IDAODAN Grow Tent Review


Review of the IDAODAN Grow Tent

As of this writing, there were 114 customer comments and 14 answered questions for the IDAODAN Grow Tent.  I’ve read through the customer feedback, and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a grow tent.

Best Fea​tures

  • check Double stitched
  • check Price
  • check Comes with a removable Mylar spill tray
  • check Easy to install
  • check The PE material is environmentally friendly

Item Specifics

The IDAODAN Grow Tent has a reflective white interior, and 95%-reflective Mylar lining.  The canvas is made with 600D material, and is tear proof.  It is 100% light tight, and it is double stitched.  The zippers are heavy duty, which means they won’t jam up.  The frame is made with 100% steel.  This grow tents surface material is PE material, which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and tasteless.  This is also easy to install.  No tools are required.  Along with this grow tent comes a removable Mylar spill tray, which is water resistant.  There is also a two year warranty.  When the box is shipped, it is discreet.  There are no identifying marks that say what is inside.

Good Zippers

The zippers on this grow tent are high quality.  Zippers that work properly are going to be very important.  Here is one of the customer comments on the zippers, ” I’m very surprised with how well the zippers are they are very heavy duty and seem to zip with no problem at all.”

Easy Set Up

All of the customer comments on set up were very positive.  The approximate time that it took people to set up this grow tent was 30 minutes.  Here is what one customer had to say, “Very nice tent.  Setup took me roughly 30 minutes.”

Good Price

The price on this grow tent is in line with what other grow tents cost.  Here is what one customer had to say about the price, “I love that the tent is tall enough for a good price. Tent was easy set up, we bought a different more expensive tent also and set up was super difficult on that one. Tent material seems to be a good quality, same as the bars to hold up the tent.”

No Observation Window

This grow tent does not have an observation window.  Some people like to look in and look at the plants.  However, you can’t see into this tent unless you open the door.  Here is one of the customer comments about the lack of a window, ” I do wish there was a clear viewing window at the door. I have this tent in my room and when my grow light is on you do not see any light leakage.”

Good Stitching and Also Light Proof

This grow tent scored well with customers on the stitching.  Also, no light is able to leak out.  A customer has this to say about the stitching, “Universal hole sizes (4 and 6 inch), decent stitching, and they are actually light proof. More light proof than my more expensive name brand tent, in fact.”



  • plus Good stitching
  • plus Quality zippers
  • plus No light leakage


  • close No window for viewing

IDAODAN Grow Tent Conclusion

The IDAODAN Grow Tent is a well priced and durable.  It has strong zippers but no observation window.  It is also light proof.  If you are looking for a basic quality grow tent and don’t mind the fact that it doesn’t have a window, this grow tent is as good as any.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the IDAODAN Grow Tent.

  • chevron-circle-right Is it possible to attach 10 inch inline fans to this? I really prefer to use 10 inch inline fans instead of 8.   Yes, you just need a reducer.  You can get this at any hardware store.
  • chevron-circle-right How many 5 gallon buckets could I fit in the 60″ x 60″ grow tent? You could fit about five 5 gallon buckets in this grow tent.
  • chevron-circle-right How do you hang the grow light in this tent? There is a bar that runs down the middle of the top.  Hang your light on it, then slide it until the light is centered on the product.

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