iEnjoyware Snowman Porch Light Cover Review

iEnjoyware Snowman Porch Light Cover

Review of the iEnjoyware Snowman Porch Light Cover

As of this writing, there are 124 customer comments and 5 answered questions for the iEnjoyware Snowman Porch Light Cover. I have read the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this review. I hope that this review helps you when shopping for the best outdoor Christmas decorations to add to your yard.

Best Features

  • Easily slips over your outdoor porch lights
  • It is not a safety hazard
  • Money back guarantee
  • Durable and weather resistant 
  • Good price

Item Specifics

The iEnjoyware Snowman Porch Light Cover easily slips over your outdoor porch lights. It won’t damage or burn your current lighting system and it is not a safety hazard. This product measures 9″ x 4″ x 12″ H. It is made of acrylic and has a crystallized texture that looks like snow. The company stands behind their products, so there is a money back guarantee.

Cute and Nice Wow Factor

The iEnjoyware Snowman Porch Light was very popular with almost everyone who left a review. Here is one of the comments, “I thought this would be a plastic form from the old days. Oh no, this is a whole new concept! The minute I pulled it out of the box I was wowed!!! (My husband was even impressed). The quality is amazing and is uniquely made. I love my snowman light cover. There’s nothing out there like this. Thank you so much iEnjoyware. I will cherish this Snowman as it is the first Christmas decor I have bought in 10 years. I lost my holiday spirit when my 19-year-old son was killed on a family vacation. I have not decorated since then. My daughter blessed me with a beautiful granddaughter she has brought me back into the holiday decorating spirit.”

Easy Set up and Very Simple

The simplicity is part of what makes The iEnjoyware Snowman Porch Light popular. A customer commented, “This is the greatest porch light cover. Very bright, easily fits over your light, made well, brighten’s up, enhances the light source. Puts a smile on everyone face when they see it. Wish you had a Santa Cover that I could use at our back door.”

This isn’t a high-end product and it does have some flaws, like being able to see glue residue, but the simplicity still is what makes it popular. Another customer commented, “I am glad I purchased this because we have been too lazy to put any lights up and I was really feeling bad not having ANY Christmas decorations out. This soothed my guilt a little, and it was soooooooooooooo easy – just slip the snowman mask over the light. It is, however, cheaply made – the face isn’t perfectly round, the nose and features are made of thin felt. From the street, it can be hard to tell that it is a snowman. The hat is black so it kind of blends in with the dark of the house, and the face felt is so thin that light somewhat passes through it. Also, there is hot glue residue all over, but not that can be seen when it is turned on or from any distance.”

Durable and Weather Resistant

The majority of people who bought this item commented that it was durable and held up well in the weather. Here is one of those comments, “These are made from polymer/plastic beads and are quite sturdy. They are durable not like the flimsy plastic pumpkins at Halloween. The polymer beads diffuse the light and they have nice detail. We are having below freezing weather and so far they have held up without any problems.”

Strap Doesn’t Fit All Lights

Unfortunately, the strap that holds this snowman on, doesn’t fit all lights. A customer shared, “ADORABLE!!!!!! However, the strap doesn’t fit well on our porch light. We do not have a standard coach light, ours is a rectangle shape that fits snug against the wall, so the strap just barely fits around the top of the light. Therefore the snowman is angled down looking at the ground.”

Good Price

Most people felt that the price that they paid was very fair for what they received. Here is one of the price comments, “I love it, it is very sturdy and looks great on the porch light. Great buy for the money.”


This product meets fire safety codes. There were several customers that commented on that. One person said, “This is so incredibly cute and I love the fact that it is absolutely safe for the porch light or outdoor light. The light still shows very well and the design of this product is very thoughtful. This looks and stands out very well outside my front door and it gets noticed by everyone who walks by. This makes a cute adornment alongside everything else for Christmas. I recommend this product because it’s cute but its also precautious and safe.”

Strap Is Low Quality

A common complaint was that the strap was cheaply made. But even so, people liked it and were happy with their purchase. Here is one of the reviews that talked about the strap. A customer said, “Like all of the other reviews, I have to say that this really is one cute decoration. Installation was very quick and easy. I have one of those flush mount lights and had to loosen the screw on the casing in order to slide the strap around the back of the casing. Easy peasy. I will say that the reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that the strap material seems considerably less sturdy than it should be. I can see this wearing out from the intense sun that we get here in the late afternoons. So…minus 1 star for the strap. Sorry. Otherwise, it is a great addition to our decorations and by far, the easiest to set up/install. UPDATE: so the afternoon sun got to the strap sooner than expected. So it lets the snowman sag a bit and it looks at the ground. Easy fix was to place a prop between the bottom of the snowman and the wall. So… still, rate a 4.”

Holds up in Strong Winds

If you live in an area with severe winds, you might be wondering how long this snowman will stay on before it takes flight. The reviews left by customers who proclaimed to live in areas with strong winds were very positive. One customer said, “Really love this decoration as part of our Christmas outdoor look. It really adds something special to all of our lights outside. Very cute and draws you to it. It goes on your garage light very easily and stays on well. We have had some strong winds lately but it has never come off. Very happy to have made this purchase and would gladly make it again!”

Light Shines Through Well, Just as Advertised

You shouldn’t lose any illumination from your porch light with this Christmas decoration. Most people also found that it was just as advertised. Here is one of the comments, “So quick and easy the porch light still shines thru for “functionality “ but now with an adorable look. Haven’t had any rough winds to test stability, but still have room to tighten straps if needed. The face is also flexible enough that it wraps around light which helps hold in place. Very pleased with this purchase. Looks exactly as advertised and came on time and in great shape.”

snowman porch light cover


  • Durable
  • Good price
  • Easy set-up


  •  Strap is cheaply made  
  • Glue shows through 
  • Strap doesn’t fit all lights 

iEnjoyware Snowman Porch Light Cover Conclusion

The iEnjoyware Snowman Porch Light is made to slip over your outdoor porch lights. This product measures 9″ x 4″ x 12″ H. It is made of acrylic and has a crystallized texture that looks like snow. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, there is a money back guarantee. The simplicity of this Christmas decoration was one of the biggest selling points. It easily straps over a porch light. However, some people said that it didn’t fit on their light very well. Others commented that the strap was of poor quality. Other than that, most of the comments were very positive. The iEnjoyware Snowman Porch Light holds up well in the wind and it is very affordably priced. 

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the iEnjoyware Snowman Porch Light Cover.

  • Does it only fit over a round fixture or will it fit over an oblong shaped fixture?  It should fit over an oblong shaped fixture.
  • Does this work with a motion sensor porch light?  It should work as long as you do not cover the motion sensor.
  • Will the heat from the porch light melt or burn this snowman porch light cover?  No, this will not melt or become burnt by the porch light. This snowman porch light cover is considered very safe.

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