Gardening Activities for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder

child wiht autism spectrum disorder in garden

Among so many other types of therapies for children with special needs, the healing garden has risen to prominence in the past few years. Incorporating a few hours out there into your kid’s schedule will work wonders. Here are all the benefits gardening has on children suffering from an autism spectrum disorder.

Benefits of Gardening for Autism Spectrum Disorder

First of all, any munchkin with special needs that gets to go outside and play garden will receive some much-needed autonomy. One of the things that usually happens to these kids is that they are always baby-sited almost to over-protection. Evidently, all the adults’ intentions for doing this are good, but the little ones need some independence as well.

Tip – a good thing here would be to read some books on this aspect if you are interested in learning more.

The first benefit of this autonomy is that the child will feel a lot more relieved. He will also enjoy a well-deserved break from his or her everyday routine. Apart from that, while they are performing gardening tasks, they will get to practice their social skills. They can also learn a lot about life’s responsibilities.

Then there’s the idea of tactile defensiveness, which many children with an autism spectrum disorder suffer from. Working the soil will reduce this fear they have of someone touching them. This will also happen if they keep their hands in it and on the plants and tools at all times. They might even let somebody else touch them for a change. That can happen if someone is helping them plant something or pulling out a weed.

While they learn the basics of horticulture, they can also learn other things, such as communication and trust. This concept relies on the fact that the children can learn these skills ‘in context.’ This means that, in a short while, you will see them express their feelings better and resonate with others.

If you decide to take up this one of a kind healing therapy for children with autism spectrum disorder, make sure you plan their activities strictly. That means they have to practice it once or twice a week, always at the same time. Do not break this pattern, as you will confuse them.

When gardening happens at home, you need to schedule it at a time when you have absolutely nothing else to do. Leave your phone inside the house and don’t let anyone disturb you. The great thing about this activity is that it will make you feel relieved and relaxed as well.

As you can see, gardening activities for kids with autism spectrum disorder benefit the entire family, not just the little one. In the end, they will help you feel more relaxed and in touch with one another. Not to mention getting in touch with nature.

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