Top 6 Snow Blowers for Clearing Your Yard

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If you live in a place where your yard gets invaded by snow every winter, then you know the struggle of getting rid of it and clearing your lawn. Even if you don’t usually get a lot of snow, you might be one of those people who can’t stand their lawn being covered in snow, no matter how thin the layer. The answer to all of these issues is a snow blower. There are many types of snow blowers out there, depending on how much space you need to clear, how strong you want them to be, or how easy to carry around. Today, we’re going to present you with top 6 snow blowers that can satisfy any taste and need.

6 Snow Blowers to Keep in Mind

1. Husqvarna Two Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

This snow blower is on the pricier side ($899.00), but if you’re looking for a really strong machine that can clean an impressive amount of space in a short period of time, you won’t regret paying for this one. One of its most noteworthy features is the 208cc Husqvarna engine that promises to help you clean any type of surface. You can use it no matter the snow conditions, so don’t be afraid to take it out when the snow is really heavy.

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It comes with a two-stage system, which means that an auger feeds the snow into the housing, and then an impeller discharges it through the chute. This system has a high throwing capacity that will impress anyone who uses this snow blower. Moreover, if you’re keen on finding snow blowers that are comfortable to use, this one also ticks that box. It has an adjustable handle which makes it easy for you to use the machine no matter your height. You can also change the speed using the friction disc transmission since you won’t always need to use the same one.

Another thing that impressed us is the fact that the ribbon auger is designed so as to mix the snow with air. This makes for a much easier clearing process. Finally, we also love the details such as the heated handle grips, the electric starter, and the LED headlights.

2. Snow Joe Electric Snow Blower

A much more affordable option ($99.00), the Snow Joe Electric Snow Blower is part of the category of snow blowers that are fit for mid-sized walkaways and driveways. This machine is visibly smaller than the previous one, which also makes it a bit easier to use. Moreover, it doesn’t need any gas, tune-ups, or oil in order to start. So it’s also fit for people who don’t have experience using snow blowers.

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Despite its size, the motor is quite powerful, more precisely 11-amp strong. As such, it can clear as much as 440 lbs. of snow each minute. The plastic auger has two blades and it’s both abrasion and cold resistant. This ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy this snow blower for a long time without worrying that it might get broken. Even so, it comes with a 2-year warranty. Going back to the auger, this one can cut 8 inches deep by 15 inches wide with every pass.

Another feature that we found interesting is the adjustable directional chute that allows you to decide the direction in which you want the snow to get thrown. This machine can throw snow up to 20 feet. Is also starts instantly at the push of a button. When you’re done with it, you can fold it very easily due to its handle. Then, you can store it away until next winter.

3. WEN Electric Snow Thrower

The WEN Electric Snow Thrower is even cheaper than the Snow Joe one. Even so, it does its jobs impressively fast and effectively. This makes it a worthy addition to our list of snow blowers that you should consider purchasing this winter. It can throw as much as 490 pounds of snow each minute, at a distance of 20 feet. It has a 13.5-amp motor and manages to clear snow 7.8 inches deep and 18 inches wide.

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The design is also worth noting, since it’s extremely lightweight, despite appearances. You can move it around easily, even if your yard is covered in snow. This is also made possible by its 6-inch wheels that work on any type of surface. The chute also rotates at 180 degrees to provide you with many choices so as to where to throw the snow you clean off the yard.

The startup is rather unique, lacking a button like in the case of most snow blowers. The button is replaced by a power bar placed next to the handle. All you have to do to turn on the machine is squeeze this bar until it touches the handle. In the package, you’ll also find an extension cord. This is extremely useful when you don’t want to keep unplugging the machine each time you move to another area of the yard. Finally, you’re definitely going to enjoy the balance between stability and flexibility that this machine offers to its users.

4. GreenWorks Corded Snow Thrower

A medium-priced snow blower ($179.94), this one coming from GreenWorks has a 13-amp motor, an adjustable directional chute that rotates at 180 degrees, and the ability to throw snow 20 feet in the air. This machine is a great alternative for people who don’t want to buy a gas snow blower and are looking for an electric option. The instant electric start ensures that you won’t need any gas, any traditional pull cords, or any maintenance whatsoever.

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The engine is both powerful and economical, so you don’t have to worry about it consuming a lot of electricity. Plus, one great added benefit is the fact that it comes with fewer vibrations and noise. This is definitely an improvement from older snow blowers. The fact that the machine doesn’t have a gas engine also causes it to be more lightweight, thus easier to carry around.

Its design is compact, making it easy to store and manage. We would say that the combination of this machine’s design and usability is what makes it one of the best snow blowers that you can order online.

5. Toro Electric Snow Thrower

Yet another cheaper snow blower ($116.69), the Toro Electric Snow Thrower enjoys Toro’s expertise, a brand which is considered the best in the United States when it comes to electric snow blowers. If we look a bit at the specifications of this model, it’s not difficult to figure out why. The main attraction is the fact that you get a lot of things for a relatively small sum of money.

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It has a 7.5-amp motor that works on every type of surface, from decks to walkaways, sidewalks, steps, and so on. Just to give you an approximation of how fast you can clean your yard with this snow blower, let us consider a 4-inch layer of snow and a 50 by 20 feet driveway. This machine can clean this area under these conditions in only 20 minutes. It’s able to clean as much as 300 pounds of snow each minute, snow that is blowing at a height of 20 feet.

As you can clearly see from the image above, this snow blower is not extremely large. This also means it’s not heavy. In fact, it only weighs 12-1/2 pounds. Its entire body is made of plastic, but the plastic is really durable and also rust-resistant. The telescoping handle is easily adjustable, making cleaning snow with this machine a piece of cake. All in all, we recommend this option if you’re looking for snow blowers that are fast and simple to use, but still powerful.

6. Craftsman Two Stage Snow Thrower

Finally, the last option on our list of snow blowers that you should keep in mind is another pricier one ($949.99). The Craftsman Two Stage Snow Thrower is definitely designed to help people clean larger areas faster. It has a 212cc engine, which is an impressive stat even for this machine’s rather high price. Moreover, it clears up to a height of 16 inches and a width of 22 inches.

Its blades and impeller are made of resistant steel, which means they’re going to last you for a long time. Despite its size, this snow blower is actually moderately lightweight and compact. One of its most impressive features is its tires, which are 13-inch and fit for every imaginable weather condition. So if you’re looking for a powerful snow blower to help you clean extensive areas of land, you might want to consider ordering this one on Amazon.

Summing It All Up

We hope today’s guide has managed to prove that when it comes to snow blowers, there truly are countless options to choose from. Luckily, the options take into account several issues, such as the amount of space that you want to clean, whether you want a gas machine or an electric one, how compact you want the snow blower to be, and so on. Hopefully, you’ve managed to find your favorite among today’s options. If you’re looking for some tips on how to use a snowblower, take a look at the video below.

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