5 Ways to Use Wicker Flower Pots in Your Garden

1 three shrubs in wicker flower pots

If you’re tired of the traditional plastic flower pots and are looking for a more original and interesting container to place your plants in, you’re going to like what we’ve prepared for you today. Wicker flower pots are some of the most charming and rustic types of flower pots that you can buy, not to mention some of the most resistant. You can use them both inside and outside, and they’re guaranteed to spruce up the look of your garden and/or home. Let’s have a look at 5 wicker flower pots and their best characteristics!

5 Wicker Flower Pots to Keep in Mind

1. Eco-Friendly Rustic Artistic Wicker Woven Flower Pot

One of the prettiest wicker flower pots that you could buy, this one has both an interesting color, and a nice shape and design. It’s quite small and delicate, which means that you can place it almost anywhere, without worrying that it will take up a lot of space. As such, it’s perfect for people who don’t have a lot of space to dedicate to flower pots. Whether you place it outside on the windowsill, or inside on your desk, it will definitely become a centerpiece that will draw everyone’s attention. Another great thing about it is the fact that you can also place artificial flowers in it. So if you don’t have the time to tend to real flowers just yet, you can always start by placing some plastic ones in this lovely flower pot.

plant in a wicker pot

We should also mention that this pot is handcrafted, which explains why the design looks so carefully knit, yet still manages to keep that rustic look that provides it with some extra charm. Moreover, it’s eco-friendly, 100 percent natural, and pollution-free as well. This ensures that you’ll be near a pot that contributes to the quality of your life. Even though the wicker looks extremely delicate, the pot is actually quite sturdy, so nothing will damage it easily. Plus, it comes with a plastic liner that ensures that the surface you place it on won’t get dirty. All in all, it can draw attention to itself without overshadowing the flowers that you decide to grow in it. In the end, this is everything you could possibly want in a wicker flower pot.

2. Pennington Wicker Planter Box Basket Pots

This is a set of two wicker flower pots that are perfect both for indoor and outdoor use. Although their exterior is made of wicker, they have a metal inner frame. The frame both protects the wicker and makes these wicker flower pots sturdier. This particular type of wicker is specially designed to stand all types of weather, including more extreme weather conditions. As such, these pots are the best choice for you if you know you live in a place where the weather can get quite harsh, and you want to place flowers outside in pots. They’re durable, low-maintenance, and generally high-quality. Plus, as in the case of the first pot we talked about, they also come with a clear plastic liner. This is subtle enough not to spoil the look of the wicker, yet resistant enough to protect your surfaces from any dirt.

two wicker flower pots with two plants in them

When it comes to design, these wicker flower pots have subtle shades or darker and lighter brown that alternate, providing them with a natural and effortless look. The color also ensures that they’ll go with almost anything. So no matter how you’ve decorated your garden or home, these pots won’t look out of place. Finally, they’re also quite tall. This makes them suitable for a large variety of flowers, including flowers that grow an extensive root system.

3. Kingwillow Wicker Woven Flower Pots

Another set of wicker flower pots, this time a 3-piece one, the Kingwillow wicker pots are a delight to look at. They’re handmade and they come in 3 different sizes. This means that whenever you want to plant different flower varieties in assorted pots, you can use these ones for the best results. One of the things we love most about them is the color of the wicker, which is a gorgeous light brown. We also love the fact that they’re not machine-made, which means that they won’t all be the exact same size. The wicker is high-quality and extremely sturdy, as one can easily noticeable when looking at the pots. Still, it manages to preserve an elegant and stylish look, both due to its color and its patina.

three wicker flower pots of different sizes

The material also ensures that the pots will be lightweight. This can be a great plus for people who want to move them around according to their liking and to the weather elements. Not even the largest pot is extremely large, so you can fit all of them in tight spaces as well. Even so, you get some variety with the three options, so that you can diversify your flower choices too. Due to the fact that they come with a plastic liner, you can simply place soil in them and then plant the flowers. However, you can also put another pot inside of them and keep the lining clean.

The last thing that we would like to mention is the fact that if for some reason, you’re not satisfied with the quality of the pots, or your pots arrive damaged, the seller will either replace them or give you your money back, according to your personal choice.

4. Lechuza Cubico Cottage Planter White Wicker

White wicker is definitely not something you see every day. Which is why we wanted to include this pot in our wicker flower pots guide. Not that this is the only reason why we chose it, because it isn’t. There are plenty of other things we can say about this pot, and we’re going to get into them in a moment. The first thing you should know about it is the fact that it has a very interesting cubic shape. This makes it look great placed outside, next to the corners of your house. That is not to say that you can’t place it somewhere else as well, because this pot is actually quite versatile.

white wicker flower pot with black plastic lining

The material is durable to frost and sun exposure. So you don’t have to worry about its quality decreasing the more you keep the pot outside. Plus, it also comes with a plastic liner that you can lift by using two extremely comfortable handles. Once you take it out, you have the liberty to plant your flowers in it without damaging the actual pot. The qualities of the Lechuza Cubico flower pot don’t stop here. We should also mention its self-watering system. This can help your plants get just the right amount of moisture with the help of inorganic granulate compounds. Moreover, its water-level indicator will tell you when you have to refill the reservoir.

5. Wicker Resin Planter Flower Pot Lattice

While this is not a flower pot made entirely of wicker, we still thought it’s worth mentioning here. That’s mainly because of the way it manages to combine wicker with a bronze finish. The pot is made of durable resin, which is also extremely lightweight. It’s dark brown and it has a bronze finish that makes it look like a vintage wicker planter. One thing that we must say about the material is that, unlike traditional clay pots, this one helps preserve moisture for a longer period of time. This means that you won’t have to water your plants as often, which can only be good news for you.

flower pot made of bronze and wicker

While it can also be used indoors, the best setting for this wicker flower pot is outdoors, where the sun can fully accentuate its beauty. What makes it so special is the wicker lattice that surrounds part of it. This is also what provides it with texture and dimension. In order to make things even easier for you, its makers also included a drain hole in the pot. You can simply drill it in order to provide the pot with good drainage.

Summing Everything Up

Flower pots are a great way to grow plants in situations when you can’t actually grow them outside in garden beds. Whether you don’t have enough room in your garden or backyard, or you want to have the possibility to move your plants around and store them away in case the weather gets too cold, flower pots are going to be a great option regardless. There are many types of flower pots out there, but we especially love wicker flower pots, not only because they make us think of a natural and rustic way to grow plants, but also because their material is resistant, lightweight, and beautiful.

We hope the 5 wicker flower pots we’ve presented you with today managed to prove how great of an option these types of pots are, and also to help you find your favorite one. If you’ve never owned wicker pots or wicker furniture before, we understand that the prospect of cleaning it can be scary. Still, cleaning wicker is not at all difficult or time-consuming. In fact, the video below tells you everything you need to know about this process.

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