6 Best Smelling Flowers to Keep the Outside of Your House Smelling Great

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There are so many different kinds of flowers. There are big, small, colorful, or plain flowers. Unfortunately there are also flowers that don’t have the most pleasant smell. You wouldn’t want to plant flowers and find out later that they were making the outside of your house have a funky smell. This list will help you plant flowers that smell great and will make people love coming to your house. Here is a list of 6 best smelling flowers to keep the outside of your house smelling great.


Roses are a classic flower that smells amazing. They are beautiful and have a fantastic aroma. There are many perfumes and lotions that are made from roses because of the great smell. If you plant roses around your house, people are bound to smell them as they approach your front door. The breeze will blow and you’ll be able to smell the roses in the wind. Roses are a great choice if you want a flower that smells great.

Sweet Pea

Like roses, there are a lot of perfumes and lotions made to smell like sweet pea. The flowers can be pink or red, depending on what you want. They can also be a light lavender color. Sweet pea flowers are gorgeous and smell fabulous.


Jasmine has a relaxing and tranquil scent. You won’t be sorry if you decide to plant jasmine in your yard. The smell of jasmine will help people coming to your house to feel relaxed and at home. Jasmine produces a scent that will create a peaceful and calming atmosphere around your yard.

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Lily of the Valley

These sweet, white flowers may be small in size but not in scent. They produce a strong, but pleasant scent that will make you want to constantly be outside smelling them. Lilies of the valley are easy to grow and you won’t regret planting them.


Gardenias are big, white, intoxicating flowers. The scent of a gardenia can give off an aroma that can be smelled from all over the yard. The smell is so wonderful that you won’t want to close your door. You can keep your door open to invite the smell into your house.

Chocolate Cosmos

These flowers are dark red, or maroon. The flower is named for its scent that resembles chocolate. It has a rich, delicious scent that might entice you to try a piece. Don’t taste these flowers because they are poisonous.

Summing Up

If you want to try to make your house just a little more inviting, try planting some flowers that will smell good and make guests want to enjoy their scent. Any of these flowers would be a great choice to plant in your yard if you’re looking for something that would smell great. You could try all of these flowers, but be sure to space them out so the scent doesn’t overpower your yard. You could try something new every year. Or you can simply find your favorite scent and have that same flower inviting friends and family year after year. Whatever you decide, people will love coming to smell your amazing flowers.

Image Source: Pixabay

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