The Garden Treasures Fire Pit Reviewed: Magical Outdoor Heating

garden treasures fire pit

So you’ve decided to buy a fire pit. And not just any old one, Garden Treasures Fire Pit, one of the best in the business. If so, we’re here to help. This article has all the information you need to know about the fire pit of your choice, as well as an extensive review.

garden treasuses fire pit

The use of fire pits is common in many homes across the country. They are useful in regulating the burning of fire for indoor or outdoor use and limit accidents related to its use. Many fire pits come designed in a manner that contains fire and prevents its spreading. The most commonly used fire pits are the pre-made fire pits that you buy in local stores. Pre-made fire pits are usually made of metals like steel or precast concrete. Fire pits use natural gas, wood fuel, propane, or bio fuel. You should ensure that before buying any fire pit, it has clearance and certification under ANSI. At Garden Treasure, we provide you with fire pits that are designed specifically to meet your needs.

Factors Before Buying a Fire Pit

When purchasing your fire pit, there are some factors you need to take into consideration to get value for your money. They may include:
It has high portability: Before acquiring a fire pit, you must consider whether you would prefer a permanent or a portable fire pit. Portable fire pits are likely to be less expensive and more flexible. Garden Treasure provides you with different sizes of fire pits to allow you to choose one based on their level of portability. Portability helps the user to attain maximum benefits of the product.

Types of Fuel

When purchasing a fire pit, decide what kind of fuel you prefer using. Knowing your preferred fuel shall help you in choosing between wood fuel pits, natural gas, propane, or bio-ethanol. Each fuel comes with its benefits and limitations that you have to analyze. Fire pits from Garden Treasure, especially those that use propane, are eco-friendly and a favorite especially in this era marked with increased advocacy for renewable energy.

Fire Pit Material

The material used to make a fire pit determines its durability. A durable pit should be rust resistance, have a desirable exterior design, and a good heat retention capacity. Garden Treasure’s fire pits that are made of steel guarantee a long lifespan saving you on expenses.

Fire Pit Purpose

Fire pits come in different sizes and for a variety of uses. When you’re buying one, please consider if you would like to use it for cooking, heating, or as a landscaping feature. The Garden Treasure pits will satisfy your different needs.

Fire Pit Placement

Your fireplace will serve its intended purpose if it is in the most convenient location. Mostly you can place it near a swimming pool or a large back deck for entertainment. Choose the best location for the pit where it will serve you best.

Fire Pit Safety

Taking cautionary measures before a disaster occurs is the best way of dealing with potential disaster. This type of fire pit comes with its cooking grill, and a screen meant to keep fire sparks at bay. The Garden Treasure product also comes with a vinyl cover that protects it from harsh weather conditions when not in use.


Garden Treasure Fire pits come in different sizes ranging from small, medium, and large. We provide customers with different choices allowing them to choose products depending on each person’s intended use and preference. Customers prefer our products mostly due to their portability and the small space they take.

Your fire pit is an accessory to add décor to your back deck or swimming pool area. The design of Garden Treasure pit fires ensures that it will be an artistic item in your household and help you to enhance the aesthetic value of the surroundings.

Since the introduction of Garden Treasure fire pits, the firm has remained committed to improving in quality and service delivery. Many people continue receiving quality services from their fire pits, and their customer base keeps growing. When you plan to purchase your next fire pit, consider visiting your local store and get your Garden Treasure pit, and you will not regret it. The pit comes with a whole package of benefits that will satisfy your needs at an affordable price.

Quick facts about fire pits
 Children love being around fire pits more than the adults do.
 Fire pits are either mobile or immobile.

The Garden Treasure Fire Pit Description and Specifications

The Garden Treasures Fire Pit is 22 in H x 35 in W x 35 in dimensions, and it comes in classy black. It’s made of steel, and its paint is very durable when it comes to high temperatures and harsh weather conditions.

This fire pit runs on both firewood and fire logs, and this means that you can easily cook on it. Its accessories include a log grate, ash drawer so that it doesn’t spread all over your backyard, a protective cover for keeping the cinders inside, a spark screen, and a poker.

The Garden Treasures Fire Pit Reviewed

You should not be disappointed if you decide to purchase this fire pit. Almost 100 percent of all its online reviews are positive, which means it truly is a smart acquisition. Most people who bought it say they are extremely pleased with the fact that the Garden Treasures fire pit is very stable. It doesn’t budge even if you shake it gently, let alone on its own.

The last thing you want with a fire pit is for it to be unstable, especially since it will be holding a fire. We have noticed that many cheap and low-quality fire pits have issues with stability due to their poor build quality. The Garden Treasures Fire Pit does not have this issue and it has a very stable base. You won’t have any issues while tossing logs onto the fire.

The users also say that the fire pit is easy to assemble. It takes you approximately ten minutes to put it together, seeing as the only thing you need is a screwdriver. You should be able to figure it out even if you didn’t have directions. The simple design and ease of construction mean that you can put it together and use it the same day you get it. The fire pit includes a cover, and it has a very high capacity for its cost. T

The fire pit includes a cover, and it has a very high capacity for its cost. There were no issues with fitting wood underneath the cover. It works very well and keeps all of the floating ash off of you. Obviously, you could use the Garden Treasure Fire Pit without the cover if you wanted to cook hot dogs, make smores, or just enjoy the fire.

Other Garden Treasures Fire Pit Reviews

Online reviewers also have some tips for all of you out there who are planning on buying the Garden Treasures fire pit.

  • Make sure to purchase a bag of sand that weighs a minimum of 50 pounds. You will need to spread it all over the bottom of the hole so that you can keep it in place. You can also use some cheap pavers to build a mini patio for your pit.
  • The wood is not included in the package, so you will have to buy your own.
  • Feel free to feed larger pieces of wood into it, as it is bigger than other burners.
  • It’s safe around children as well, so you can let the little ones join the party.

We found that for the price it is one of the best patio accessories you could purchase. The customers online agree as you can see from this review from one online users.

“I bought this fire pit back in May 2016 and I assembled it without any assistance and had no issues with the hardware. I just simply followed the instructions that were in the box. We recently used the fire pit for the first time this past 4th of July weekend. Prior to that it had been sitting outside exposed to the elements, which included a hail storm and there was no damage to the cover or the unit.”

The coating on the Garden Treasures Fire Pit is very durable and will last for quite some time. The combination of build quality, ease of use, and simple construction make this an obvious choice for one of our favorite patio additions.

The Garden Treasures fire pit is described by a lot of people as a wonderful purchase for such a small price. So, what are you waiting for?

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