7 Beautiful Things to Make out of Pine Cones for Unique Home Decor

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Pine Cones can be used for so many different things. You can make bird feeders, potpourri, or toys. But pine cones can also be used to decorate your house. Pine cones can give a outdoorsy feel inside your house. Get creative with the things you make with pine cones and see how you can take the outdoors inside your home for unique home decor. Here are 7 beautiful things to make out of pine cones for unique home decor.

Rustic Centerpiece

Pine cones have been used at Winter weddings as centerpieces, but you can use them in your own home too. Combine the pine cones with berries, dried flowers, or candles to make a cozy and rustic centerpiece. This centerpiece will definitely catch some eyes.

things to make out of pine cones

Image Source: Pixabay

Faux Flowers

There are lots of ways you can do this project. You can spray paint the ends of pine cones and put them in your yard for permanent landscaping, or you can use them indoors. Use your faux flowers to decorate your house or even put into dark corners that need light. You can use flower string lights and create a lighted pine cone arrangement. Cut off the scales of the pine cone and glue them to the petals of the flower bulbs. This will make a unique, glowing centerpiece or room decor.

Frosted Winter Pine Cones

You can make the ends of a pine cone looked frosted by barely spray painting them with white spray paint. Use this as a Winter decoration around your house. It looks beautiful and it’s very seasonal. You can also add scent to them by adding essential oils. These frosted pine cones can also be a piece of a Winter themed potpourri bowl.

Pine Cone Wreath

Make a wreath to welcome your guests at your front door. It’s pretty common to make Autumn themed pine cone wreaths, but there’s a reason for that. Autumn themed pine cone wreaths are festive and fun! Paint some of the pine cones red, yellow, and orange and glue them into a wreath shape.

things to make out of pine cones

Image Source: Pixabay

Scented Wax Pine Cones

Dip your pine cone in melted candle wax for a fire starter or for sweet smelling home decor. You can put the pine cones by your fireplace so it will give off a great scent every time they get warm. Be careful not to have the pine cones too close to a fire, the wax could melt or catch on fire. You can also give these as gifts during the cold Winter season. Pair the scented wax pine cone with some hot cocoa and a cute mug for a unique Christmas gift.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree

This is not a quick craft, it takes some time and dedication to complete. Get a foam tree from a craft store and an extra large pine cone. Take all the scales off of the pine cone and glue them on the foam tree. It takes a long time but the end result is beautiful. You’ll have a Christmas tree completely made out of pine cones! These look great with Christmas decorations on a mantle.

Pine Cone Picture Frame

This project might also take some work. Get a cheap picture frame from a dollar store and deconstruct a large pine cone by taking off the scales. Glue the pine cone scales on the picture frame to create an outdoorsy frame that people will love.

Summing Up

Pine cones make beautiful home decor. There are a million and one things to make out of pine cones. You can find so many stunning things to make! The possibilities are endless and you can be creative and have fun trying new things. Try making one of these things out of pine cones for home decor that people won’t be able to stop talking about.

Image Source: Pixabay

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