Choosing and Booking a Botanical Garden Wedding

botanical garden wedding bride and groom at twilight

They asked and you said yes, so you will have the wedding you always dreamed about in a vibrant botanical garden. Now is the time for you to start planning for the most beautiful day of your life. However, in order for you not to turn into a total bridezilla while doing do, here is a short guide on how to choose and book the perfect botanical garden wedding venue.

The Flawless Botanical Garden Wedding Is Only a Few Tips Away:

1. Think About How Many Guests You’ll Have

First of all, when trying to choose one botanical garden for your wedding over another, you need to think about how many guests you will have. Depending on the number, you will be able to choose a lot easier the exact location of the ceremony.

2. Pick the Date

Then, you need to pick the date. This idea might sound redundant to you, but it’s not. And it isn’t the date in itself that matters so much as it is the season. Given the fact that you will have a botanical garden wedding, the vegetation will be abundant and luxurious. That might mean more plants than you planned for and definitely more insects.

For example, fall is the season is which most spiders mate and lay eggs as the foliage is falling and their webs become more apparent. Even though an autumn botanical garden wedding sounds magical, you do not want to be there when that happens.

3. Book and Visit the Botanical Garden

Next, you need to discuss the situation of the botanical garden of your choosing with its administrators. See if it is available during the time you had your mind on and book it. Once you have done this, make sure you visit it and pick a sport where the ceremony will happen. Along the way, you can use a romantic wedding planner to help keep you on top of everything.

To do this, you can also take your photographer along for the ride, as he or she will tell you if it’s a good place or not. For example, right under a century-old magnificent willow does sound amazing, but if there is no light under there and the camera man and your guests cannot see you, it’s no use.

4. Pick a Theme for the Wedding

Think about the style of the wedding and pick a theme. This step is crucial. The reason is that, should you want a themed wedding, the managers of the botanical garden might not let you have it in there. A themed botanical garden wedding that requires a lot of props and heavy decorations might endanger the flora.

5. Sign the Contract

The last thing you need to do is sign the contract. Make sure that all the clauses are in your favor and never forget to read the fine print! Once you’ve done it, sit back, relax, and imagine your perfect botanical garden wedding.

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