoor s’mores. If you have a fireplace you can warm up by the fire and make s’mores at the same time. If you don’t have a fireplace, roasting marshmallows on your stovetop also works very well. S’mores are delicious and easy to make!

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Build a Marshmallow House

As long as you have marshmallows, you might as well make a house out of them. Use pretzel sticks to link the marshmallows together. Have a building competition where everyone can vote on their favorite house. Or there can be a judge that judges the creativity and look of the marshmallow houses.

Window Painting

Have your kids use window paint to create a beautiful scene on the windows for everyone to see. You could have them paint their favorite scene from a book, or have them make up a story. Window paintings will brighten up everybody’s day. If you buy actual window paint it comes off very easy so don’t be worried about the clean up. Your kids will have a blast doing something they don’t normally get to do.

Play in the Rain

This one seems silly, but you don’t have to only stay inside on rainy days. Have your kids play games outside in the rain! If it’s freezing cold outside, consider playing the indoor games. You don’t want your kids getting sick. But for those warm Summer rains, sometimes it’s fun to get wet. Jump in puddles, float homemade boats, and splash around. Rainy days don’t mean you have to be stuck inside!

Summing Up

Rainy days can be really fun. These activities will help your kids see how you can create something fun to do no matter what the weather looks like. Get creative with games and show your kids what fun is. So whether you’re playing inside or outside, use these 7 fun rainy day games to bring sunshine back into your day.

Image Source: Pixabay

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