Top 6 Patio Door Curtains for Indoor and Outdoor

1 patio door with beige curtains

If you’re the proud owner of a patio, and especially if the patio door leads straight to your bedroom, then you know the struggle of finding patio door curtains that have all the characteristics you’re looking for. A great set of patio door curtains should make sure no light reaches your room when you don’t want it to, but should also be easy to slide and expose your room to the outdoors. Moreover, they should keep the heat inside and the cold outside or vice versa, depending on the season. Not to mention the fact that they must also look good. Today, we’ve gathered for you 6 patio door curtains that have all of these characteristics. Let’s have a look!

6 Patio Door Curtains for Your Home and Garden

1. RHF Thermal Insulated Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel

These patio door curtains are 100% polyester and thermally insulated. Typically, if your patio has a sliding door, you’re going to need some extra help preserving the heat in the house and stopping the cold from getting in. This is precisely where these curtains come in handy. They’re quite heavy, which means that if you completely slide them across your door, they’ll help you keep a constant temperature in your home. This can also save you money on energy you would otherwise consume in order to keep your room warm.

These curtains prevent any light from coming in. So if you want to avoid waking up in the morning because of the strong light, you can just pull these curtains and 99.9% of light won’t enter your room. If you’re wondering how you’re going to clean them, we should mention that this is fairly easy. You can just use the washing machine.

chocolate colored curtains on a patio door

The curtains are chocolate colored, which provides your home with a really warm look. The bronze grommet top that accompanies them only accentuates the warm tones even more. Moreover, it adds a touch of antique charm to the entire structure. If warm brown is not your color, you can also find the exact type of curtains in other colors as well, such as black, navy, olive, burgundy, or beige. Regardless of the color, a set of curtains like these costs $29.99 on Amazon.

2. Sun Zero Kara Extra Wide Patio Door Curtain Panel

Another type of patio door curtains that will save you energy and keep your room dark, these ones you can find for $18.89. They’re also 100% polyester, and they come with two inch grommets for extra support. You can clean them by putting them into the washing machine, and they’ll become a gorgeous addition to your room.

What we like most about these curtains are the print and the colors. First of all, if you’re a fan of lighter colors, and you want to protect your room from excessive light, but not have it be too dark, then you’re going to love these curtains. They’re white, so they’ll bring a touch of brightness to your room. Moreover, the colors used for the gorgeous flowers and leaves print are also light. They include warm shades of beige, grey, and green.

patio door with multicolored curtains

If you’re worried that the light color isn’t going to sufficiently protect your room from the light, you should put your worries aside. These curtains ensure room darkening, as well as noise reduction. So if you want to take an afternoon nap and not have any outside noises disturb you, then this curtain panel is the choice for you.

3. Best Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain

These curtains have a triple weave construction that ensures that no noise, light, or cold will enter your home from the patio. It offers 100% protection against UV rays and 99% against light. It comes with 16 bronze grommets, which are all painted in an antique bronze color that makes them extremely elegant-looking, and they’re also safe to wash in the washing machine.

Even if it’s a known fact that the darker the color of the curtains, the less light is likely to enter the room, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go for some more colorful patio door curtains that can provide both your room and your patio with a touch of color. For instance, we recommend the burgundy ones in this selection, although you also have some gorgeous options of navy or sky blue.

burgundy curtain for patio door

The material of these curtains is also something worth mentioning. It captures the light in really interesting ways, which makes it look very elegant. The combination of burgundy and slightly shiny material makes these curtains a luxurious addition to your home. Don’t hesitate to order one for yourself on Amazon.

4. Commonwealth Thermavoile Curtain Panel

For the people looking for patio door curtain ideas that come in more sheer material, but that also does a good job keeping the room warm and blocking out some of the sunlight, this is one of the best options they can find. This ivory curtain provides your home with a modern yet elegant look, mostly due to its fabric and color. Unlike the curtains we’ve talked about up until now, this one’s main purpose is not to leave your room completely dark. On the contrary, it nicely filters the light, taking away some of its strength, but not completely darkening the room.

patio door with ivory curtains

Due to the fact that the material is not that thick, you should take it to the dry cleaner to be cleaned, instead of using the washing machine. Other than that, these curtains are perfect for when you want plenty of natural light in your room, or when the windows on your patio door are already covered with a material that doesn’t permit that much light penetration, like in the image above. If you’re interested in purchasing these curtains, you can find them on Amazon for $36.53.

5. Eclipse Tricia Window Door Panel

This is less of a curtain than it is a door panel that simply covers your patio door windows, but its function remains the same, that of protecting your house against strong light. While not necessarily cold protective as well, they do make for a fashionable accessory for your patio door. They’re easy to attach, using loop strips and a hook (which are included in the package). This saves you the trouble of using a curtain rod, which for some people is an extra inconvenience.

chocolate colored curtain panels on a patio door

You can choose to completely pull down the curtains and get all the privacy you want. Or you can pull them up and let the light in while also creating a lovely decorative object for your door, as in the picture above. The material is 100% polyester, so you can clean it using the washing machine. Moreover, the color (chocolate) guarantees a longer use before having to wash them.

6. Modern Curtains Tree of Life Décor by Ambesonne

If you don’t want to go for the typical one-color curtain and are looking for something more artsy to decorate your patio door with, then allow us to suggest these patio door curtains that come with a lot of wonderful prints. The one we selected today, the Tree of Life Décor has a lot of shades of brown, yellow, and gold. This creates a nice and warm environment.

patio door with tree of life print curtains on it

The material is a satin polyester blend, which explains the way the curtains feel to the touch. They’re silky soft and also look extremely elegant, elegance which is only enhanced by the beauty of the print. Despite the frailty of the fabric, you can machine wash it. Just make sure to use the delicate cycle and then hang dry it. The set contains two large panels. This makes these curtains fit for more than just patio doors, but for bedroom and living room doors as well.

Naturally, the most impressive thing about these curtains is the print, which is extremely diverse. Among our favorites are the Mystical Foggy Forest and Enchanted Woods one, the Bamboo Stalks Reflection On Water Blurs one, and the Times Square Manhattan New York City Broadway Traffic Signs one. You can find all of these options on Amazon for $69.95.

Summing Everything Up

Whether you’re looking for patio door curtains that can help you keep your interiors dark and warm, or that will bring a touch of color and serve as a piece of decoration in your room, we hope today’s guide has provided you with at least one option to suit your taste. Patio door curtains are extremely useful and beautiful additions to any room, and definitely something you should consider buying if you own a patio.

Not only do they protect you from the cold and help you save money on energy, but they also make sure that your room is dark enough when you want it to be, and protect your privacy in the process as well. Not to mention the fact that they could change the look of your room entirely, without you even noticing it.

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