4 Great Ways to Get Rid of Dog Hair in Your Home

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Dogs are amazing. They’re a part of our family. Unfortunately those family members can leave behind buckets of hair wherever they go. Dog hair clings to clothes, furniture, and carpets. You might even have to sweep several times a day to keep the dog hair at bay. If you’re tired of living in hair, here are 6 great ways to get rid of dog hair in your home. 

Brush Them Often

Take your dog outside and brush them very thoroughly! Get as much loose hair as you can off of your dog while you’re outside. The more they’re brushed outside, the less they’ll shed inside. Plus you get to spend some quality time with your pet. There are lots of different dog brushes on the market. The ones that work best are specifically designed to reduce shedding and get as much hair off of your dog as possible. The FURminator is a highly recommended de-shedding brush. You won’t believe how much loose hair you get off your dog with this brush. You can almost make another dog from all the hair! 

Invest in Rugs

Place smaller rugs around the house that can be thrown in the wash. Put one by your door, in your living room, and maybe around where they eat. This way your carpets are a little more protected and you can just wash the rugs whenever they get dirty. Having one by the door also helps clean your dog’s paws so they aren’t running through the house with muddy feet. 

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Cover Your Furniture

If your dog loves lounging on your furniture, it’s probably completely covered in hair. Since dog hair is so clingy, it’s hard to get off! Vacuuming the furniture can help, but it won’t get all the hair off. You can even try lint rolling your furniture. Again, it’ll help but it won’t solve the problem. Get a couch cover to really protect your furniture. Whenever your dog gets up on the couch, it’ll be protected. Then when you have guests coming over you can put your couch cover in the wash and you’ll have a hairless couch.

Give Your Pet a Bath

Yes, this can be a hard one. A lot of dogs despise baths. But if you can bathe your dog even once every two weeks, you’ll reduce the amount of hair they shed. Baths remove all that extra hair lying on top of your dog’s coat. A ton of hair will come off when you bathe them. Plus your dog will look shinier and smell great. 

Summing Up

You don’t have to live with all that pet hair getting in your food and covering your furniture. There are things you can do to get rid of dog hair, other than sweeping 50 times a day. If you bathe your dog, cover your furniture, brush your dog, and get some rugs you’ll start to see less and less hair around the house. Then when you have family or friends coming over, you don’t need to wear out your vacuum. 

Image Source: Pixabay

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