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13 Unexpected and Unique Flower Arrangements for Weddings

There are plenty of things to take care of before your wedding, and some of them are the flower arrangements. Most ideas of centerpieces you see everywhere don’t look too original, so it’s natural you should like something to steal the spotlight. Get inspired from a series of unique flower arrangements for weddings that will turn your celebration into the most exquisite party your guests have attended.

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The purpose of flower arrangements

A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without these flower arrangements. On such a special day, brides like everything to be perfect, from their dresses to the venue where they hold the party. A regularly decorated venue won’t be enough to spread that fairytale feeling, so flowers and centerpieces are there to complete its look.

However, everyone usually has the same ideas when it comes to these decorations. Some brides are not that brave and want to remain traditional when looking for arrangements for their wedding. On the other hand, others want their wedding to surprise everyone. If you fit the second category, here are some unique flower arrangements for weddings you can take inspiration from.

Unique flower arrangements for weddings

1.      Decorate tree branches

Flowers are everywhere, so you might choose to be nonconformist on your wedding and abandon them. Instead, you can pick up tree branches and use them as table centerpieces. Place the branches in glass vases or, for a complete look, in wooden boxes. Now, you can get creative and come up with many ideas.

If you still cannot abandon flowers completely, you can use a few blooms to decorate your branches. The look will be complete with some other hanging objects to lie around, such as tiny candles in glass supports, or maybe toy birds. For a more luxurious look during winter, you can continue with the series of glass decorations. Hang some crystals and some delicate white blooms on the branches you will paint in silver, and fix them in candleholders.

2.      A ceiling covered in garlands

You can achieve the most luxurious look by covering the ceiling with some green garlands. If you have an outdoor tent, you can cover its pillars with some resplendent foliage with a colorful bloom here and there. The same idea works just as fine for an indoor venue, as you can create patterns on the ceiling and improve that outdoor feeling.

For the ultimate spectacular look, you can insert some flowing flower branches that should be falling from the garlands. Choose some delicate colors that go well with the greens, such as white or pale pink.

3.      Wooden flower boxes

The unique flower arrangements for weddings can be rustic as well, as they’ll definitely give a more intimate atmosphere to the celebration. As table centerpieces, you can use some wooden boxes and fill them with flowers.

If you want something natural you can keep even after the wedding, you can plant these flowers beforehand in the wooden boxes. However, this might be too complicated to achieve, so you can just opt for freshly cut flowers. For a bold look, use big flowers like peonies and garden roses in bright colors.

4.      Flowers in vintage glass boxes

Among other unique flower arrangements for weddings, this idea is probably the most sophisticated. For a complete Victorian look, use glass boxes as table centerpieces. These boxes should have metal edges to be more resistant to shocks, but you can use some wooden-edged ones as well.

Inside the boxes, place some sophisticated flowers in pastel colors. White or yellow roses are ideal for this, as well as some exotic greenery. For a complete look, tie them up with rope. You can wrap up the leftovers into tiny balls and place them in the boxes as well.

5.      Fountains of flowers

This arrangement idea is suitable for a wedding in an outdoor venue, as you need the fountains. If you have the means, you can bring some small portable fountains that you can decorate. Fill the pool of the fountain with flowers, and let the water flow over them.

The flowers can be anything you like, but flowy branches with many leaves are ideal. In terms of color, you can stay safe by choosing white. Also, there are plenty of hanging plants with white delicate flowers that will suit your fountain arrangement.

6.      Flower pomanders

This is one of the most playful and unique flower arrangements for weddings. Choose big flowers in bright colors, such as purple, pink, magenta, or even blue, and create big circular pomanders. Depending on where you organize your wedding, you can hang them in different places. They will give your ballroom a fresher look that will invite everyone to have fun.

The pomanders are also perfect for an outdoor wedding, as you can hang them down from trees. Exchanging your vows under such a decoration will spread plenty of energy and a feeling of youth. If you’re tired of customs and want something truly unique, this idea is for you. However, be careful how you hang them. If they are too big, they might hang too heavy and you can risk accidents.

White wedding flowers placed in an arrangement with feathers

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7.      Fruity arrangements

There’s no better way to amaze your guests than inserting a fruity touch in your flower arrangement. Depending on the season, you can add different fruits in your decorations. Then, decide if you want more flowers or more fruits. You can either go for flowery domination and insert a fruit here and there for the keen eye to see, or choose a fruity plateau. Place them on trays and in vases, and encourage your guests to eat them if they like.

8.      Gilded frame flower centerpiece

This is another of the unique flower arrangements for weddings that gives a vintage touch to the whole celebration. Choose a golden gilded frame to place either on a wall or on a table, and fill it with flowers. Leave some foliage behind, and make transitions of color starting from white and getting to darker shades. Here and there, you can insert some candles, but make sure their flames cannot touch the flowers.

9.      Hanging potted plants

This is a cute idea you can apply both for indoor and outdoor venues. A wall of lattice is the ideal setting to hang these pots, but you can hang them down from walls as well, or from iron structures. Potted succulents are the stars, but you can opt for some exotic flowers like orchids to add a little depth.

10.  Books and metal vases

You can achieve an intimate atmosphere if you use books for centerpieces and as support for vases. Pick up some big blooms, complete the arrangement with some greenery, and place them in a metal vase that looks like a cup. To make the arrangement taller, place these vases on piles of books placed at the center of the table. Make sure the books are hardcover, and you will minimize the damage in case of accidents.

11.  Hanging garden

This idea is perfect if you want to save some space and still get an impressive flower arrangement. Take all the flower pots and bouquets you want to display, and hang them upside down. You can place them above the tables, above the dance floor, or anywhere you like. This way, you’ll have enough space for fun, and the venue will look modern and sophisticated.

12.  Ombre flower decorations

Regular flowery table decorations might not sound so unique, but a bold combination of colors is. First, you need to pick your preferred flowers. You can mixed the breeds as well, but the arrangements will look better if you stick to one single flower type. To get a broader category of shades, you can go for roses.

Then, it’s time to make the arrangement and to pick the colors. Start with a dark color that stands out, such as blue, purple, or dark red. It might be quite difficult to find natural flowers in such bold shades, so you might need to improvise. Then, complete the centerpiece with blooms in lighter shades, and finish the arrangement with some white blossoms.

13.  Indoor trees

This is a little difficult to achieve, but it’s truly among the most unique flower arrangements for weddings. You will need trees of a relatively small height that grow in pots. Although these are hard to obtain, they are perfect for bringing the outdoor feeling inside.

These trees are perfect decorations by themselves, but you can use them to add some more arrangements. Their branches are perfect to hold some flower garlands, to hang some candles, or to attach some small chandeliers. Feel free to be creative, and take advantage of the space these trees will offer you.

Pink flower wedding decoration with leaves and pearls

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Summing up

For an exquisite and nonconformist celebration, get some inspiration from these unique flower arrangements for weddings. They are not your usual decorations, and some of them might be hard to acquire, but the final product is definitely worth the effort. Bring the outdoors inside, cover the venue in resplendent flowers, or offer a vintage feeling to the whole celebration. Whatever you choose, you can be sure your guests will think your wedding is the best.

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