DIY Wood Patio Covers: 3 Ideas from Around the Globe

wood patio covers spanish style collage

What do you think about when you hear the idea of using wood patio covers? You’re probably thinking about a simple wooden roof to cover your patio against rain or the vicious rays of the sun. And while that is practical, your wood patio covers can also be gorgeous and fun. That is why today I’m going to show you three charming wood patio covers from around the world, so that you can bring a bit of exoticness to your backyard.

Wood Patio Covers to Make You Feel Like You’re on Holiday

#1. Tuscany

You can upgrade your wood patio cover and make it look like the backyard of a romantic Tuscan villa. Add some vines and leaves to the wooden frame, as well as some simple hanging lights. In addition, you can also build a fireplace, to set the mood and provide some much-needed heat when the air gets chilly but you still want to spend some time outside.

Set up your table for a Tuscan party as well with rustic and romantic dinnerware and herbal centerpieces. Recreate the look here with some Tuscan glass hanging chandelier, decor antique urns, and stunning ceramic bowls.


#2. Southern France

For our next stop on the wood patio covers tour around the world we’ll be settling in Southern France. This design concept asks for a wooden cover doubled by exposed brick walls and pillars to give your backyard that rustic look all French farms have. You can install a faux candle chandelier and a grill, should the mood for barbecue strike you.

Accessories will include wicker furniture, large metallic dinnerware, and fruit bowls all over the place. Don’t forget about the hard stone or cobbled floors.


#3. Ibiza, Spain

The party island also has some quiet, hidden corners, which are great for relaxation and unwinding. You can now recreate that atmosphere right in your backyard with our third entry on the wood patio covers list. The concept calls for large logs which you need to paint white because, as we all know, Ibiza is the White Island.

The patio cover itself is made of smaller, natural-looking logs with a larger piece of wood on top. As far as decorations and accessories go, you can use a huge number of Spanish inspired throw pillows, pretty paintings of flamenco dancers, and, of course, some terra cotta sangria pitchers.


Here is our list of wood patio covers which will take on a trip around the world. Whether you choose Spain, Southern France or Tuscany, you are guaranteed to have a terrific time every time you step outside.

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