7 Essential Winter Camping Gear Items That You Won’t Want to Forget

winter camping gear

Winter camping is becoming more and more popular. There are fewer crowds, some people prefer the cold instead of the heat, and you may just have the entire campground to yourself. However, Winter camping is a lot different than camping in the Summer. You are going to need some of the same camping gear items, but you will also need some items that are going to be just for Winter camping. Here are 7 essential Winter camping gear items that you won’t want to forget.

Essential Winter Camping Gear Items

Sun Protection

Sun protection can get overlooked in the winter because it is not typically warm and sunny. However, sun protection is very important in the winter too. Bright snow will reflect the sun and cause UV rays to bounce back. Sometimes you forget that you can get sunburned in the winter but it can be a brutal burn if you forget to put on sunscreen. Remember to put sun and wind protectant on your lips as well. It’s also helpful to use sunglasses too. White snow and the sun’s reflection can create a blinding shine. Protect your eyes by using sunglasses. 

Moisture Wicking Underwear

A moisture wicking underwear layer is very important in the winter. This is definitely an essential winter camping gear item. If you plan on hiking in the winter, you can work up a sweat underneath all the layers you have on. Sweat can lower your body temperature because it’ll make you damp and cause the dampness to freeze. A moisture wicking underwear layer will prevent your clothes from getting damp so that you can ultimately stay warmer. Because once you start sweating, it can be hard to dry your clothes out and get warm. 

Insulated Hat

A lot of heat comes off of your head. Prevent all this heat from escaping by getting a nice insulated hat. Try to have the hat also cover your ears so that they can stay toasty warm too. Windy weather can really make your ears cold and may even cause frostbite. If you don’t have a hat that covers your ears, see if you can get earmuffs. 

winter camping, gear, essential

Insulated Gloves or Mittens

Keeping your hands warm is really important too. Feet and hands are typically the first things that will get frostbite. Having insulated gloves or mittens will prevent frostbite from happening. Mittens have been said to keep hands warmer because it allows your fingers to be close together which means your body heat will warm up your fingers. Gloves separate the fingers and might mean that they don’t stay as warm, but it might be easier to use your fingers with gloves on. 

A Coat with More Than One Layer

Do not bring a coat with one layer to your winter camping trip. If the one layer isn’t warm enough, you’ll be stuck with it until you can get home. You might be freezing during your entire trip. Having more than one layer will allow you to take off or put on layers as needed. Take off the outer shell of your coat if you’re too hot. Or you can take out the liner. Put all the layers back on if you find yourself a little chilly. 

winter camping, gear, essential

Snow Shovel

A snow shovel can be very useful during Winter camping. You might find that you need a snow shovel to dig a fire pit. Or you might want to use a snow shovel to create a spot for your tent. You also might need a snow shovel if you are in an emergency, like needing to dig your car tires out of a snow bank. 

Insulated Boots

Don’t let your toes get cold! Insulated boots will prevent frostbite and help you have a much more comfortable camping trip. It’s very hard to have a good time when all your toes feel like they’re going to fall off. Just as important as having good boots is having your boots fit. Boots that don’t fit will cut off blood flow and make your feet feel even colder. 

winter camping, gear, essential

Summing Up

Having good winter camping gear is so important to have a good trip. These essential winter camping gear items will help you have the most fun and successful trip you can possibly have. It’s important to be prepared so that you will have adequate equipment for anything that comes your way. 

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