Wedding Flowers for April: 8 Popular Options to Choose This Month

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If you’re going to be an April bride, you’ll want to know all of the best flower options to choose from. This is a great month to get married because the weather is starting to warm up and the sun is beginning to shine. Not to mention, the spring flowers are ready to bloom into gorgeous hues. In this article, we will go over wedding flowers for April and popular choices for you to consider.

1. Orchids

Orchids come in a variety of colors and sizes. Although there are many variations to this flower, one of the main characteristics that they all have in common is their three petals. Add orchids to your bouquet, and you will have people wishing it were their own.

2. Peonies

In late spring and early summer, peonies produce large single and double flowers of beautiful pink, white, rose, and crimson colors. They can grow to be very big, making your bouquet stand out from the crowd. Regarded as a symbol of good fortune and a happy marriage, these flowers emulate what your future should hold.

3. Pink Roses

You can never go wrong with a traditional set of pink roses. Known as a symbol of love and admiration, these beautiful blooms will never go out of style. If you want to change things up and give your bouquet an edgier feel, try mixing it with some fun succulents.

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4. Gerbera Daisies

If you love fun pops of color, these flowers are an excellent choice. Their gorgeous pink, orange, and yellow hues would make a beautiful bridal bouquet. What could be better than having flowers on your special day that radiate hope and cheerfulness?

5. Tulips

Nothing screams spring more than a gorgeous bunch of vibrant tulips. Did you know that you can find them in almost any color and that their buds are known for being nearly symmetrical? If you want a classy bouquet look, a grouping of tulips is the way to go.

6. Freesias

A great feature of freesias is the amazing smell that they produce. Popular in many soaps and beauty products, these flowers are sure to make your wedding that much more memorable. Freesias come in a variety of colors, with white, pink, and lavender being a highly preferred choice.

7. Sunflowers

There’s something about sunflowers that make you feel so much more happy and cheerful. Perhaps it is their beautiful yellow color that always seems to be a crowd favorite. If you’re going for a rustic or country-themed wedding, we can’t think of a better choice than a sunflower.

8. Snapdragons

Snapdragons can vary in size and height, but they are known for their stunning, colorful displays. If you’re looking to add a unique flair to your wedding bouquet, snapdragon flowers are the perfect fit. Although they’re very girly in style, they can also give off an edgy look when arranged a certain way.

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Summing Up

As you can see, there are many amazing options for wedding flowers in April. You can mix and match different ones to create a stunning bridal bouquet piece. We hope you have been inspired to choose your favorite flowers and include them on your dream wedding day. After all, you deserve something special.

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