Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator: Review

Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator

Review of the Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator

The Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator had 724 customer reviews and 67 answered questions on Amazon.  I’ve read through the feedback left from customers and then condensed it into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a tiller.

Best Fea​tures

  • check ​Quiet
  • check ​Lightweight
  • check Low price
  • check Easy to transport
  • check Practically maintenance-free 

Item Specifics

The Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator is a powerful 12-amp motor that can cultivate up to 16 in. (40.6 cm) wide x 8 in. (20.3 cm) deep.  It features 6 durable steel angled tines for maximum durability and performance.  The handle folds for convenient storage and easy transport.  It also features a 3 position wheel adjustment.  This tiller is ETL approved and comes with a 2 year warranty.  


One of the biggest selling points of this tiller is the low price.  Some people that may not have bought a tiller/cultivator bought the Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator because it was so affordable.

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A nice thing about the Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator is that it is quiet in comparison to gas powered tillers.  If you have close neighbors they may even thank you for using an electric tiller over a gas tiller.  By having a tiller that runs so quietly as the Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator, you may have more options as to what time of day you will till.  Early morning tilling shouldn’t bother sleeping family members nor neighbors.  One customer commented this about the quiet nature of this tiller, “The Sun Joe has much more power than we anticipated, is easy to clean up afterward and not so blasted loud as the big gas powered tiller we have.

Easy Start Up

One of the nice things about electric tillers (The Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator included) is that they start up with a simple push of a button.  With gas powered tillers you usually will need to pull a cord to get it going.  Often times the gas powered tillers can be a real bear to start.  The Sun Joe Electric Tiller starts instantly with a push of a button.

Easy Maintenance

The Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator is practically maintenance-free.  There is no gas, oil nor tune-ups to keep up with.  That in itself may be one of the biggest selling points for some people.


The Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator only weighs 27.1 pounds.  This is extremely lightweight!  What that means for you is that it should be very easy to transport to your garden work area.  It also will be much easier to transport if you need to take it in a vehicle.  Most adults will be able to easily lift it into the back of truck bed or into a trunk.  Some tillers that I’ve reviewed are of the heavy duty type and can weigh upwards of 100 pounds.  One drawback though of this tiller being so lightweight is that, it may not dig into the ground as much as a heavy duty tiller would.

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One customer explained why the Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator worked better than her heavy duty gas powered tiller.  Sometimes heavy duty just is too hard to get to the jobsite.  She explained, “This little tiller is absolutely amazing!  I wasn’t sure it would really be very good, but we can’t get our large tiller into the raised beds (we’re not that strong!) But this little guy is easy to pick up and set in the raised bed and does a fabulous job of churning up compost and mixing it into the soil.  It breaks up the clods well (much better than hand digging) and makes a nice fluffy bed for seeds.”

Not for Hard Soil

One drawback of the little cultivators is that they have a hard time going through hard soil and clay.  The Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator is not made to go through hard soil.  If you are looking to go through sod, clay and hard soil you should look at a more powerful tiller.  Most often you will need a heavy duty gas powered tiller to go through hard soil.

sun Joe garden tiller


  • plus Great price
  • plus Lightweight and easy to transport
  • plus Quiet


  • close Not made to go through clay nor hard soil 

Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator Conclusion

The Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator is an inexpensive and quiet-running tiller. While it is not going to be able to do the same job of a heavy duty gas-powered tiller, many have found that it works just fine for their gardening needs.  It will not go through clay, sod nor hard soil very well. Because it is lightweight, it should be easy to transport in and out of your garden work area.  The Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator only weighs 27.1 pounds which is close to 70 pounds or more lighter than many of the gas powered tillers out on the market.  If you are looking for a lightweight, inexpensive and compact tiller, you may just want to check out the Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator.  Some people got rid of their heavy tiller after buying and using this one.

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Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator.

  • chevron-circle-right What is covered under the warranty?  Under the warranty 2 years for defective material or workmanship is covered when used for normal residential purposes.  If a replacement part or product is needed it will be sent free of charge to the original purchase. Owner is responsibility to perform maintenance and minor adjustments.
  • chevron-circle-right It says up to 8″ deep. is it adjustable to 6″ deep if needed?  Yes, easily.  The the height of the wheels is adjustable.
  • chevron-circle-right Does the Sun Joe come fully assembled, or is it at least a super simple assembly?  All you will need to do is attach the handle.  The assembly is very easy and fast.

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