The Best Kinds of Christmas Trees for You to Choose From

christmas trees

Christmas trees are the iconic symbol of this time of year. There are sorts of different kinds too! Some trees are short and fat, some are tall and skinny. Others are really full with a dark green almost blue color, while some are bright green and really spiky. If you are in love with real Christmas trees but don’t know which kind is right for you, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best kinds of Christmas trees for you to choose from. 

Christmas trees, pine, fir, spruce

Best Kinds of Christmas Trees

Blue Spruce

Blue spruce trees are true to their name and have a blue almost silver color. The needles on the tree don’t fall as quickly as other kinds of Christmas trees so this is a good option if you like setting up for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. Blue spruce trees are pretty prickly so be sure to wear gloves when you move the tree inside. They’re usually pretty symmetrical so you won’t have to try to put a weird looking side against the wall. 

Douglas Fir

Douglas fir trees have been a popular choice since the 1920s. These Christmas trees are big, soft and puffy. Their needles aren’t as pokey as other trees so they are easier to handle because they won’t hurt your hands. Douglas fir trees also have a really strong fragrance so people really like it in their homes because it makes the whole house smell like Christmas. They also have good needle retention so cleaning up fallen needles is minimal. 

Norway Spruce

This tree is a very common British Christmas tree. The best thing about a Norway spruce is the fantastic scent that fills the house. That’s why this tree is so popular. One of the biggest problems with this tree is that its needles drop very quickly so you’re left with a lot of needles all over the ground. If you’re going to get this tree, consider setting it up in mid-December so that it’ll still have needles on it by the time Christmas comes around. 

Are Pine Trees a Good Option for Christmas Trees?

Pine trees have long been a popular choice for Christmas trees. Their beautiful evergreen foliage and distinctive scent create a festive ambiance in any home. Additionally, planting pine trees in your yard can provide environmental benefits, such as improved air quality and wildlife habitat. Consider these advantages when selecting your Christmas tree this holiday season.

Fraser Fir

The Fraser fir is a great option because it has a really narrow base which allows it to fit more easily into tight spaces. Smaller houses or apartments should consider getting a Fraser fir so that their tree won’t take up their entire living space. The needles stay on this tree for a long time so there’s less cleanup. Fraser fir trees also have a great scent. 

Noble Fir

This is a sturdy tree with strong branches. This means that you can feel comfortable hanging lots of decorations on the entire thing. The tree will hold up nicely. Some other trees will bend under heavy weight, but this one stays put. Noble fir trees also have the best needle retention among Christmas trees. Less cleaning, more decorating. This is a great choice for any home! 

Christmas trees, pine, fir, spruce

Summing Up

There are lots more choices for Christmas trees than the ones listed here. However, these choices are among the most popular and are guaranteed to give you the Christmas tree of your dreams. It all depends on what you’re looking for. Do you like something with a strong scent that’s sturdy so it can hold a lot of decorations? Or maybe you like a smaller tree with fewer needles that fall to the ground. These Christmas trees will bring you joy from the moment you set it up in your home. 

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