3 Water Garden Plants That Are Easy to Care For

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Water gardens can attract anyone’s eyes. A water garden is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a garden that’s entirely in the water! This just means that you have plants that are capable of growing under water. Water garden plants are typically grown in a pot underwater and have tubers that go to the surface of the water to grow the plant. These plants must also protect against algae to create a cleaner pond. Luckily there are a lot of water garden plants that are low maintenance and keep your pond clean. Here are 3 water garden plants that are easy to care for and will make your pond look beautiful.

Water Lily

This is a classic water garden plant. When you picture a pond, this is probably floating on the top of it. Water lilies are beautiful and make any pond look better. They can range in color so you can create a look that you want in your pond. Water lilies don’t require a lot of care to stay alive. You do have to make sure that they stay away from rough waters. They are perfect for serene ponds, but not for swimming pools obviously. Keep water lilies away from waterfalls and splashing. Fertilize your water lilies starting in August, then every two months until February. You can get fertilizing tablets and push them deep into the soil underwater where the water lily is growing.

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Cattails are one of the easiest underwater plants. You don’t really have to do anything to make them grow. Once cattails start growing they continue growing. These plants are a good addition because they add a privacy and protection to your pond. Fish like to lay eggs or hang out in the cattail for protection. The problem with cattails is that they spread really quickly. Once you have some cattails, you’ll have a lot of cattails. Don’t worry, this is easy to fix! If you find cattails growing where you don’t want them to, cut the tops of them off when you see them emerge from the water. They’re also fairly easy to pull completely out by the roots.


Anacharis is a plant that grows easily in water that you don’t even need to plant. You can put weights at the bottom of the plants, have them sink, then they’ll start to grow on their own. Anacharis plants grow towards the sunlight, so they naturally grow towards the surface of the water. These plants also absorb a lot of nutrients, so it takes away nutrients that algae needs to grow. This will result in clearer water and less algae growth. Anacharis grows quickly so trim the top of them frequently. If the plant becomes overgrown it can prevent sunlight from getting to the other plants.

Summing Up

There are many water garden plants that don’t require a lot of your attention. If you have a pond and are looking for plants to make it more appealing, these plants would all be a great addition. Try using these plants to make your pond more appealing and attractive. Your pond will be cleaner, clearer, and more charming. Everyone will love coming over to see your stunning pond.

Image Source: Pixabay

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