Taking Care of Your Christmas Tree: Tips to Make It Last All Season

taking care of your christmas tree
taking care of your christmas tree

Having a live Christmas tree is a great tradition. It’s fun to let everyone pick out the tree together as a family, and it adds a great scent to your home. However, since your Christmas tree is living that means it’s a lot harder to take care of. You’ll need to do a couple of things if you want your Christmas tree to last until New Years. Taking care of your Christmas tree isn’t very difficult and it will make a world of difference in how your tree looks. Here are the most effective tips when you’re taking care of your Christmas tree to make it last all season

Taking Care of Your Christmas Tree

Cover It

Most Christmas trees will be brought home on top of a car. The fast speed of the car can dry your Christmas tree out before you even get home. Put a tarp over your tree for the ride home so that it will stay hydrated. Then when your tree is placed in water, it won’t have to try to make up for the water it lost on the ride home. 

Recut It

This is one of the most important things you can do when you’re taking care of your Christmas tree. Most trees are in lots and are already cut. The problem is that you don’t know how long it has been cut. It could be weeks! A trunk that isn’t freshly cut will not absorb water as well as one that is freshly cut. Recut the trunk of your tree when you get home. It doesn’t need to be a lot, just enough to let the tree absorb water better. This is usually only about ¼ of an inch. 

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taking care of your Christmas tree, tips, how to

Water It

Although recutting your Christmas tree is really important when you’re taking care of your Christmas tree, watering it is the single most important thing you can do. Without water, your tree will die. You need to keep your tree watered all the time! Make sure that the stand is never empty. It’s best to water your tree twice a day so that there’s always water in the stand. Some people like to add things to the water to help keep their tree green or alive longer. That’s usually unnecessary. As long as the tree has enough water, it’ll stay green and lush. There’s no need to buy extra supplements for the water. 

Find a Good Location

Believe it or not, where you put your Christmas tree matters. Yes, you’ll want it in a convenient spot so that it’s visible and so it’s not in the way. However, you’ll also want to consider some other factors. Is it too close to a heating grate? If your tree gets too hot it’ll make it dry out very quickly. Is it too close to the window? Overexposure to the sun will cause the tree to dry out and become faded, this is mostly a problem in very hot climates. 

Summing Up

Taking care of your Christmas tree will help your tree to be beautiful throughout the entire Christmas season. Everyone will admire the beauty, the color, and the freshness that your tree will have. Never underestimate how taking care of your Christmas tree can change how it looks. 

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